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The Mere Importance of Career Counselling: The Correct Decision

In earlier times, there were very few career options for the students to opt for but nowadays there are many streams and career options for the students to choose. For the students who are confused or don’t know what to do next in their career, career Counselling is the best option for them to clear out all the confusion and to know what is best about their career paths that will help them build a bright future and hence, the importance of career counselling.

For a well – established economy of the country, the youths need to be educated, trained for skills and industry requirements. Studying and holding a degree will not benefit you until you have the right skills. Every year many youths graduate from college or the university but end up doing no productive work. The reason is simple- the industry is growing and one needs to adapt themselves accordingly. 

Career counselling in India was never popular among students. However, parents are now concerned about their children’s career choices, which may lead them to unsuccessful jobs and stressful lifestyle. Nowadays students are more inclined towards making a career in the field they are passionate about. The most reliable way to choose the right career is going for a career counselling. 

Career Counselling helps the students, parents and professionals to give the right direction and always shows the right path to them. Like reading books is an important part of everyone’s life, career counselling holds the same importance.

Career counselling helps the minds to grow and also helps them in making the correct career decisions. Many individuals make random decisions for their career and then they regret in life. Whether you are a student who has just completed their higher studies or an employee working somewhere who does not want to work in that organization, the importance of career counselling is immense. 

The importance of career counselling  lies in the place where it helps the students to know which stream they want to go in and what are their future plans. The importance of career counselling is huge, which helps the student for their career building and will also help the professionals select the right path, related to their jobs and fields. In today’s era Career Counselling has become an important part and somewhere in life everyone needs a Career Counselling to sort out their future! 

During the counselling sessions, the counselor guides the students about the latest information about the college, tells you about their admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, merit lists of almost all the prominent and best colleges and universities. In Career Counselling, they will also tell the students about the eligibility criteria, about entrance exams, what kind of paper it will be or how they will take the interviews during admissions.

While selecting a career, you will need to understand the roles and responsibilities of professional life as well. 

Counselling helps the students to gain specialized knowledge about the available career options.

In this article, you will get to know what is career counselling, who is a career counselor, Importance of career counselling, Skills required to become a Career Counselor, the need for Career Counsellor, what is Psychometric Career Assessment, Who all can have career counselling . Through this article you will get the help about what exactly career counselling is and what is the importance of career counselling for your child. 

Career Counselling:

importance of career counselling

Career Counselling is the process of analysing the student’s professional strengths, interest, skills and abilities, mapping it with the right career option and education. Everyone requires career counselling at some point of time in their lives. Career counselling helps the students or the professionals to help them in showing the right path in their careers. Career Counselling is the lifelong process and at every stage of life the individual needs to make tough decisions.

Career Counselling not only helps the students to make the right decision but also gives them the knowledge and confidence to make the right career decision in future. The importance of career counselling is big in number and every student should take career counselling before making a career decision.

Career Counselors help them understand the career options that they have and how children should pursue them. Career Counselling helps is the process of helping a person or the student by providing them guidance, moral support and exploring the solutions of the problems faced by the students, parents or professionals.

Career counselling helps us understand the better career options that we have and how to pursue those career options. Career counselling helps in getting the right and perfect guidance to help set your long term goals and to achieve them. 

Who is a Career Counselor?

Career Counselor is like a doctor who provides the best and right career guidance to the student about their careers and future. It is important to take the guidance from the career counselor. Career Counselor follows a process to guide the students for taking a career decision.

Importance of Career counselling and guidance:

As we all know that students choose different streams and career options for their better and bright future. There is a lot of importance of career counselling and every student should take career counselling so that they do not take any bad decision and then regret later in life. 

The importance of career counselling as follows:

  • The first importance of career counselling is that career counselling helps the students to understand the career opportunities and options available.
  • The second importance of career counselling is that career counselling helps the students analyze the strengths and weaknesses. 
  •  Career counselling also helps the students and the professionals in finding the best career path.
  • Career counselling is not only limited to finding the best career option but the career counsellors also help the students with the detailed plan with career clarity.
  • Career counselling also helps in identifying the factors that influence in career development.
  • Career counselling also helps in boosting the confidence, knowledge and morale of the student and the professionals.
  • Career counselling helps the students and the professionals removes the confusion regarding career. 
  • Career counselling shows the right education path that at which stream they should opt for and also helps you in building and guiding proper career.
  • Career counselling also helps the students to guide them based on increased competition.
  • Career counselling helps the students to clear their doubts by giving them a clear cut view that they can expect from the educational courses and from colleges and universities.
  • Career counselling helps to motivate the students and provides them essential support and boosts the morale of the students as well.

Importance of career counselors:

Many students are not aware of the effective career choices and then they go for the jobs in which they are not interested at all. In such competition, students want to pick those career choices which help them to be successful in life ahead. Career counselling is an important aspect to be considered before making a career decision.

There are many people who are changing career tracks after settling into job. This happens because people haven’t consulted their career counselor before starting their careers.

Skills required to become a Career Counselor:

Career counselors ask, analyze and tell you the best career path according to your skills and effective career options. In India, career counselling is a very strong asset for the people that provides right guidance for shaping the career of the children. If you look closely, the impact that the importance of career counselling has in everyone’s life is commendable. 

If you want to make a career by being a career counselor, below are some top skills they must have :

  • Research skills: While increasing career opportunities and people are looking for career counselors for counselling the career counselors constantly keep them updated with the new jobs and career choices with research practices.
  • Listening skills: It is assumed that career counselors have to give great advice to the students regarding their careers. Career counselors need to have good listening skills as listening patiently to their clients is what is important to lead the discussion in the right direction.
  • Communication skills: Career counselors should have good communication skills as it is the base for career counselling. Communication doesn’t mean telling people about career options but it is all about how well you are explaining those matters to the people.
  • Problem solving approach: A career counselor should have a skill to resolve any career related conflict between the parents and the children. A career counselor should be able to show a mutual path to both the parties.

Importance of Career Counselling- Psychometric Career Assessment:

Psychometric Career Assessment or the career test is the kind of test which is used to measure the career interest, behavioural part and abilities of the candidate. It helps to find out the most suitable career option for the student or the professionals that matches your personality or your interests.

Who can have career counselling?

It is said that career counselling can be only taken by the students of schools, colleges or universities but it’s completely wrong. Career counselling is not only restricted to school, college or university students even working professionals can also take career counselling .

Students can get career counselling to find out which stream or subject they should choose in the future but professionals take career counselling, so that they can utilize the counselling session to know which job is perfect for them or what they should do if they are not enjoying their recent jobs.


Career counselling and guidance in India helps the students and professionals to set their goals, by helping and guiding them and telling them according to their interest in the right career path. As more students are concerned about their career and future, the importance of career counselling and the demand for career counselling is increasing day by day. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or professional, career counselling and it’s guidance will help you at every stage of life.

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