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Best NTT Courses in Haryana To Look Out For

After 12th, there are a number of opportunities a student has with regards to what they may want to do and achieve in the future. This can include many different future education options. For many, becoming an engineer or a medical student is a major goal, due to which one very important field of work tends to get ignored. Becoming a teacher can be one of the most satisfying vocations and for that, you would need the best NTT courses in Haryana!

Teachers play a very significant role in the lives of all students. They shape the future of a country and get to promote the talents of others and guide them. If you originate from Haryana and are interested in teaching, here are some of the best NTT courses in Haryana. 

Teachers exist on a number of different levels, some teachers are professors which teach at a university level, and they do play a significant role as the material they teach is incredibly valuable and important. However, university students are often fully grown adults, and the impact that a professor may have on them can be very limited. This impact that teachers have on the lives of students grows more and more as we go down to teachers that deal with younger individuals. Nursery teachers are teachers which often deal with toddlers and young children who are in their most formative years.

These children are very young, and only just developing their ability to talk, interact and write. This is a very important stage in the development of any child as this is where children begin to form bonds outside of their family and begin to interact socially with others outside their family. Teachers at this age are incredibly significant to the development of a child’s abilities. 


About The NTT Courses in Haryana:

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training is an Undergraduate course. This is a course that trains its students about the pre-school curriculum and how this curriculum contributes to the development and growth of a young child. Preschool level of education lays the foundation upon which further education is done and it also develops the social skills of a student. This is a very important time for the child and this course goes in-depth about why it is important.

Educators at the preschool level should have a deep understanding of how children develop, grow and learn during these young, formative years. This course goes in-depth about this information and trains its teachers in techniques that aid the developmental process. NTT courses in Haryana and all around the country are most commonly 1 year long. Depending on the institute, the course can be available on a more part-time basis. 


Eligibility for enrolling yourself in the NTT courses in Haryana:

The eligibility criterion for this diploma course is very basic. It only requires a 10+2 or equivalent education level from schooling. Students should have a score of over 50% marks in the final examinations of +2 or a similar examination. There may be an entrance test for the examination depending on the institute you may apply to. This test will contain questions of basic comprehension and language skills along with some reasoning questions. The colleges also conduct individual interviews with applicants to find students who are a good fit for the subject.

This is a field of study which is comparatively easy to get into due to a large demand for teachers and a good number of institutes. There are a variety of NTT Colleges in Haryana and around the country. 


College options for NTT courses in Haryana:

There are several options for students who wish to pursue this course. These options include both distance education and NTT colleges in Haryana. 

  • IGNOU: This is considered to be the top choice for teaching courses learnt in the distance learning format. It accepts students based on their +2 Marks. 
  • Kurukshetra University: Kurukshetra University is considered to be the premier university for teaching courses. It is one of the best NTT colleges in Haryana


What does the Course teach?

The course comprises a variety of different subjects which are common across various universities, colleges and institutes. This syllabus is designed so that teachers can get a deep understanding of the required knowledge needed to teach preschool students and to help them in their developmental processes. It teaches the best practices when it comes to preschool teaching and teaching younger children.

The subjects of the syllabus are:

  • History and Philosophy of Pre Primary Education: This is a subject that deals with how the teaching methods for pre-primary education have evolved through the years. These changes in philosophy are important to understand as they can provide insight into why certain techniques were abandoned and why some continue to be practised. Students who have an academic bent of mind will find this subject important. Students who enjoy research may also want to study this subject in-depth if they seek to pursue further education in the field of Nursery teaching. 
  • Nursery Child Psychology: This subject deals with the technicalities of psychology at preschool age. It goes into detail in regards to how children at that age develop. It deals with specifics of the speed of development and learning. It also details how students may differ from one another in the manner in which they develop and how to educate all different types of students. 
  • Methods and Material of Nursery Education: This will be the most practical subject of the course as it deals with the methodologies of teaching students and utilizing the material. It also teaches the best teaching practices for younger children who do not have a very good attention span. Teaching younger children has its own set of challenges that are very different from normal school teaching and this subject will help deal with those challenges. 
  • Nursery School Organisation, Community, Child Health and Nutrition: This is a very general subject that provides insight into many basic topics that any nursery school teacher should be knowledgeable about. Nursery school children are very young and hence teachers have to interface with parents and the larger community very often. Teachers should also be well aware of the basics of Child Health and nutrition as children can be incredibly unpredictable and prone to accidents. Basic first aid is also a necessary thing to learn. 
  • Functional Art & Craft: Preschool education tends to focus on developing fine and gross motor skills development. One of the best ways to develop fine motor skills is to teach arts and crafts to the student. Activities such as origami, painting, finger painting, collage making and so on can be very beneficial in the development of younger children. This subject goes through the basics of all of what a teacher needs to know regarding these subjects. 


Who should study the course?

NTT courses in Haryana and around the country are specially designed for individuals who seek to teach young children. If you are an individual who enjoys interacting with younger children. This is a course ideal for individuals who wish to aid in the developmental process of younger children and wish to make an impact in a younger child’s life. This is a course ideal for teachers who wish to go further in the field of teaching. Individuals with this diploma can pursue a more extensive teaching course that deals with higher classes. They can also use the diploma to join private and government schools. 


How is this course Beneficial? 

This course is beneficial for students who wish to apply for nursery teaching jobs at schools. This diploma is accepted by both private and government schools around the country. This course also enables its students to pursue higher education such as a Master’s degree. They can also work at charities and foundations dedicated to the betterment of children. Students of this course may also want to work in the field of research about teaching younger children. The versatility of this course is immense and it provides a number of avenues of growth for its students. 

This course also provides a foundation for more advanced courses in the field of Nursery Teacher Training. These are courses such as:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Preschool Teacher Training Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Teachers Training

Both of these courses are in-depth extensions of the foundational course and are much more extensive. These can often lead to research positions and can grant professorship at other institutes. 


Job Opportunities after doing NTT courses in Haryana:

Teachers who have a Diploma in NTT have several opportunities regarding future job options. Some of these opportunities are as follow:

  • Nursery Teacher: Becoming a nursery teacher is a very common path to take with this course. Becoming a nursery teacher can be a very meaningful engagement and it can be very well paying as well depending on the institute. On average, teachers are paid 2-3 lakh per annum. Job opportunities in this field are many as there is a large demand for preschool teaching and there are more and more schools that specialise in that level of education. 
  • Home Tutor: Becoming a home tutor is another option for those that hold this diploma. Home Tutoring is beneficial because there are no strict timelines and you can choose your working hours. It also may be preferred by parents living in a similar area as their children would be very close. This can mitigate a number of fears a parent may have regarding their children going to school far away. A home tutor can expect to earn around 3-4 Lakh per annum. 
  • B.Ed. Teacher: After the diploma, a student may choose to pursue a B.Ed. graduation and become a teacher at a higher level of education. 

NTT courses in Haryana can provide a number of good career options.



Becoming a teacher can be one of the best options for a career if you enjoy educating individuals and helping children grow and develop. The job of a teacher is not an easy one and it comes with a heavy responsibility however, if you believe yourself to be good with children and talented in the field of teaching, this course may be an incredible fit for you.

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