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 Some of the Best Vocational Courses after 12th

Class 12th is the last stage of the essential schooling experience of an individual. After the 12th, the real phase of life begins which is full of ups and downs. After 12th it becomes very important to choose a particular career path and plunge oneself into it to reach their goals. There are many trajectories one can go for apart from normal under graduation courses. In India, there are many vocational courses after the 12th available for an individual to pursue a good start to their venerable career.

Vocational courses are those courses in which one nourishes themselves more skillfully than theoretically. These courses are certified courses and are focused on practical works, thus preparing the individuals for a particular skill-based stream. Though these courses are not degree-based courses yet some vocational courses after 12th are equivalent to degree courses or even a doctorate level program.  In short, vocational courses after 12th are tailor-made to make students completely job-ready in a defined and nourished skill set. 

Like degree programs, vocational courses have their own benefits. In the degree curriculums, more theoretical knowledge is given to students and their only practical approach is through internships in companies and onsite experiences that too after securing a job. Here in vocational courses, the curriculum is designed in such a way that an individual is exposed to practical aspects of the field at a stage much earlier. There is a list of vocational courses after the 12th which an individual can go for.


List of Vocational Courses after 12th for an Aspirant:

best vocational courses

  1. Foreign language expert-

    Language is a way to communicate with others and to have a command of a foreign language is like a million dollars attributed to your profile. With the businesses expanding globally, the role of foreign language experts is becoming notable. If you have a deep interest in language, then a vocational course after 12th in a foreign language will be a good option to expertise in. Becoming a foreign language expert can open doors to a bright future for an individual.

An expert in the language can be employed in different sectors like tourism, embassies, diplomatic services, international organizations, and corporates, etc., and also in Indian national organizations and ministries. Also, the pay scale of a foreign language expert is good as he lifts a heavy amount from the organization, he works in. Thus, pursuing a vocational course after 12th in foreign language expert can be fruitful and satisfying.


2. Audio technicians-

If you are a music lover and you love to play with music, then becoming an audio technician might be the best shot for you and your career. Pursuing a vocational course after 12th as an audio technician is for those who are in love with music and love to do experiments with different beats and effects to make or recreate music. Becoming an audio engineer requires some sort of vocational training. One can enroll themselves into various places to get themselves trained and skilled in this line.

This course aims to prepare an individual who can clear out even minute loops of a track. An audio technician works in a recording studio, with other experts of sound and ensures that a high-quality sound crystal clear when heard is recorded. An audio engineer can also work with singers and in live music events as it can do live mixing for music using the types of equipment and consoles present at that moment.  


3. Game Designer-

The gaming industry in India is quickly developing and is required to be a market of thousands of individuals. The game originators plan the computer games and find specialized perspectives that are required into the planning of each and every computer game and have sound information on the PC programming which are utilized to plan the new age progressed computer games. In gaming, the well-known streams are animation, computer science, graphic plan, multimedia plan, software designing. To turn into a designer, you should be capable in 3D just as 2D craftsmanship.

A four-year certification is needed to enter the gaming business. The compensation of a game fashioner relies upon the work job he is performing. Game designers are taken hand to hand by big companies if they are well skilled and trained therefore enjoying a good sum of money from them. Thus, completing a vocational course after 12th in game designing helps to build a bright career in the world of gaming.


4. Digital Marketing

In a list of vocational courses after 12th, digital marketing is one of the courses, whose requirement is rising day by day. As the digital platforms are rising with mostly all the big brands, corporates expanding themselves digitally, the demand for digital marketers is also exponentially rising. Roles such as experts in SEO’s, social media manager, content developer, social media expert, content marketing manager, Email marketer etc. are drawing the eyeballs of the individuals. Those students who have an aggregate of 50% in their intermediate can opt for digital marketing courses as a career path.

There are short term certificate courses, diploma or digital marketing courses available for one to enrol themselves and grow themselves in the digital world. After completing the certificate-level digital marketing courses, an individual can continue higher studies by pursuing a diploma, MBA, or Ph.D. in digital marketing and look for jobs in the digital marketing sector. Thus, as one ages with experience in this field, the better pay scale he touches.  


5. Multimedia Courses-

Doing courses in multimedia fields can be of great importance. All you need is to be of a of a creative mind which makes the course more beneficial and interesting for you. There are variety of institutions within the country who offer the 1-2 years of the diploma courses. Animation is basically the creative movement of the objects or figures on the screen of the display device created by displaying a sequence of still images. It is the style, technique of designing, making layouts and preparation of photographic series.

These series and designs are indulged into multimedia and gaming products. Animations and multimedia courses are a set of fine vocational courses after 12th one can pursue as they turn an individual into a skilled person who can start their own business for livelihood. Also, the experts predict that within the next few years India would also employee thousands of 2D and therefore the 3D animators. 


6. Website Designing and Coding

Over the last few years there has been a precipitous increase in the number of big companies and corporates going digital. Thus, the need for individuals who are well skilled and trained in developing and designing a website has also increased. To train yourself to become a good developer and designer of a website you can hound a vocational course after 12th in this field. Once you are a well-qualified and skilled developer or designer, then you can explore many job opportunities in it.

You can work as a developer or designer for even a small MNC to any other big one. Moreover, you can kick start your own freelancing work as you can take different projects from different clients. A good skilled hand in web designing and coding can help an individual to grow exponentially and earn a good amount. The duration of these courses is according to the programs one choses and therefore ranges between 6 months to 2 years.


7. Fashion Designing and Photography-

Pursuing a Bachelor of Design in fashion designing is a prominent four-year program offered by the NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). The course is extremely popular among the scholars who have an interest within the designing of the wearables. If you pursue this vocational course after 12th as a long-term career prospects then you are thinking of a glamourous creative. The career scope which incorporates here is that the designers, the freelance design consultants, the costume designers, the illustrators, etc. The graduates also can get here hired by the multinational companies and their big fashion designers. 

Photography is also a big career option if you are in love with the camera and have a good sense of taking stills. You can explore yourself into fields of media, sports, wildlife etc. Photography is something which defines you. The way you click photos, your behaviour with the clients and the skill you have in your hands. Good skilled photographers are widely known and paid therefore it’s a good vocational course one can do after 12th.


8. Disaster management-

One of the less explored vocational courses after 12th is disaster management course. It is a one-year program and an individual can apply for it right after completing its 12th standard. Students who are good in logic and have adequate problem saving ability are very well suited for this course. The course provides detailed knowledge to the students about disaster preparations, reducing its effect and quick rehabilitation. After completing this course, one can apply for further PG diploma courses in this field. Many top government recruitment offices, NDRF, department of revenue and disaster management hire individuals on the basis of their performances. Other job profiles include database analyst, operations analyst, security administrator etc.


Apart from these vocational courses there are a few vocational courses after 12th arts available for the students. Once can opt for these courses too and shape their career in it.


  1. Event Management-

In today’s time, events have become a crucial part of our lives – be it a music, television, politics or sports event. Pursuing a management course within this field will enable you to become successful event managers. It will assist you to develop the requisite skills within the field including event bidding, project planning, financial reporting and marketing for events. In the pre Covid era, there was a big demand for event managers as every now then there was an event scheduled. Thud pursuing this vocational course after 12th and selecting a career in Event Management may be a good one for you if you’re looking forward to growing in this field.


2. Journalism and Mass Communications-

Journalism and Mass communication is one of the best career options in the list of vocational courses after 12th. One can opt for BJMC at their under-graduation level and can then pursue post-graduation in it. Journalism and mass communication is a good line for those individuals who want to work in the media industry. Mass communication opens a lot of other fields like branding, working in ad agencies, creative content writing etc. Today there is a high requirement of good reporters, writers etc. and thus if one is skilled well in it, he is likely to get a good job. One can also seek job opportunities in news channels, newspapers, radio, ad agencies, PR agencies etc. 


3. Bachelor of Business Administration-

It’s a 3-year vocational course after 12th arts which an individual can do. BBA degree allows the candidates to explore and grow in the field of management. This vocational course teaches the individuals with various aspects that are important for an effective business management and are also essential for entrepreneurs and business managers.
Thus, to do well during this field, students must possess leadership qualities, decision making skills, good oral and written language skills. After completing their BBA, an individual can also pursue MBA and can opt for jobs in various national and international companies


Vocational courses are available throughout the company. And if you are a Delhiite, you can easily avail it from Delhi University itself. There are some vocational courses in Delhi after 12th which an individual can pursue.

There are few vocational courses in DU after 12th available:- 

  • Tourism Management-

If we leave this pandemic era, the tourism industry was very well growing and was never out of sight. Every year various individuals travel from in and out of the country to various places for their personal reasons. Thus, an individual with remarkable communication skills and knowledge of a place are very well suited for this management course. 


  • Human Resource Management

For a company, its biggest asset is an employee. Behind the successful business of the company there’s always the employee’s diligence and energy. Their skills are vital. So, it’s vital for the corporate to manage the human resource. It includes selection and recruitment of the workers based on their skills and ability to do work. This is often a really crucial step for each company because they have to rent a right person for the proper job at the proper time. 

During this course, students will find out how to recruit and choose an employee, the way to train them and also learns the way to lookout of other needs of the worker. Their selection of an employee will make the difference in their performance and results against their competitors. Thus, human resource management is a good vocational course in Du after 12th for someone who wants to work in management. 


  • B.Voc in Banking, Financial and Insurance sector-

This course is related to banking and its other areas. This program covers topics such as – banking, computer application, finance, insurance, investment, risk management, IT and more. This sector is understood to get ample amount of job opportunities. Within this sector, you’ll be ready to find different job profiles like – analysts, loan officer, manager, assistant manager, IT officer etc. Digital Technology has recently given a big boon growth to this sector.

Online payment systems, cashless transactions, mobile banking, internet banking – technology has changed the face and sort of modern banking. The course is of 3 years duration with 3 exit points, Diploma after 1st year, Advanced Diploma after 2 years and Bachelor’s Degree after 3 years of completion.


  • Marketing Management and Retail Process-

It is a good vocational course in Delhi after 12th.  The course is good for those students who want to develop new forms of retailing. The course is designed in such a way that it very well trains you in the field of retailing. The course helps you to gain knowledge about how the retail sector competes and strategies to take the lead over others. The career opportunities are within the areas of store operations, retail marketing, buying & merchandising, store location & design, brand management, MIS in retail, human resource management, e-tailing, visual merchandising and digital retailing. Those who have completed the course can also have jobs in advertising agencies, insurance companies; banks apart from retailing fields.


  • Small and Medium Enterprises-

This vocational course after 12th is opted by basically those students who are interested in either start-ups or see themselves as future entrepreneurs. This is a 3-year course which covers the field of small and medium enterprises like fundamentals of entrepreneurship, organization and management of MSMEs, MSMEs policy framework, financial aspects of MSMEs, marketing and business laws and many more.

Once an individual completes their course, they can look further to kick start their careers as entrepreneurs and have their own small start- ups. If an individual isn’t interested in start-up, then he may take up several job roles like consultant in SMEs, marketers in SMEs, etc. Individuals also have a scope of working abroad and can make the best out of this field if skilled and trained in a right direction.    



Vocational courses have a course module that permits students the opportunities for on-site training, which afterward counts permanently a lot of practical work experience. Within the field once they’re finished with their course, they are more likely to get recruited in top companies and organizations.

Such courses have lesser classroom addresses permitting individuals to discover out the aptitude to begin with hand by seeing it or putting it to utilize in real scenarios or circumstances. It’s more like an internship-based courses wherein internships are more centred upon rather than the hypotheses instructed in classrooms. Hence, when a student passes with flying colours, they have more work experience than his fellow applicants.

They have been trained on site and thus a far better investment for the employer as one would need to waste lesser resources training the new guy. Vocational courses therefore act as a bridge between skilled manpower required and availability in the market. Therefore, pursuing vocational courses after 12th can be a good career option if one does not want to opt for traditional courses.

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