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A Better Future for your Child- Schools in Faridabad!

Deciding on the right school for your child is not a small matter. Schools set the foundation for your child and set a pattern for your child’s health. The decision is difficult to make when considering the scope offered by a city like Faridabad. The mentioned schools in Faridabad have been selected with a view to helping your child grow to the fullest by applying the strict guidelines given by each school, and by providing them with access to the necessary support and skills to sharpen and hone their set of skills.

Schools are an integral part of the education system and in building a career. No matter where you are placed in India, whether you are residing in Jaipur, Lucknow or Faridabad, the best schools in that particular area should be your priority!

Top Schools in Faridabad:

Schools in Greater Faridabad-

schools in faridabad

The Modern School

One of the top schools in Faridabad providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology in the fields of learning and emerging knowledge. They focus on integrating Indian culture and values with the education system. Teachers are well trained and can access everything they need. The promotion and inclusion of all the various social actors and the inclusion of personal values in children through educational and social programs. This school aims to build a community of confident, global leaders with a community conscience and a sense of pride in the country, committed to excellence and further learning.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: BPTP, Park Lands, Sector 85, Faridabad, Haryana 121002
  • Strive for excellence in Academics, Sports, Creative materials, and Skills.

Manav Rachna International School

Manav Rachna International School strives to put the child at the heart of learning by becoming a leader of change with understanding, knowledge, and skills that can drive new things to build a better future for all. They incorporate their efforts to achieve excellence in overall development that leads to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. Children are also exposed to the latest technology and learning and communication skills and excellent resources.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Sector 21C, Faridabad, Haryana 121001

Apeejay Svran Global School

If you are looking for the best schools in Faridabad, then your search might as well stop here! The Apeejay Education Society is committed to a world-class education that leads to human creation and nation building. They try to build institutions that promote the highest standards of professionalism in education and new teaching practices as their raison d’etre. Their mission is to create a global education community of conscientious objectors who have developed their intellectual, artistic, and technological skills at the highest level, and who have a high sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring all around them to overcome barriers, overcome obstacles and work together to bring about positive change.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Community Center Rd, Sector 21D, Faridabad, Haryana 121001

Manaskriti School

With the goal of developing deep thinking and self-confidence, Manaskriti believes in an experienced learning process. The experience is driven by value and authenticity, empowers the student to love and remember his inner strengths, and connects the entire learning community to make a positive impact on society. In Manaskriti, the natural curiosity of the students is encouraged, and they are raised to think independently, consider different ideas and opinions, and think about their learning to follow their dreams and make the passions a reality.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Category 82, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Shiv Nadar School

Shiv Nadar School provides students with an environment that challenges them to get their talents and skills. They promote the joy of learning by promoting a culture of art. Their students are trained to be responsible, respectful, happy, and responsible citizens of the community. They believe in and follow a set of basic values that show and govern everything they do.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Category 82, Neharpar Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Presidium School

Schools in Faridabad are many in number but all you need to do is select the best one out of the lot! Presidium school is one of the finest schools in the Faridabad city. Presidium believes the teacher’s influence is eternal. Therefore, their teachers recognize the students’ interests and aspirations and, working with their parents, nurture their skills. By focusing on life skills and practice, it brings out the best in students. They believe that every child is unique and can transform into a powerful and fulfilling human being.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: 42.5 Kms, Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, NH2, Sikri, Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Haryana 121004

Delhi Public School

Key features of this amazing campus include features like, modern air-conditioned classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, excellent sports infrastructure, etc. It is one of those schools in Faridabad that has excellent sports facilities for swimming pools, skating, basketball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, cricket, etc. A typical indoor swimming pool will be an attraction for the stadium. DPS Greater Faridabad has continuous thinking as their mantra.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No
  • Address: DPS Greater Faridabad, Category 81, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Some more Schools in Faridabad:

Play schools in Faridabad-


SHEMROCK is one of the 1st Playschool Chains of India, called to change the mindset of early childhood education since 1989, by launching a vibrant and friendly learning program. Today, with more than 4,00,000 children already laid the foundations for success in its 550+ branches. SHEMROCK, Award Winning School Chain, is a leader in kindergarten education and a symbol to consider.

It all started when Dr DR Arora and Dr (Mrs) Bimla Arora – a team of husband and wife of academic students saw a school that provides children with an education program based on 30 years of experience in India and abroad. They started a model school with the simple goal of creating a friendly and child-friendly environment, focusing on the satisfaction of the inquiring mind of the child and the clarity of the whole mind. The word spread quickly. Recognizing the need for a good crèche in the community and putting together their knowledge and experience, they started the SHEMROCK Preschool with a unique concept that focuses on playful learning.


Mom2mom Play School is in Faridabad NIT, Faridabad, Haryana, focuses on building a solid foundation for learning and developing young minds. It is known to be the best schools in Faridabad in the category of play schools! Providing quality education – from kindergarten – is their goal and commitment. While learning comes naturally to children with simple teaching methods. They help and build on this natural ability to learn. They also take it as a step to give something back to the community.


Pre-School is a child’s first experience away from parents. As your joyous journey takes the first step toward entering the new world, he is not alone. Buddy is always there to help your child feel comfortable in our Pre-School environment. This makes Buddy a great friend of your child at Euro Kids Pre-School.

Most parents wonder ‘What is the best children’s school near me? ‘How safe and clean is the nearest play school for children? Euro Kids is playing school with its “Child First” philosophy and a new Psychological Curriculum, emphasizing that the child will play, learn, and grow to demonstrate vital life skills through exploration and discovery. The integrated use of science-based games, toys and technology in our preschool curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for children. Our emphasis on child welfare and development, in partnership with parents, makes the Euro Kids team, one of the best pre-schoolers in the country.

The following have vacancy in Faridabad schools:

  1. Modern School Faridabad, Academic Supervisor/ Post Graduate Teachers/ Trained Graduate
  2. K.R.Mangalam World School, Faridabad; Wanted Pre-Primary Teachers
  3. Holy Child Public School, Primary Teacher-All Subjects
  4. Modern Vidya Niketan, Haryana wanted Teachers for various departments .
  5. Modern Vidya Niketan School, Primary Teacher


This article included Schools in Faridabad having Indian culture and values intertwined with the education system. They incorporate their efforts to achieve excellence in overall development that leads to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. Having said that, we are sure that this piece of article was of immense help for you! Get hold of the top schools in Faridabad and let your child’s future bloom!

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