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Top Best MCA Colleges in Bangalore

The world now runs on computers and machines! In this very dynamic technological world, it is a common desire for the students to go for BCA or MCA. If you are also one such person, who is looking forward to new opportunities in the field of MCA and want to have all your doubts cleared, you have landed up in the right place! Bangalore is the hub of technology and there is no doubt in saying that MCA Colleges in Bangalore is one of the best! Whether it is about the law colleges or architecture, Bangalore rules out the best!

MCA Colleges in Bangalore focus only on application development topics, computer literacy skills, computer typing, programming skills, language tools, etc. The course is undoubtedly designed to be useful for students looking for a better job in the IT Sector. Its six-month study period consists of six semesters that cover approximately the emergence and development of various embedded languages.

There are many job opportunities available at MCA Colleges for Bangalore students such as IT manager, program developer, software package tester, application engineer, website designer, etc. The job opportunities of this course are very high. The only reliable institutions that will hone your skills are the Best MCA Colleges in Bangalore.

This detailed information will be useful to the students who want to be admitted to MCA Colleges in Bangalore. Here, students can easily view the list of MCA colleges in Bangalore with fee structure, which are mentioned below!

Best MCA Colleges in Bangalore:

best mca colleges in bangalore

Brindavan Colleges

Brindavan colleges fall under the top MCA colleges in Bangalore. We are currently living in the information age and there is a wide range of advances in the field of information technology. The IT revolution has come a long way, where most students are eager to build their careers in these areas and want to join a cart.

The Master’s Degree course in Computer Applications (MCA) is one of the courses that incorporates the latest technologies to meet industrial needs with a focus on Mathematics, Statistics and Human Resource Management designed to address changing market and international acceptance requirements.

The MCA course approved by AICTE, the Government of India is conducted under the auspices of Bangalore University. The course is carefully rearranged and reviewed by the University where necessary. Upon successful completion of the course, degrees are awarded by the University.

To meet academic needs, the college has built a hi-tech infrastructure and state-of-the-art research facilities, a full library of nationally and internationally renowned journals and great enthusiasm, competence and knowledgeable expertise. The courses of this college are worth mentioning under the MCA colleges in Bangalore.

Course Duration:  3 years

Fees Structure : INR 3,05,000

Cambridge Institute of Technology

As the leading MCA colleges in Bangalore, the Master of Computer Applications Department was established in 2009. The Department is following the vision of the Cambridge Institute of Technology to create global health professionals who are healthy and fit for the industry. The Department provides in-depth information to its students on hand training.

The MCA has established excellent student infrastructure with open classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and state-of-the-art research facilities. All computers in all labs are provided with advanced technology that helps our students and faculty members to work on new tools and technologies. The department has a library with students and staff.

As one of the top MCA colleges in Bangalore, the Department has a highly experienced team of faculty members who have outstanding academic, professional and knowledgeable backgrounds in recent educational attainment. The brilliant members of the institute believe in embracing new teaching methods and providing better educational exposure, soft skills and technical training in line with modern industrial and educational needs.

Course Duration: 2 years

Fees Structure: INR 1.08 Lakh

AIMS Institutes

AIMS is one of the leading MCA Colleges in Bangalore. The Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree program enhances the BCA course. It is suitable for students who want to study in the field of IT. AIMS Institutes, Bangalore offers the MCA as a course that takes a student through the basics of computer programming in program design and art.

The MCA is a three-year program and was established in 1997 with an accredited student acquisition of 15 students. The currently approved program is 60. The program is accredited by AICTE and is affiliated with Bangalore University.

The educational objectives of the MCA program at AIMS institutions are to enable students to have a holistic approach to becoming fully professional in the field of IT. Students are trained to have a solid foundation in the basics of computer technology, a high level of practical skills in the use of that technology and at the same time, to be sensitive to the problems that exist in society. Followers of the MCA department are well positioned in the top positions of major IT companies in India and abroad.

The department has highly qualified and experienced members to handle various Master’s program courses. The department has produced 2 Universities and on average, 90% of students graduate with distinction each year, making AIMS Institutes one of the top MCA colleges in Karnataka.

With the growing need for specialists in the IT field, the Master of Computer Application (MCA) course is in high demand now. AIMS Institutes is one of the leading colleges in Bangalore for MCA education and a successful career in the IT industry.

Course Duration: 2 years

Fees Structure: INR 4.02 Lakhs 

Reva University

The School of Computer Science and Applications at REVA UNIVERSITY offers a Master of Computer Applications (MCA), a graduate program to create inspiring, innovative, creative and imaginative degrees to fill the roles of software engineers who can think, design, analyse and develop computer software to meet needs. of today’s industry.

This program is designed to meet the growing demand for professionals trained in the field of Computer Applications. The MCA program is very focused on app development and therefore, places great emphasis on the latest programming languages ​​and tools to develop better and faster programs.

It includes various aspects of computer technology, network and database management, mobile technology, electronics, statistics, opportunities, statistics etc. This program is related to research performance, interface design, M-commerce, e-commerce, internet of things, mobile computer, software testing and quality assurance, large data statistics, and many such sites are designed to meet the needs of the IT industry.

Course Duration: 3 year(s)

Fees Structure: INR  3,15,000

R.V College of Engineering

Are you looking for one of the best MCA colleges in Bangalore? The Master of Computer Applications Department was established in 1997 and is the first PG program to start at RVCE. Currently, they offer the PG program for the MCA and research programs namely M.Sc. for research and Ph.D. Degree in various computer application technologies, affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi.

The MCA program gained academic independence in 2016. The MCA program has been approved three times by the National Board of Authorities, New Delhi. The Department has state-of-the-art infrastructure and computer equipment supported by fast Ethernet and wireless networks. Students are encouraged to undertake research and training in a variety of fields and all the excellence of student development is reflected in the exemplary departmental record.

The position is unique, committed, highly trained by doctors with a variety of expertise. Higher education, combined with rich research knowledge and hands-on learning, is provided for students. To date, the intelligence has successfully implemented projects, consultations, and training worth 1.26 Crores.

The current import of the MCA program is 120. The duration of the course, from 2020, is two years (four Semesters) and the curriculum aims to incorporate a wide range of performance and knowledge in the computer field into the latest and emerging technology and effective support for industry experts and strong alumni.

Course Duration: 3 year(s)

Fees Structure: 7,50,000


Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a three-year professional Master’s Degree in computer science. There are a total of 61 private and 7 public MCA Colleges in Bangalore. The list above contains not only the best colleges in Bangalore, but also provides you information on their fee structure and courses offered. So, do not worry about anything else when we are here to help you out!

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