What to do After BCA (Top 8 Hottest skills)

Wondering What to do After BCA? 

If you are interested in the field of computer application or wondering what to do after  BCA, then stop wondering and start reading this informative piece of article! Before jumping into the main thing, let us know what BCA actually is. The full form of BCA is Bachelors’s in Computer Application. It is an undergraduate program of three years. The best option to join in information technology is by doing a BCA course and everybody knows the value of IT in today’s world! This course is considered as a part of the BTech/BE program. 

The students who have completed their intermediate course can join BCA. To pursue Bachelor of computer application , one need not have subjects such as physics, maths or chemistry. They can have an arts or commerce background. The eligibility to join BCA programme is the successful completion of 10+2, the pass percentage varies as per different colleges or universities.

The admission process will start only after qualification of the BCA entrance examination. IT and software companies are the top recruiting companies for BCA students. So, if you are pestering about the thought, what to do after BCA or whether or not you will get a job, then it is time you relax and choose this career option! 

Wondering What to do After BCA? 


There are multiple routes one can choose after a Bachelor of computer application. Merely completing BCA is not enough to get high-paying jobs. One should complete a postgraduate or professional degree to settle well after BCA.

Let us have a look at the courses one can do after BCA. The below are the courses that you can opt for after BCA:


MBA is defined as a Master of Business Administration. The most preferred degree after BCA is MBA. MBA is related to management, organization, finance, human resource, etc. It has many advantages.

The freshers after MBA can get an average salary of 7lakh per annum. To enter into an MBA course, one should write a common admission test and should qualify.

The popular companies for MBA are TCS, Infosys, HDFC, etc.


If a student is interested in numbers and statistics, one can enter into a data science degree. It is a fast growing sector in today’s generation. It includes many areas like technology, marketing, etc.

India has the highest demand for data science. It has increased by 40% since january 2019. The starting salary in India ranges from 4 to 12 lakhs per annum.

The skills required to join data science is programming, NLP, big data, machine learning, ms excel, etc.


If you have an interest in the field of digital marketing and thinking about what to do after the BCA course, then without a second thought, you can go for digital marketing! One of the most popular and growing sectors is digital marketing. Nowadays business has evolved into an online business, so the importance of digital marketing increased manifold. The business promotes products or services in an online mode, so the requirement of digital marketers increased. There are many roles available in this field such as SEO analyst, content manager, digital marketing manager, etc. The best way to enter into this field after BCA is to take a course in digital marketing.


Product management is one of the unique courses after BCA. It depends on the development of products. Product managers help the companies to design, develop the product, and to promote those products.

As there is high growth in software companies, every company is looking for product managers and there is a high demand for them. The average salary for product managers in India is around 16 lakh per annum. To enter this field, one should complete a course in product management because they have to manage the life cycle of a product.


The new course after BCA is block chain industry. It is a different field when compared with other fields. It has a huge demand and growth in today’s generation. It is one of the best career options after BCA. To enter into this field, one should learn many skills such as solidity, java, etc.

To enter into the blockchain field, one should complete the course or should get the certification. The average annual income for blockchain developers is around 5 lakhs per annum. 


If a student is interested in cryptography and security, they can join a cybersecurity program. Many online platforms and multinational companies are hiring cyber experts.

Some of the skills to learn to become a cyber expert are network security, cryptography, etc. one must have a certificate or diploma to apply for a cybersecurity role in companies.


The most important course after BCA is MCA. MCA is a Master of Computer Applications. Many students prefer MCA courses after BCA due to its high demand. It helps the students in providing skills to become an IT professional.

One can become a software developer after an MCA course. They can work as software engineers, system analysts, database administrators, etc.

Some of the colleges offering MCA courses are NIT, JNU, etc. The average salary for an MCA student is around 7 lakhs per annum.

Some other courses are master’s degree in information management(MIM), post-graduate program incorporate studies(PGPCS), information security management(ISM).


After BCA, there are many courses where students can pursue a better career. There are many programs or courses to do after BCA for getting a higher salary. Some of the courses are mentioned above. 

MCA is the most preferred program after BCA by students to enter into software companies. However, there are many more courses to do after BCA :

  • Masters degree in information management(MIM)
  • Information security management(ISM).
  • Post graduate program in corporate studies(PGPCS).
  • Masters in computer management(MCM).

These are the various fields one can join after BCA and get into high package jobs. So, by now you know that there are many ways, considering what to do after BCA! 


After BCA, there are many courses for students to join in well-established colleges or universities. They can enter into those fields by completing certification or completing those courses. One should be well aware about skills and tools for entering into different programmes.

But, they have to pay admission fees to enter into those sectors. Being poor, one can pursue these fields in different colleges or universities.

One can write GATE exam or JAM exam and should get good qualified marks. Many NIT’s or government colleges and universities will offer a seat for those qualified students and give them scholarships, which means their course will be cost free or charge a nominal fee. 

The other way one can do is pursuing these courses in a distance by doing a job. One can also do a job and after earning money, they can join into these as postgraduate courses.

However, appearing for the exams and getting ranked is a better option than any other. 


We came to know about the multiple courses or programs one can do after BCA. If they do not want to join these courses to do post-graduation, they can join many jobs in the private companies, public sector, and freelancing, etc.

Some other jobs after BCA are software developer trainee, E-commerce executive, technical analyst, technical administrator, 

Technical support, bank operations, teacher, etc. Courses like MCA, MBA, MIM, etc. So, without any worry, you can opt for jobs after doing a Bachelor of computer application in India. 


So, we came to know about the BCA course, what to do after BCA, job prospects, and its details. This article is sure to have provided you clear information about the course and its eligibility details. Taking into consideration, it lays out information about many other common queries like what to do after BCA except for MCA, what to do after BCA being poor, what to do after BCA in India. So, without any second thought, it is evident that one can pursue many courses after BCA and if not, then they can join many jobs as well. Decide your career wisely, explore all the options, and always select the best for yourself!