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What Kind of Jobs After MBA in Finance: The Best Detailed Guide

There are many more students like you pondering about the topic of what kind of jobs after MBA in Finance are there? And it seems like you too have the same dilemma and say what, you have knocked on the right door. We are here to present the best results in front of you regarding the same. We are going to erase all your doubts and make your thought direction unidirectional.

It is well said that the journey will never end, just the fuel dies down. And whenever the fuel tank gets emptied, what do we do? We refill it to continue the next journey in the list. And boom! We do the refill work easy for you in every possible way. 

Here we go then…


  • Responsibilities an accounting manager has – 
  • Supervising and operating the day-to-day works and tasks of the department related to the accounting field.
  • Analyzing data related stuffs and keenly monitoring them to produce different statements and query reports.
  • Designing, modifying, establishing and enforcing apt and official accounting policies and rules along with some principles.
  • Daily operations include (which the manager needs to work on):
  1. Cash receipts
  2. Check runs
  3. Debt activity
  4. Treasury
  5. Budgeting
  6. General ledger
  7. Cash forecasting
  8. Payroll and utilities
  9. Month and end-year process
  10.  Revenue and expenditure variance analysis
  11.  Fixed asset activity
  12.  Accounts payable/receivable
  13.  Capital assets reconciliations
  • Some optional responsibilities of an Accounting Manager:
  1. Meet financial and other money related objectives.
  2. Assign some task projects to the employees.
  3. Keep a record of the fiscal files to do further transaction related to the records.
  • The required things to do the job legally:
  • Legally proven or verified working experience as Accounting Manager, Accounting Supervisor or Finance Manager.
  • Sound knowledge about computer science like in MS office, accounting software and databases.
  •  Capability to deal with huge amounts of data and resources.
  • Detailed knowledge on bookkeeping and accounting principles, tasks, rules and regulations, standards etc.
  • A very keen attention to precision and detail.
  • Need to have the ability to direct and guide.
  • BS degree, either in Finance or Accounting.

After all the above details, now it is time to discuss some interview questions which will help you a lot in future to crack the job with ease. Here we go then…


  1. Mention the methods you have or will use to estimate or fish out bad debts.
  2. Give the definition of fraud analysis. Explain the steps along with it.
  3. What are the three types of special journals?
  4. Name the accounting software you have used before.
  5. How can someone keep track of the progress of a team on delegated tasks and projects? Mention the tools.
  6. With what ERP systems, you have dealt before?
  7. What are the metrics and information required to prepare an annual budget?
  8. Do you have any idea about SFAS (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards)?
  9. How to deal an error with customer payment?
  10.  How can data accuracy be ensured?

So, these were the top questions asked before you sign the contract (only if you get selected obviously). 

FACT – “The avg. salary of an Accounting Manager in India is around Rs 07,14,000.” 

So, guys, Accounting Manager is the top job you can come up with when pondering over what kind of jobs after MBA in Finance.

  • What does a Financial Analyst do?
  • A Financial Analyst keeps eye on data and market to savor opportunities for business profits and also makes investment recommendations.
  • Junior Financial Analyst does a lot of data and resource accumulation for the company or firm he/she is working for and also at times, comes to do financial handling and spreadsheet maintenance.
  • The prime objective(s) of a senior Financial Analyst is to invest time in developing theses for business profits, have meets with other business groups to lock profitable deals and also sometimes, create unique business ideas for the company, taking advantage of the experience.
  • Requirements for the job – 
  • A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Finance related major.
  • Masters in Finance, a math-related field or an MBA.
  • Industry certificate e.g., CFA charter.
  • NOTE (s) – 
  • CFA can be done by studying for the Series 7 and Series 63 exams.
  • Series 7 needs sponsorship from FINRA member firms or from any other regulatory firm.
  • SIE – Securities Industry Essentials, is also a helpful thing to prepare yourself to be a Financial Analyst.
  • Salary – 
  • Level 1 FA – 03 to 04.50 LPA
  • Level 2 FA – 06 LPA
  • Level 3 – 10+ LPA 

So, this was the 2nd best job in the topic – what kind of jobs after MBA in Finance? It’s prestigious, profitable and a trendy job too. Society calls a FA – “The Intellect”.

Let us have a look at some more jobs to do after MBA in Finance in brief. Have a look on the list below for the names – 

  • Credit manager & Specialists
  •  Corporate controllers
  • Finance officers & Treasurers
  • Insurance and risk managers
  •  Investment bankers
  • Investing Sales Traders and Associates

These were some other great jobs, you can go for if you are in dilemma to what kind of jobs after MBA in Finance. These jobs will not just let you have every morning coffee from Starbucks, but also will let you have a dream home with your blessed parents, instead of living far away. That feeling itself is worth all the hustle you have done. After all, a getting a good morning wish from the old parents every day is the much-needed success we all require and aspire for.

That’s all about the topic – “what kind of jobs after MBA in Finance?” You are kindly requested to go through the article once again so that all the key points get printed on the canvas of your mind and you can perform better afterwards.


There was enough data and information about what kind of jobs after MBA in Finance in the article and all the data are true to our knowledge and will surely help you in the upcoming journey of yours which we hope will be aesthetic and deserving. We are always only a click away if you need any kind of assistance or help in any doubt and topic. We wish you a glass full of awards and achievements!

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