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The Best ICSE Schools in Kolkata for Admissions 2021-2022

In this modern global village, the educational system has seen an extraordinary change with rise and dominance of various educational curriculums apart from the staple national and state boards. Being the torchbearer of cultural and educational advancements in India, Kolkata is home to thousands of schools and amidst them, there many schools which claim to be the very best of ICSE schools in Kolkata, that can often leave you perplexed which would be the best suited ICSE school in Kolkata for you.

Apart from Delhi and Bangalore, if there is any better state in terms of schooling education, then without a second thought it is Kolkata. Not only a home to many schools, but it also has a profound infrastructure for higher education as well.

The ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) board is one such board by the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) offering students courses which proves to superior from the general boards and promises its pupils an opportunity to expand their learning horizons by inculcating new learning methods, updated with the modern requirements and provide an holistic learning experience.

Here is a list of the best ICSE schools in Kolkata:

icse schools in kolkata

Don Bosco School

Don Bosco School is an English Medium Anglo-Indian School for Catholic boys overseen by the Salesians of Don Bosco. It was established in 1958. It is regarded as one of the best all boys ICSE schools in Kolkata. The school has its sprawling campus located in Park Circus and follows the ICSE AND ISC curriculum, offering classes from nursery to 12th grade. The school also offers boarding facilities from 5th grade onwards making it one of the few ICSE schools in North Kolkata offering boarding facilities.

The school aims to educate students by a highly standardised mix of traditional moral value systems based on virtue, discipline, self-reliance reason and religion, and modern educational techniques emphasised by its state of the art campus having facilities like smart classrooms, amphitheatre, science and computer labs, library music room, indoor and outdoor sports equipment. Don Bosco also promotes collaborations with parents to increase their involvement in a child’s education journey and make students more comfortable in learning and adjusting to new environments, this ranks it among the top 10 ICSE schools in Kolkata.

The admission process in this top ICSE school in Kolkata begins by filling out online registration forms available on the school’s official site only from March and the application process for pre primary section begins between late August to early September. The senior secondary admissions are based on vacancy of seats in each stream followed by a written aptitude and interview round. Don Bosco charges an annual fee of around INR 45,000.

La Martiniere

Established in the year 1836 by French General Claude Martin, La Martiniere has served the cause of education for more than 184 years now and is counted among the best ICSE schools in Kolkata due to its academic reputation. La Martiniere has separate campuses for girls and boys located opposite to each other, named La Martiniere Girls (LMG) and La Martiniere Boys (LMB) respectively.

La Martiniere takes admission right from Nursery to 12th grade making it a one stop learning hub for a student. The spacious campus offers ample academic and co-curricular activities with its expansive library, fully equipped physics and chemistry labs, modern smart classrooms, and interactive mixed medium educational techniques. As one the most reputed ICSE schools in Kolkata, La Martiniere believes in imparting academic excellence as well as ensuring holistic development so that each and every student passing through its doors faces the outside world with the institute’s morals and principles in mind and maintains integrity and sound character even in the toughest of times.

La Martiniere is in close vicinity to the Minto Park and has consistently ranked not only in the top 20 ICSE schools in Kolkata but also in India. The admissions in this highly sought-after ICSE school in Kolkata are subject to vacancy of seats and if you are a prospective student exploring La Martiniere, get in touch with the school administration now!

Pratt Memorial School

Founded in 1876 as an homage to Archdeacon John Henry Pratt, Pratt Memorial School is an all-girls English Medium School affiliated under the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) board offering students courses in ICSE and ISC. Amongst one of the well-known ICSE schools in Kolkata, Pratt Memorial has its campus located on the Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road and offers courses from nursery to senior secondary schooling to Anglo Indian Christian girls.

Pratt memorials moto is “education is life” which emphasises on the philosophy that education is not a preparation for life but a continuous journey. The institution believes, children must be exposed to positions which will enable them to protect themselves and to compete with the fears, the joys and excitement, of their daily lives. Leading to an overall development of character in a student and this is rightly reflected in the school’s infrastructure, which is equipped with the latest technology in their laboratories, library, smart classrooms, and auditorium.

Pratt memorial has an excellent sporting facility with a recently added basketball court, two swimming pools and clubhouse section for its pre-primary students. The admission process in this one of the most sought after all-girls ICSE schools in Kolkata begins in April. Catholic students are required to present their baptism certificate. After verifying all the documents, the school contacts the students to appear for the further selection process. The average annual fees of Pratt Memorial School range between INR 50000 to 60000.

St Xavier’s Collegiate School

Established in the year 1860 by the missionaries and named after St Francis Xavier, St. Xavier’s Collegiate School is an all-boys school affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) board offering students courses in ICSE and ISC. The school has been from time to time ranked in the top 10 ICSE schools in Kolkata. St. Xavier’s boasts decorated alumni; Nobel laureates like Rabindranath Tagore, modern greats like Sashi Tharoor and Saurav Ganguly.

St Xavier’s has an expansive campus in Park Street and has classes from pre-primary to senior secondary schooling. The campus has a well-planned infrastructure segregating the primary section and secondary section students in the two buildings. The school apart from its modern and up to date facilities and amenities is identified as one of the premium ICSE schools in Kolkata and is also known to organize and host many cultural and enterprising fests totally conceptualized and implemented by the students. The institute aims to create agents of social change who have a sense of compassion for the weak and the powerless in society, love for all living creatures, concern for the environment.

The academic year for St. Xavier’s begins in March or April but the admission and selection process starts early on from October itself. The school charges a nominal fee of 22000 which is split into and paid every quarter.

Loreto House Kolkata

Established in the year 1842 under the Loreta Educational Society, Loreta house school is an all-girls school following the ICSE and ISC board syllabus. The school with its spread-out heritage campus in Middleton Row is known for its educational structure which not only focuses on academic learning but also gives a strong emphasis on applied practical oriented education and soft skills making it one of the most sought after all-girls ICSE schools in Kolkata.

The school has amenities like the well-preserved library, computer lab, smart classrooms, sports cell and a unique club system which lets students identify and cultivate their hobbies and skill sets alike. The school also boasts of a social cell and an Olympiad exam preparing centre making it one of top 10 ICSE schools in Kolkata. The school puts special emphasis on inculcating a sense of social responsibility and contributing back to the society with its specially designed school module and programmes.

The admission period begins in August every year where interested students must appear for a rigorous selection process to get admission in Loreto House, if you are a prospective girl looking to have a school which makes teaching fun, start filling the admission form now just for a nominal fee of 200.


The above mentioned schools are famed and reputed throughout the city as the top ICSE schools in Kolkata not only due to their rich educational legacy and academic goals but also due to their constant effort to raise the bar of education higher with excellent infrastructures, facilities and curriculums which would help a child prosper in the future.

We insist students to get in touch with these ICSE schools in Kolkata’s administration departments and even visit the institutes to evaluate these schools based on their personal preferences, then only make the final decision.

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