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How to Become A Good Nutritionist in India: A Detailed Guide

Ralph Waldo Emerson has rightly said that the first wealth is “health”. Health is always the primary concern for every individual on this planet. And at such times of the pandemic in the country, being healthy is now the primary concern of every individual. And to help people in living a healthy life, the role of a nutritionist becomes imperative. A nutritionist very well knows even about the smaller impacts of the food we take and what food we must take in what quality to remain a healthy human being.

Seeing the significant role of a nutritionist in India, a question does arise in minds of those who want to opt their careers as a nutritionist,” How to become a nutritionist in India?” Well to answer this, to become a nutritionist in India there are courses available. One can opt for those courses and can become a nutritionist doctor in India. One thing more, these courses not only limit you to be a nutritionist but you can also become a dietician in India. Yes, all you need is good guidance and being thorough in studies to become a dietician or nutritionist in India

Nutritionists help to change patients’ diets by providing healthy eating plans which are rich in protein, vitamins, and fats. They evaluate, diagnose and treat people’s nutritional problems. A registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian (RDN) is a registered health professional who is responsible for prescribing healthy diets and lifestyle changes for patients. After gaining experience from nutritionists to patient health, eating habits, eating habits and exercise habits, RD helps patients overcome health problems.

Once you are a certified nutritionist in India, you can explore different fields as a job option. You can be a public health nutritionist, clinical nutritionist, sports nutritionist in India. All these fields have their own scopes and an individual can explore these fields and can grow their careers in it. Lest us go through how one can become a nutritionist in India.

Eligibility to Become a nutritionist in India:

nutritionist in india

The road to become a certified nutrition or dietician in India starts from school itself. As one reaches higher secondary level, it becomes mandatory for him to take science with biology as the core subject. After completing his/her schooling, as the individual enters its under graduation, there one should opt for B.Sc in Food science, Home science in nutrition. Further in their post-graduation students should pursue M.Sc in Food and Nutrition with a specialization in therapeutic nutrition, public health nutrition. Thus, after successfully completing these courses, one will be eligible to become a nutritionist doctor in India.

In order to try one’s hand as a dietician in India, one needs to follow mostly the same pattern. A slight difference is that one can also do its graduation in food technology where he will be taught principles of food science to be applied in food preparation, nutrition, food processing and engineering, etc. In their post-graduation, one can hound for a 1-year diploma where they will be taught therapeutic nutrition, fundamentals of nutrition, public health nutrition and institutional food management. 

Apart from education, when you are a certified dietician or nutritionist in India, you need good communication skills that will help, because most of the work is to explain and recommend diet and nutrition plans to patients, and to motivate patients to achieve certain diet and nutrition goals. In order for the dietitian to work closely with the patient, it is important that the dietitian be compassionate, patient, motivated and respond to the individual needs of each patient.

Career Opportunities as a Nutritionist in India:

Thus, in order to become a nutritionist in India, one has to undergo the foreknown programs. After successfully completing these programs There are several types of nutritionist positions like clinical dietitian, community dietitian etc one can go for. Each of these positions offers a variety of career opportunities, such as food Nutrition services in hospitals, nutrition advice from public health authorities and fitness clubs. Or clinical management. Some of the career options one can opt for as a nutritionist in India are: –  

  1. Food Service Nutritionist: – They usually work in school cafeterias, restaurants and other large dining establishments. They conduct regular audits and inspections to ensure that kitchen staff and managers comply with legal standards. Food service nutritionists also recommend that you pay special attention to diet and food allergies.
  1. ClinicalNutritionist: – Clinical nutritionists adopt a holistic approach, taking the whole person, mind, body and spirit into account. This is an evidence-based approach that combines research and traditional medical knowledge into treatment plans. They work in medical institutions, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics. These nutritionists are responsible for nutritional care, especially the medical methods of treating diseases by adjusting diet. Hence, as a certified nutritionist in India, you can very well work with a medical expert. Clinical nutritionist primarily works in primary and secondary healthcare. 
  1. Public Health Nutritionist: – The duties of a public health dietitian include educating people at risk of nutritional problems, assessing the health and nutritional needs of patients, and developing effective cost and cultural nutrition plans. These nutritionists are registered dietitians and focus on implementing strategies for communities or large organizations that will improve the diet of the population and therefore have a positive impact on the health and well-being of the population.
  1. Consultant and Pediatrics Nutritionist: – Consultant nutritionist checks the patient’s current eating habits and health goals, looks after weight loose, treat diseases and prevent future health problems to a person. On the other hand, when you become a nutritionist in India that too as a pediatrics nutritionist, you revolve around the health of children with or without special needs, obesity or diabetes. They also advise children or parents to pay attention to healthy eating and basic nutrition. 
  1. Nutrition Manager: – Nutrition managers play an important role in providing health services and work closely with many other health professionals to ensure that patients receive the best nutrition and best medical experience and results. Nutrition managers are an important part of the nursing team. They can be termed as experts who can work closely with agency leaders and health personnel. Usually, they are responsible for managing the operations of the food and nutrition department and employees. The nutrition manager is the head of the health department. Their responsibilities may vary depending on your body size, and since every patient is different, the position of nutrition manager is an ideal role for those who like to do new things every day.
  1. Sports Nutritionist: – When you become a sports nutritionist in India, you work with various athletes and sports professionals ensuring a top performance from them. You make their diet plans, look after what they need to do regarding the conditions of the game. Help them in recovering from any injuries they have sustained and also prevent them from having those injuries to an extent. Thus, when you are associated as a sports nutritionist in India, you are also very well a part of the game. An athlete’s performance on the pitch very well elaborates the amount of effort you have put regarding his fitness.

Apart from these roles, after an individual becomes a nutritionist in India, he can also work in various other offices. He can be a part of a research and advocacy team and can share his contributions in governments various health programs. He can also represent himself in several community health programs and can share his knowledge of nutrition with those who are in need of proper guidance. Last but not the least, he can work in Government agencies working for public health departments, social welfare and development programs and International food organizations such as United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, and other non-profit organisations.

Salaries of a Nutritionist in India:

Once you become a nutritionist doctor in India, you enjoy a handsome amount in your hand. A certified nutritionist in India on an average earns more than Rs.20000. Salaries of nutritionists or dieticians vary from their various fields. The salaries get higher with the experience. Some nutritionists enjoy packages around 3 to 5 lakhs per annum while some more than that. Many nutritionists take care of government officials and therefore their salary ranges in terms of position and services they are providing to them.

A sports nutritionist in India gets different amounts regarding the team and sport he is associated with. Nutritionists and dieticians have the autonomy to meet the nutritional needs of patients. Interact with a variety of students, families, patients, groups and other professional medical staff to make work more interesting. Due to the rapid development of the food industry, there are broad career opportunities. Thus, salary packages of a nutritionist vary from field to field in a nutritionist career and expect an above average income.


The impact of diet on human health and well-being is vital to nutritionists or dieticians in India. These professionals work with people in one or more facilities that regularly produce large amounts of food for specific groups of people, such as cafeterias in schools or hospitals. They can design, prepare or provide cooking instructions for specific diets, including gluten-free or low-sodium foods.

These professionals are often actively involved in development of public health and nutrition materials, and may propose government nutrition policies. They can also prepare educational materials and/or provide nutrition and healthy diet courses for health care providers and the public. Hence, once you become a certified nutritionist in India whether as a nutrition manager or sports nutritionist in India, you play a pivotal role in the way that people can live a healthy life. 

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