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The Scope of Mathematics in Making Your Career Bright

The scope of Mathematics is still largely untapped in India as most of the math lovers are still unaware of its prospects and how it can be pursued. Most students who are looking for a career in Mathematics can go for different choices. Across various industries, a career in Mathematics in India opens up plenty of opportunities. 

Mathematics has always been one of the popular subjects among the student fraternity. Mathematics offers job opportunities in Statistics, Teaching, Actuarial science and Mathematical modeling. A strong background in Mathematics is required if you want to pursue your career for higher studies in the field of engineering, information technology, computer science as well as social science. 

Career Options as a Scope of mathematics:


  • Data Scientist

Data scientists are specialists who use Mathematical and Statistical methods, computer modelling and software to extract knowledge and information from structured (such as a database in MS Excel or SQL) or structured data (such as written text, images and videos). Data scientists use models or formulas to analyse a very large pool of data to derive useful information and insights. There is a huge scope of Mathematics principles in Data Science.

Qualification- A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science or in a similar field followed by a Master’s Degree in Diploma in Data Science/ Data Analytics/ Business Analytics. You can do a Master’s Degree in Statistics/ Applied Statistics/ or in a similar field too. B.Tech in Data Science and Engineering/ B.Tech in Computer science and Engineering with a specialization in Data Science is a good option too!

Salary bracket- Rs. 3.5-9 lakh or even more a year at the beginning of your career.

  • Mathematician

Mathematicians can be of two types: Theoretical and Applied ones. Theoretical Mathematicians develop new principles of Mathematics and try to find new developments in the existing ones. Applied Mathematicians apply the concepts of Mathematics to solve bigger problems in Economics, Scientific and Engineering Domains. 

In order to understand the scope of Mathematics in India, one must also understand the fact that becoming a Mathematician requires immense expertise in all the fundamental theories and principles of Mathematics.

Qualification- A PhD in Mathematics is the most desired educational requirement. If you want to avail yourself the full scope of Mathematics, then you may do well to acquire a PhD degree.

Salary bracket- Rs 6.5-7.5 lakh a year or even more at the beginning of one’s career. 

  • Statistician

Statisticians make use of Statistical and Mathematical theories to collect, decode and interpret numerical inputs and hence provide useful information. Statistics is applied in a wide range of work. The scope of Mathematics is expanding by leaps and bounds as more and more students are showing their interest in the field of Statistics.

Qualification- A Master’s degree in Statistics or Mathematics is the minimum requirement but research and academic jobs generally require a PhD. 

Salary bracket- Rs 6.5-7.5 lakh a year or even more at the beginning of one’s career.

Nature and Scope of Mathematics:

Mathematics is a gate way of all Science. In school those subjects which are included in the curriculum must have certain aims and objectives on the basis of which its nature is decided. The nature of Mathematics can be enlisted in following points:

  • Mathematics is an exact science. Mathematical knowledge is always clear, logical and systematic and can be understood easily. It is a science of space, numbers, magnitude and measurement. 
  • Mathematics involves conversion of abstract concepts into concrete form. It is the science of Logical Reasoning.
  • It helps a man to give an exact interpretation of his ideas and conclusion. Mathematics is science which is by product of our empirical knowledge. 
  • Mathematical propositions are based on postulates and axioms from our observations. 
  • Mathematical knowledge is developed by our sense organs therefore it is exact and reliable. The knowledge of Mathematics remains the same in the whole universe, everywhere and everytime. It is unchangeable. 
  • The knowledge of Mathematics has no doubt. It provides a clear and exact response like yes or no, right or wrong. 
  • It involves inductive and deductive reasoning and can generalize any proposition universally. It helps with self evaluation.

The most googled question is What is the scope of Mathematics? We have already discussed the nature and scope of Mathematics. Thus, the scope of Mathematics is wide in almost every range of science including Physics! One of the most popular careers in Mathematics is actually the role of a Physicist. Therefore, a student can explore various careers in Mathematics. 

Scope of Mathematics in various fields:

Mathematics opens the door to bright and promising careers. Today, a person with exceptional Mathematical skills is highly desired in the market. Opting for Mathematics as a career option is a positive move, as it opens up wide employment opportunities in various fields such as teaching, Mathematical modeling, Actuarial science and Statistics. Statistics and Mathematics graduates have an immense scope of becoming analysts that too in various domains. Some of the prominent domains include:

Public Policy- A Mathematics graduate can also opt for an advisory role in educational or science policy as well as work in quantitative public policy. A Master’s degree can prove to be even more beneficial.

Statistician- There lies immense scope for Economics or Mathematics statisticians. As the need for information is increasing day by day, the demand for statisticians is also increasing. Various responsibility of a statistician includes:

  • Collecting information
  • Developing new and more efficient methods of collecting data
  • Organizing data
  • Developing new methods to analyse the information

Government Jobs- Mathematicians have immense scope in Government Jobs also. The National Security Agency is the principal single employer of Mathematics in the country. The responsibility of these Mathematicians include designing and analysing complex algorithms and expressing intricate problems in Mathematical terms. 

Teaching- The job prospects for High School Mathematics and Statistics teachers are very good. Simple graduates can go for teaching in schools while those with Mater’s Degree or preferably PhD can opt for becoming a lecturer or a professor. There is scarcity of teachers in this domain. Moreover, it is very well paid as well as a reputed job. Those who are interested in sharing their knowledge with others must go for this option! 

Biostatistics, Biomathematics and Epidemiology-

Statistics has got wide applications in health sciences as well! Epidemiologists scrutinize the spread of diseases and model how to respond to epidemics. Biomathematics is chiefly concerned with the application of Mathematics in health sciences. It is in fact the next big trend within Mathematics. 

Scope of Mathematics in Daily Life:

  • Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is so said because the subject makes a man methodical or systematic. Certain qualities that are nurtured by Mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and even effective communication skills.
  • Mathematics is the cradle of all creation without which the world cannot move an inch! Be it a cook or a farmer, a mechanic or a farmer, a shopkeeper or a doctor, a musician or a magician, everyone needs Mathematics in their day-to-day life.
  • The science of trigonometry emerged when humans wanted to locate high mountains and stars.  Mathematics is also necessary for the long planning of life and also the daily planning of any individual.
  • Maths is also useful for your finances. With the help of Maths, you can easily make your financial budget.
  • Maths is quite useful to the cook as well. In almost every recipe, there is a need to put the ingredients. Such as one teaspoon turmeric, a tablespoon of garlic powder etc. Therefore, to make a dish delicious, the cook needs to know the perfect measurements of the ingredients.
  • Mathematics offers a great career opportunity for students. In most careers, employers want to hire employees who can solve complex problems. If you are good in Maths and have a keen ability to solve complex problems, then you are at top positions to apply to any job! 
  • Maths is quite useful for staying fit and healthy. With the proper understanding of Maths, we can calculate how much food we require in our daily life. Apart from that, when it comes to food choice, we can calculate which food will give us how much calories and fat!
  • Time is the key success for everyone. We have to be more calculative for time management. Maths helps us to do better time management. The importance of Maths is reflected in time management tasks. With the help of Maths, you can make a wise decision on how you can spend your time effectively. 

What are the scope of Mathematics? This question has been frequently asked. Thus, we have given detailed information regarding the scope of Mathematics.

Scope of Mathematics in Education:

  • Mathematical literacy is a crucial attribute of individuals living more effective lives as constructive, concerned and reflective citizens. Mathematical literacy is taken to include basic computational skills, quantitative reasoning, spatial ability etc. 
  • Mathematics is applied in various fields and disciplines i.e. Mathematical concepts and procedures are used to solve problems in science, engineering, economics etc. The complex of the problems often requires relatively sophisticated Mathematical concepts and procedures when compared to the Mathematical literacy aforementioned.
  • Mathematics provides foundation knowledge and skills for other school subjects such as science, art, economy etc. The issue of how Mathematics is intertwined with others school subjects deserved to be addressed. In some curriculum, Mathematics is offered independently to support the study of other school subjects as an ‘instrumental subject’ and in other curricula, integrated courses which combine Mathematics and other fields are offered. 

Most frequently asked question is What is the scope of Mathematics and Computer Engineering? For those who understand, Data is God to them. People say that subjects like Mathematics have no use in real life. But hold on, think about all the areas where you use data and don’t even realise its existence. 

Mathematics and Computer Engineering is an amalgamation of Mathematics with Computer Science and Financial Engineering. Covering the major areas in demand today, this course is of utmost value to the aspiring engineers. The course provides students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and also practical training in computer science, numerical computing and Mathematical finance. 

This programme has been introduced due to the need for sophisticated Mathematics for modern scientific investigations and technological developments. The curriculum is designed to provide students with in depth theoretical background and practical training in computer science, numerical computing and Mathematical finance.

The course is a four year programme, referred to as B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing. This course is available at Delhi Technological University and The Indian Institute of Technology. The core students that will be covered under the course include Introduction to Computing, Basic Electronics Laboratory, Matrix Computations, Computer Networks, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Structures Algorithms. The course is initially introduced to basic Mathematics and then slowly takes you further. 

Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Digital Logic Design, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming would be covered under the Computing Section. The Finance related subjects will talk about Financial Engineering, Engineering Economics. 

If you are aiming for higher studies, explore the deep insights of Mathematics and Computing. The curriculum offers a perfect blend of Mathematics and Computing, which can be put to use in many research projects. Some of them include Data Mining, Machine Learning and Recommender Systems, Computer Graphics etc. The MNC programme at the IITs also give gives you a chance to branch out either into Applied Mathematics Research or into Computer Science. 


On successful completion of the course, students can find a job in software industries, financial institutions and government organisations. The employment areas also cover Consulting Engineering Firms, Pharmaceutical Industry, Telecom Industry, Banks and Insurance Companies and Government organizations as well! Top recruiters include companies like Microsoft, Amazon India, Avacor etc. 

The MNC students from the IITs are offered amazing packages from reputed companies, some notable among them being Microsoft, Epic Systems, Visa, Walmart, Open Sol, SISO etc. The number of students enrolled in this programme across all IITs is less, the average package becomes one among the highest.

A Bachelor course in Technology in Mathematics and Computing is an intense stream with substantial course load. The schedule covers three major areas namely Computing, Mathematics and Finance. However, it is also considered to be among the best courses offered by the IITs and offers various kinds of opportunities in the areas of software, finance and research.

Thus, if numbers intrigue you the most and working with formulas and tables is exciting, then there is a large scope of Mathematics. For some people, Maths might be a lot of fun. Formulas, equations, roots, thetas and calculators might be your friends. 

So, if you are inclined towards Mathematics and solving sums is your passion, you can make a career out of it! To all the ‘Math Geeks’ out there, you can use those skills and just plain get paid well and still have the job satisfaction to do what you love the most.

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