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The Importance of Reading Books: An Official Hack to a Good Life

“Books and doors are the same thing.You open them and you go through into another world” -Jeanette Winterson

Books are the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about education or knowledge.It is often referred to as the best friend of the students. Books are considered to be the most convenient mode of education. It is often said that books help it’s reader to travel without actually using their feet. If we talk about the importance of books,they are numerous. It is helpful for all age groups starting from nursery kids to a graduating adult. Like, discipline is the foremost thing in building a person’s life, the habit of reading books just adds a cherry on the cake!

Some of the various benefits and importance of reading books are as follows:

importance of reading books

  • Books improve the reader’s vocabulary

Book involves a lot of reading. Every page of a book has different words, different punctuations, different ways of constructing a sentence  as well as different meanings .As a reader goes through the content of the book, he/ she gets familiar with a lot of things.Things such as new words, different styles of sentence construction, knowledge about punctuations and many other such information.

The knowledge thus gained plays a very essential role in improving and enhancing the vocabulary of its reader. The reader comes across new words which he/ she can use in a different way as well. Therefore we can say that one of the importance of reading books is refinement of one’s vocabulary. 

  • Books improve the reader’s reading skills/speed

Another importance of reading books is that it helps in enhancing the reading speed or skills of a reader. For instance if a person reads on a regular basis then he/ she develops a habit of reading.This habit helps them in reading and understanding the text of books better no matter which field it is. With time the person not only becomes reading friendly but it also affects their reading skills.

A person who reads books on a regular basis definitely has a lead over others as they can read faster and understand them better. Thus if a person is looking forward to improving their reading skills or reading time then they must consider reading books as an effective option.

  • Improves the imaginative power of the reader

Reading books plays a very vital role in increasing the imaginative power or the thinking ability of a reader. Mostly people prefer visual entertainment in today’s world but when they choose such categories of entertainment they step back from imagining something of their own. When children read fairy tales they step into a world of fairies and wonders, they do not actually see but due to their imagination, they create such scenarios in their heads.

Therefore this improvement in the thinking capabilities of readers definitely proves to be beneficial for them. Hence improvement in the imaginative power or the thinking capability is another importance of reading books.

  • Improves focus

Today’s generation faces a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping their focus or concentration intact. The major reason for the lack of focus is considered to be the increased use of audio-visual entertainment. Audio as well as visual modes of entertainment not only reduces the concentration power of an individual but also has a negative impact on their brains.

Whereas on the other hand, books massively help in building its reader’s focus. While reading a person’s focus is kept intact and is only upon the text.Thus  this practice of reading books is very helpful for improving focus and sometimes also acts as a stress buster. Therefore  this is another importance of reading books.

  • Improves Mental health

Reading is a cure to another big problem that is stress, anxiety or any other mental health issue that is also called Bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is nothing but the practice of reading in order to cope up with mental issues such as stress anxiety and others. Bibliotherapy derives  its roots from 1930. This is when the librarian is kept reading material which helped people to change their negative thoughts or helped them in feeling optimistic.

This method has positive results with minimum investment. Another very crucial importance of reading books is improvement in the Mental health. This method is rarely practiced in today’s time thus it should be practiced very often.

Importance of reading books in school life:

The habit of reading books should start from school itself. Schools should take up the responsibility of books as the only medium of teaching. Students should have very rare instances of using the internet or any other digital platform for the purpose of study. It is suggested that schools make it compulsory for every child to read at least one book every week. This will not only make the children habituated with reading but also help them in various things such as improving their vocabulary, reading speed and others.

Therefore some of the books for different age groups are as follows:

Age group : 4-8

  • Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes by Linda Yeatman. 
  • The year at Maple Hill farm bey Alice Provensen and Martin Provensen
  • The Complete Adventure of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter 
  • The mouse and the motorcycle by Beverly Cleary 
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard Atwater.

Age group: 9-12

  • Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
  • Death Sets Sail by Robin Stevens
  • The Tyrants Tomb ( The Trials of Apollo book 4) by Rick Riordan
  • Little Badman and the time travelling Teachers of doom by Humza Arshad and Henry White
  • We are the Beaker Girls by Jacqueline Wilson and Nick Sharratt.

Age group: 12-18

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon
  • To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai 

These are the few book suggestions for different age groups. Therefore schools must emphasize on the importance of reading books. 

Today’s generation has reduced the use of books. Nowadays children are more comfortable with audio-visual ways of learning or even entertainment. The present situation demands online classes, online study materials but students must not forget to read books. They should gather maximum information from books rather than the internet. Therefore students along with adults must take in account the importance of reading books and include it in their daily routine.

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