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5 Great Schools in Vizag

“All children start their school career with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds and a willingness to take risks with what they think.”- Ken Robinson

School is regarded as the foundation for the education of any person. It is the first step towards their dreams and ambitions. Schools are responsible for inculcating basic knowledge along with manners in children. From speaking the correct language to respecting teachers, school covers all such details. Students have a different connection with their school, when they become successful it brings immense pride to their Alma mater. Schools in Vizag are not only great, but also reputed all over the country.

It is also said that the walls of schools know their students the best because they have witnessed the students growing up. The journey of students in school not only builds their character but also helps in career development altogether. It can be said that schools play a vital role in the career of students therefore it is important to choose the best School for them.

This article thus covers the important details about the fees, admission process, best schools in Vizag and others.


Eligibility Criteria:

Schools are the beginning of the education of children for the eligibility criteria for children are as follows:

  • The age requirement for admission is different for different classes. The minimum age requirement for play school is two years whereas for nursery it is 4 years. It keeps on increasing as the class increases for instance, for Lower KG, the age requirement of the student will be five years, for Upper KG e it will be 6 years and so on.
  • There is no asset eligibility criteria other than the age of the student to get admitted in school. Some schools also conduct entrance tests for testing the basic knowledge of a child.


Admission Process:

The process to get admitted in any school is as follows:

  • The admission process to get admitted in a school is different for different schools and it also changes with time. 
  • The candidates fulfilling the age criteria have to appear for an entrance test. The entrance test is not compulsory; some schools skip this test and  get the students directly admitted.
  • After the entrance test the shortlisted students are called for a personal interview with the teacher or the principal.
  • The personal interview round is followed by the final enrollment which includes verification of details and others.



Affiliation plays an important role in school. It not only decides the syllabus to be followed by children but also directs the paper checking techniques, teaching strategy, co curriculum activities and few others.  Mostly bones do not have a major difference in the syllabus therefore getting students admitted in a CBSE or ICSE board does not make a huge difference. Both the boards use different books but the syllabus almost remains the same. Some of the existing boards are CBSE, ICSE, CIE Cambridge, IB and other state affiliated boards.


Schools in Vizag:

Here are some of the best schools in Vizag. It includes CBSE schools in Vizag as well as ICSE school in Vizag.


  1. St. Joseph Secondary school, Malkapuram

St. Joseph secondary School is one of the best ICSE schools in Vizag. This school is affiliated to the Indian school certificate examination, it provides education from class nursery to class X. The fees of this school ranges between 2 lakhs per year to 8 lakhs per year depending on the class. St Joseph school has an excellent campus with various facilities. The School has facilities for indoor as well as outdoor games, the outdoor playground has enormous space with which the students can play games of their choice.

There are provisions for cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and other games. Keeping in mind the importance of reading, there is also a separate library and a bookstore in the school. There are also few activities regularly taking place in school  which promote reading as a habit. For science experiments, there are laboratories for each stream. t

Therefore these features of St Joseph’s secondary School, makes it one of the best schools in Vizag.

Address: Ramakrishnapuram, Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530011.


2. Bethany School, Ram Nagar

Bethany School Ramnagar is affiliated to ICSE It is driven by the motivation and legacy of the Bethany Institutions, which spans over fifty-seven outstanding years in the domain of education. Bethany realises and tries to see the true potential of every child. The school measures the interests of its students by giving them the necessary exposure, be it music, drama, sports, art and a whole host of other co-curricular and curricular activities.Through academics, athletics, community service, outdoor education and extracurricular activities, Bethany students have access to a gazillion opportunities to team-up and grow leadership skills. 

Students participate in a host of social activities like newspaper drive, tuckshop, carnival, musicals and much more. Students create gainful connections during schooling, which translates into a wonderful support system. Students are trained in values which pervade beyond the classroom. The institution also operates Bethany Special School, inspiring the disadvantaged children towards a special life. 

It conducts fire drills to ensure safe and effective evacuation. It also educates children on safety awareness. Bethany commits to the highest standards of attention to each student by limiting the classroom to 35 students per class. Therefore it is one of the most popular schools in vizag.

Address: Door No.10, 50-29, Waltair Main Road, opposite Care Hospital, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530002


3. Siva Sivani High School, Marripalem

Siva Sivani High School was established in 1993. The founder, Sri S.P.Sampathy , was a man of broad vision. He started a small school at Sanathnagar in 1961 with 6 students in attendance. From there, defying all odds, he built the Siva Sivani Group of Educational Institutions. His contribution to education had been greatly recognized by awarding him with the Best Vidyapeeth Award, Teacher of Teachers Award, and the Arch of Excellence Award etc. 

He was also honoured with important posts in many Educational Institutions.

 The school mainly focuses on developing an effective way of learning among its students, teaching them the importance of time management and planning and building their character and cultural knowledge. The school is a private, unaided, co-educational, English-medium school. It has P+ UP, Secondary and High Secondary affiliations. It doesn’t have any residential facilities. It consists of 736 students and 49 teachers. The student-teacher ratio is 15.00. There are 42 classrooms and 10 other rooms on the campus. 

It also boasts a library consisting of 9500 books. The student classroom ratio is 18.000. It holds excellent track records in academics with a 100% pass percentage with 92.86% of students scoring first-class marks. Therefore it is one of the best schools in Vizag.

Address: Visakhapatnam (M.Corp)-3 Of Visakhapatnam Urban in Andhra Pradesh with Pin Code- 530017. 


4. Green city English medium school, Vadlapudi

As a forward thinking and with ambitious goals also with a strong infrastructure and dimensions, the school strives for an innovative and excellent academic curriculum. The academic life is complemented with attentive care and a wide range of co-curricular activities. The school envisions that the joy of learning should not be sacrificed at the harsh and baseless altar of examinations.

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) board.The affiliation code is 130384.It is among the top ranked CBSE schools in recent years on the basis of class 12 examinations. The Principal of the school,Mr.Mudigonda Mallikranjan Rao holds high prospects for the success of the school and its students.

There are six faculties namely English, Mathematics, Modern and Classical Languages, Science and Information Technology, Humanities, Expressive arts. Within the faculty structure, it is ensured that a professional, lively and modern environment is provided to the willing students. The various departments and faculties plan effectively the curriculum which is taken forward to deliver measurable learning outcomes,and each department is headed by the best experienced senior teacher. The school provides an emphasis on protection of the environment by planting trees and by reducing, recycling and reusing wastage in an effective manner. 

The school adopts the best practices among international schools and the efficacy of non-formal learning practices and is promoted by the Vizag Profiles Educational Society. It is one of the most popular Schools in Vizag.

Address: Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, in the Green City of Valapudi post, Pincode-530046.


5. Sanskruthi Global School, VLN puram

Sanskruthi Global school is a co educational day boarding cum residential school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE) and following its pattern. The Chaitanya Institutions ,which were started in the year 1984 by Annapurna Educational Society under the humble guidance of Shri P Suryanarayana Reddy- the Founder chairman and Mrs. P Udaya Nageshwari-the director, grew without bounds and leaped to huge success. 

The society runs 2 training colleges for teachers named Chaitanya DEd College. The senior section of the school is powered by Aakash Institutions. 

The curriculum is designed to help students to excel both in board exams and competitive exams in a stress free environment,the needs of the students of today’s world. The students can pursue the professional careers of their choice with full confidence and vigour. The students are guided about their future courses of action by conducting regular career counseling sessions,workshops, personality development programmes and lectures by eminent personalities. The school has been built with international standards and state of art equipment and facilities. 

The school is huge,built over an area of 10 acres ,located amidst the beautiful scenery, surrounded by valleys close to nature and away from hustle-bustle and noise of city life,providing a suitable environment for learning. It also has exceptional playgrounds. 

It is a highly progressive school built on traditional values with an aim “EDUCATION FOR LIFE”. It is therefore one of the best schools in Vizag.

Address: P.S.Bonangi, Paravada, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 531021



Not just these there are many other good schools in Vizag. The admission process eligibility fees vary from one school to another and change from time to time. Vizag High School not only for education purposes but other  activities as well. There are driving schools in Vizag, swimming clubs, dance classes and others. The parents of the students must research about the school before getting their child admitted.

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