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Choosing Streams after 10th: The Biggest Dilemma of All Times

Choosing a stream for the class 11th and 12th is one of the biggest career decisions you make in your life. After studying a variety of subjects till class 10th, the time comes to choose our streams after 10th, according to your interests and future goals. Every field has a lot of career options but choosing the right stream in which students are interested will help the students to build a successful career and a strong future. 

Well, after 10th results come out everyone asks the same question: what streams after 10th are you opting for or what are you choosing Science, Commerce or Arts? This is the confusion that every student faces about what stream to choose. 

There are many students who know what to choose after 10th and many students get confused. Few students are very clear about what they want to do in their life or at which career path they want to go. 

The list of streams after 10th are mainly Science, Commerce and Arts, which are available for students in different schools. Each stream has a distinct methodology, choice of subjects and career option. A right decision can help you to make your career perfect and nice. If a student makes the wrong decision or chooses the wrong stream for himself/herself, then they have to face various problems for the rest of their lives. 

After 10th many students who are not able to choose what to do after 10th or which streams after 10th should be taken, they take career counselling about what are the different streams after 10th  and which streams after 10th students should opt for. 

Many of you have chosen your stream and subjects which you will study in class 11th and 12th but there will be many who are still confused about what to do and which streams to take after class 10th. For them, this article is the best way to deal with your confusion! 

Counselling to choose streams after 10th:

Choosing a right career option after 10th is very crucial. If the students are confused which stream they should take or which education board they should choose after 10th for their better career, then they should take career counselling or career guidance, who can help them to know the list of streams after 10th  and at which stream what career option they can go for. 

Career counselling can help students to build a better future and can also help in making a better career. After 10th, it is important to have a career counselling session as today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. Nowadays career counselling has become an important part and every student should go for career counselling so that they can get proper guidance on which stream the students should opt for and what are the right career options regarding that stream.

Mistakes students make while choosing their streams after 10th:

While students choose their streams after 10th, there are certain mistakes they make while taking their streams. The mistakes are as follows:

  1. They follow their friends or the crowd as they choose the streams which their friends choose and it becomes one of the worst decisions and later on, students regret their decision. While taking the stream which your friend is taking, it’s better to take that stream after 10th  in which you have interest and you want to make your career.

2. The second most important mistake students make is that they choose that stream which their parents say to take or they choose that stream in which they don’t have interest, in the pressure of society that what people will say if we don’t take that stream.

3. The third most common mistake is that students have a lack of knowledge as well. If we see a few years back, there were very few career options and there was no one to guide the students, but nowadays there are many career options available and many people to give the students proper guidance about which stream to choose which will help the students to build their future and build their career strong.

In this article further, we will help the students to know the different streams after 10th and students will easily be able to choose the streams which they want to take and make their career in. There is a mentioned list of streams after 10th a student should choose for their better and bright future.

List of streams after 10th are as follows:


  • Science

Nowadays Science is the most popular and one of the favourite, for many of the parents. Science has many career options like Medical, Engineering, IT or the students can even opt for research roles. The main advantage of taking Science stream is that in future the Science stream student can switch to Commerce or even can easily switch to Arts stream as well. Taking Science with Maths offers a foundation and enables the students to have a good, highly respectable and well paid job. The compulsory subjects in the Science stream are :

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics 
  • English

Who should take Science after 10th

If the students want to take Science and students want to make career in technology related fields, then students can opt for the subjects like: Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM). 

If the students want to make career in Medical field, then students should opt for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology (PCM-B).

If the students don’t want to take Maths or don’t have any interest in Maths, then they can choose the subject Physics, Chemistry, Biology ( PCB). There are many career options available for science stream after 10th class. Science will really help you in choosing the right career or job option in future if you are taking this stream.

2. Commerce

Commerce is the second most popular career option after Science stream. If any student is interested or loves finance, economics or accounting, then commerce is the best stream for you as a career option. Commerce has a variety of career options for the brighter future or career like Chartered Accountant, banking sector or the students can choose MBA as their career option. Commerce also helps to acquire commercial knowledge and helps in business as well.

In Commerce there are subjects like:

  • Economics
  •  Accountancy
  •  Business Studies 
  • English
  • Computer

These subjects are a great combination, which will help you build your career and help you in various business and other sectors.

Who should take Commerce after 10th?

Students who are interested in finance, business, economics or accounts, then the Commerce is the best stream for the students to opt for this stream after 10th

If any student wants to shape and build their career in economics or the business field, then the Commerce stream is the right career for the student. 

There are a number of options available in commerce after 10th class.

3. Arts/ Humanities

Nowadays Arts/ Humanities are more on demand than Science or Commerce and more students are opting for this stream after their 10th for better career options. Arts is now becoming a more popular stream for the students for their career. 

Arts stream offers various career options like Journalism, languages, history, psychology, design, teaching, law and management.

In Arts/ Humanities subjects include :

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Maths
  • Home Science
  • Physical Education

In arts, Design, Language Arts, Performing arts are the well paid career options. The subject helps the student to encourage creativity and helps to build confidence. The subject helps the student to increase leadership qualities.

Who should take Arts after 10th?

 The Arts stream should be opted by those students after 10th who are creative and can develop critical thinking and have leadership qualities, then the arts or humanities stream is the best career option for you.

If you have any confusion or any kind of doubt regarding the Arts stream, then you can consult a career counsellor who can give you the proper guidance regarding this stream very well.

More options of Streams after 10th: 

There are basically three main streams for the students after 10th which is Science, Commerce and Arts but there are different courses as well which students can take after their 10th is completed. Picking up the right career option and stream after 10th  is the most important decision of your life. 

Below mentioned are the list of streams after 10th which a student can choose for his right career:

  • Intermediate ( 2 years) -After 10th class students can select the subject groups like Physics, Chemistry, Maths ( PCM), Physics, Chemistry, Biology ( PCB), Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology ( PCMB), Commerce with Maths, Commerce without Maths. After completion of their 12th students can do graduation in any course or can take any subject according to their choice.
  • Polytechnic– After 10th students can do polytechnic courses as well like Mechanical, Civil, Chemicals, Computer, Automobile etc. Colleges offering Polytechnic courses  offer diploma courses for the duration of 3 years, 2 years and also of 1 year.
  • ITI ( Industrial Training Institutes) –  After class 10th  students can do ITI courses for employment like Mechanical, electrician, electrical etc.
  • Paramedical – After 10th class students can do paramedic courses like DMLT ( Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), DOA ( Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant ), DOT ( Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant).
  • Short term courses – After 10th class students can do short term courses like Tally, DTP, Graphics etc.

Getting the right career advice and guidance at the right time can help you to get a proper career path and make your future and career bright and nice. 

Which education board student should choose?

After finishing 10th along with choosing streams that if you are planning to choose the education board, which board will help you in your career and the stream you have thought of, then here is the list of education board as well which will help you to build your future and a better career : 

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

The Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) is one of the popular boards and the national board of our Country. CBSE board has an integrated curricular approach which helps develop holistic individuals. CBSE board focuses on skill development and helps the students to prepare for competitive exams. Most of the competitive exams are conducted by CBSE board. CBSE board helps in  providing quality knowledge to the students and helps in development of the students.

  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ( ICSE) board is considered to be the toughest board. ICSE board curriculum is very comprehensive which holds in all the fields and gives equal importance. Students who perform well in the ICSE board have a higher chance of clearing the Civil Services exam as well. ICSE gives the student a strong foundation to make them ready for the future.

  • IB (International Baccalaureate)

If the student is planning to study abroad then International Baccalaureate ( IB) helps the student get the admission abroad. International Baccalaureate helps the student to become more culturally aware and also helps in all – round development of a student. International Baccalaureate ( IB) gives you the flexibility to choose or select your own subjects.

Well no board is the best and it totally depends upon the student how he or she is doing in his or her studies. The schools affiliated to ICSE or CBSE board have all the main three streams which students want to take after class 10th as their career option. 


Do opt for the right stream after 10th in which you have to make your career. In the above article the list of streams after 10th are mentioned which will help the students to know what are the streams after 10th and other courses which are available after 10th class. The students who are looking for the different education boards after 10th along with the streams can also have a peak at this article. Research about your stream well and ask your counsellor for help, if you need any!

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