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Best Perks of Doing M.Tech Distance Education

We have heard about MBA courses distance learning or even graduation courses as a distant education, but what about the B.Tech students who want to perceive M.Tech distance education? Are you confused as to which course should you opt for? Or to become financially independent first? Well, what if we tell you, you can pursue both a job and higher studies at the same time.

Confused? In between two paths there is always a middle path, you can go for: your job and at the same time can watch the online classes at the comfort of your home at any time, anywhere. Now you are getting some idea, right? This is M.Tech distance education and in this article, you will get almost every single detail regarding the same topic!

This year was particularly hard on students, especially the last year students who were looking for a job or you know the post-graduate stuff. Wondering what to do after B tech, which direction should you go for? 

As we all know our nation, the world is going through such tedious times, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed a variety of things in our day to day life, isn’t it? This pandemic has laid its impact on so many lives, not only lives but from our education system to the politics, everything at this time with the pandemic going on is changing very rapidly. Humans are bound to be under the 4 walls.

The change in the education system is drastic after the covid-19. Students are bound to take online classes, as this is the need of the hour. What can be better than having a distant education: staying safe at your home yet learning? 

Moving to our main topic, doing M tech or more precisely pursuing M.Tech from a recognized university or college and that too at the comfort of your home. This course is what you are looking for: distance education, a course which will provide you with in- depth knowledge of the subjects concerned, which you learned in the four years of B Tech/MCA/ 

M.Tech Distance Education- About the course:

M.Tech distance education is a 2-year post-graduate program specially designed for B Tech /MCA/ students, and the M Tech distance education degree will be provided by a recognized university. Classes will be conducted in an online manner, with a proper curriculum and a given timetable. The 2-year program will be divided into 4 semesters.

Now, the question arises how to do M.Tech distance learning, or more precisely how can we apply for that, or what is the eligibility criteria, the answer is pretty simple: read the whole article and most of your doubts will be cleared by the end of it! So, without wasting any more time, go ahead, read and enjoy the blog! 

PERKS OF M.Tech Distance Education:

  1. You can attend online classes from anywhere, at your home, during a holiday, after work. Not just anywhere, but anytime too.
  1. Degree from an acknowledged university/college will be provided, with 100% authorised faculties.
  2. You can continue your work while still pursuing your higher studies, and that means while in this  two year program, in the meantime you will be financially independent too.
  3. Equivalent knowledge will be provided to students as it will be imparted onto the students who are attending the regular offline classes.
  4. Students will definitely get high packages as M Tech students are demanded quite literally in many companies and government job too and that will be an immediate boost for a lot of students too, so it’s just a plus-plus sign.
  5. Students will be trained in Communication Skills, Management Skills, apart from just the academic activities too.
  6. Can get a promotion in your current job once you completed your M Tech.


  1. UGC
  2. AICTE
  3. NAAC


Students should  at least be a B.Tech/MCA/M.Sc graduate.

 FEE (In General):

Per Year: INR 64500

Total Fees: INR 129000

M.Tech Distance Education Specializations are as follows:

  1. Distance M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.
  2. Distance M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Distance M.Tech in Mechanical Production Engineering.
  4. Distance M.Tech in Mechanical Design Engineering.
  5. Distance M.Tech In Electronic & Communication Engineering.
  6. Distance M.Tech in Embedded Systems Engineering.
  7. Distance M.Tech in Communication Engineering.
  8. Distance M.Tech in Agriculture Informatics Engineering.
  9. Distance M.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering.
  10. Distance M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering.
  11. Distance M.Tech in Bioinformatics Engineering.
  12. Distance M.Tech in Civil Engineering.
  13. Distance M.Tech in Environmental Engineering.
  14. Distance M.Tech in Structural Engineering.
  15. Distance M.Tech in Transportation Engineering.
  16. Distance M.Tech in Construction Engineering.

Distance education M.Tech is a course that will provide you long term benefits not just in India but also abroad, you can also go in the research department and go for your PHD, and plus you will gain in-depth knowledge, experience. Also, M.Tech in distance education is no less than M.Tech in offline mode, so there is nothing to worry about! 

The best college that will provide you with M.Tech distance education is Institution of Engineers (India), was set up in 1920, one of the oldest institutions in India, head-quartered in Kolkata and are having  94 state and local centers, with almost half a million members out of which there are many  corporate members too.

 Courses offered in the institute:

  • Electrical Engineering- Control Systems, Power Systems
  • Civil Engineering- Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering- Heat Power, Design of Mechanical Equipment, Production
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering- Microwave Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering.
  • Manufacturing- Quality Engineering and Management


Graduates with minimum 60% marks in the domain of B.E./B.Tech/Sections Institution Examinations, with minimum three years  of experience, are eligible for  the Postgraduate Degree Programme in the respective engineering discipline.

Hyderabad as we all know is the hub of technology and home to many industrial companies, so there is no doubt that they will provide excellent facilities in terms of the academic basis to and that no doubt includes M Tech distance education too! 

So, students who are looking for M.Tech distance education in Hyderabad, well you are on the right platform! 

Colleges that provides M.Tech Distance Education in Hyderabad:

  1. Global Institute
  2. Vikas P
  3. All India Council For Professional Excellence
  4. V.I.P. College of Distance Education


M.Tech is one of the most sought after degrees not just in India but abroad too, so students who want to pursue M.Tech, well it’s a go to deal for young students and aspirants as this course will help you in more than one ways. From attending online classes at the comfort of your home to having a high package, from expecting a high package to actually getting one, job promotions and experience, M.Tech distance learning is going to provide you with everything!

All in all, if you are really interested in the M.Tech distance education and you should definitely go for it- whether online or offline! Also, the  M.Tech distance education 2 years program is worth the time, considering the long term impact that it will have on our professional lives! 

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