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Importance of Reading Newspapers for Students: Power Packed GK!

As a student in 2021, it is incredibly important to be aware of one’s surroundings and the state of the world. Like, importance of reading books, importance of reading newspapers for students is vividly necessary to know! Events in the world move and happen at an incredibly fast pace. It is nearly impossible for someone to understand or know about everything that goes on in the world. Social media at a time like this is often little help. It may raise awareness towards issues of all manner and nature.

It is often the home of a great deal of misinformation, lies and propaganda, which can be very misleading. Reading newspapers can help in developing an understanding of the world that surrounds us. It can also help to improve our perception of it. We will attempt to outline and display the significance and importance of reading newspapers for students.

The term newspaper often brings to mind the vision of a piece of paper on stands or being dropped at our front doors. They are often confined to the role of bringing daily news, weather reports and some advertisements. However, that is not all that comes under the classification of a newspaper. Newspapers can also be magazines that specialise in information about sports, business and finance, real estate or lifestyle. 

Some Importance of reading newspapers for students is incredibly high and some of the benefits are listed below:

importance of reading newspaper

  • Learning about the world

Reading newspapers allows an individual to learn about the world they live in. In our day to day lives, we are often engaged in what immediately surrounds us. Our locality, school, family and close friends are the extent of our world. The importance of newspaper reading for students becomes evident when you realise that the world is bigger than most of us realise, and it is important to learn about it.

It is important to know of events that transpire in our city, district, state, nation and even the continent. Those events affect our day to day lives, often in ways, we don’t even realise. It is important to know about them because it increases our knowledge about the world, and also our overall general knowledge. Reading newspapers can allow us to accumulate this information over a longer period of time. This will lead to a larger knowledge base for students who make reading newspapers a habit. 

  • Develop a Reading Habit

Reading as a habit in itself is considered one of the most important habits an individual can develop. It is a very healthy habit to develop as a student. It is a very well-known fact that not everyone who reads is incredibly successful; but the world’s most successful people are all avid readers. Reading newspapers regularly is a very good way to develop a constant and consistent reading habit.

Just by reading for 10-15 minutes every day, you can develop a good reading habit and also learn about the state of the world. Newspapers also expose you to a great deal of information regarding sports, lifestyle and finance. Being comfortable with learning a new and different skill and knowledge is incredibly useful. This only shows how much the importance of reading newspapers for students is.

  • Learn about Politics

People often hold a very negative view of politics. Many often consider it an occupation only suited for certain people who are good at speeches and influencing people. They also think that it is a corrupt field of work that is unfavourable to them. They may also think that politics only comes into play on election days or campaign months. This could not be further from the reality. If an individual is a citizen of a country, and living in a certain area, they are constantly entrenched in the politics of that very area. It is the responsibility of citizens to keep their politicians responsible and to keep the government’s actions in check.

It is also their responsibility to be involved in politics so that they can improve their lives and the lives of those surrounding them. The importance of reading newspapers for students is high because newspapers are the best way to learn about politics and their own society. Newspapers are a great source of learning about a party, and about the people involved in it. It is also a great resource for learning about new policies and laws. Any student who wishes to be a responsible member of society should be reading newspapers consistently.

  • Improve Language Skill

Newspapers are curated by some of the best editorial teams out there. The articles are often written by some of the most talented writers. Reading newspapers can serve as a very good resource of learning language and improving grammar skill. Newspapers also use a vast and enriching vocabulary that can be learned by students reading the newspaper. This can help in the overall improvement of writing and comprehension skills. These skills are often tested in nearly all important entrance examinations. Hence the importance of reading newspapers for students is very high. Reciting articles and conversing about them will also be very good for the development of speaking skills

  • Connecting with the outside world

As stated before, many students are often only engaged with their local environments and the events of their day to day lives. Reading newspapers can help them expand their consciousness. They learn things about the world around them that they would never have known. This growth in knowledge can be something minuscule such as knowledge of sports games taking place in the local area. Or fairs and festivals being organized in the nearby ground.

This knowledge can also be about the international state of the world, of the various events that take place on a global scale and affect us, such as wars, famines, tragedies or new scientific and technological achievements. Reading newspapers allows us to recognise the world beyond our local environment and it allows us to appreciate and be involved in it.

  • Preparing for Competitive Examinations

The importance of reading newspapers for students preparing for competitive examinations is very high. General knowledge is one aspect of competitive exams. Exams such as bank exam, SSC examination, Insurance exam, government exams and the UPSC exams. Students who are preparing for these examinations should be well versed in the events that are taking place in the world around them. These exams also have a writing and comprehension part.

Preparing for such high-value exams often takes place over multiple years and takes a lot of effort. But those who have a habit of reading newspapers often have a massive advantage over students who do not consistently read the news. Newspapers readers often have a better grasp of the general knowledge that is tested in these examinations. They can enjoy an incredible advantage in reading and writing sections. Something as casual as reading a newspaper can be incredibly influential in the success of an individual in such an examination.

  • Learning to deal with Misinformation

In 2021, we are often incredibly attached to our electronic devices and our televisions and for good reason. They are incredibly efficient at their functions and they help us live a better and well-connected life. But our engagement with social media and our preference for television news also has several drawbacks. Television networks exist for a profit motive, and hence, all news on TV is Breaking News, and nothing normal ever happens. Television news is often just loud headlines and sensational, but little information or knowledge is found in these reports. Social media deals with its own different forms of issues. 

Social media brings to light many issues that are ignored by television media. But social media is plagued by misinformation, lies and propaganda. The truth does exist there, but it is incredibly hard to find, and it can be very confusing for a student attempting to learn about an event. This is where the true importance of Newspaper reading for students cannot be ignored.

Newspapers are often not based upon sensational news. They often have a calmer perspective on any subject matter. They provide a greater deal of information regarding the situation. Because they have more time to write about the reports, the information by newspapers is often more reliable and consistent. Newspapers are often more responsible with the news they propagate.

Reading newspapers can provide a student with the necessary information to educate themselves and form a better opinion regarding the matter. The importance of reading newspapers for students only grows with time.


The importance of reading newspapers for students cannot be undermined and its benefits to any student cannot be ignored in the slightest. Reading newspapers lead to the growth of an individual in all aspects and it can lead to a well-rounded, capable individual. Newspapers are a valuable source of wisdom and knowledge. It is important that we do not forget their purpose and importance in our world which only values what is quick and forgets substance and value. 

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