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How To Get Admission In Stanford University For MBA From India: Check out the blog!

The Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA program is the most preferred program among the top business schools. Approved in 2018 the Stanford MBA program welcomed 419 nominations to a pool of 7,797 applicants. This is an acceptance rate of 5.4%. With such a low admission rate you can understand that you will have to work hard to show your best to the Stanford MBA Program Admission Committee. So, this article is all about how to get admission in Stanford University for MBA from India!

A common myth about the Stanford MBA | | Receipt of Stanford MBA

Let’s start with the myth of the adoption of the Stanford MBA. Many people think that Stanford favours Tech Entrepreneurs. That is not true. Stanford University’s MBA program considers all applications in full because it seeks to be considered a coalition of world leaders.

That makes sense because, for the size of a small section, the Stanford MBA program requires its students to make a significant contribution to the industries in which they will work. The Stanford MBA looks to create a diverse category of successful people. If you come from a different background, you will be rewarded as long as you are successful wherever you apply.

What does the Stanford MBA program expect from its applicants?

If you want to get into Stanford MBA Program, you would want to know How To Get Admission In Stanford University For MBA From India.  Stanford expects three things for its MBA program:

  • Intellectual Vitality
  • Demonstrated Ability to Lead
  • Personal attributes and contributions

Intellectual Vitality

Attitude and competence in learning are both important in assessing the fitness of the Intelligence. It means the drive and the desire you have and the goal to make an impact on your skills.

Demonstrated Ability to Lead

Leadership power is something every high school business wants. It means having the ability to make decisions in a complex and unfamiliar environment, either in professional life or in personal life.

Personal attributes and contributions

Understanding how you will contribute and benefit from the University community is something that is highlighted in your qualifications and the contribution you have made and intends to make.

Now the question is, how will you provide proof of all these qualities in your app? To answer this question, let’s look at the structure of the Stanford MBA application and understand the importance of each component.

How To Get Admission In Stanford University For MBA From India:

The first steps are the same, namely:

  • Research the MBA program as soon as possible
  • Research external and internal factors

An MBA application is simply a collection of proof that you are a successful person and will add value to the MBA program. There are 2 types of evidence you provide to prove your worth:

  • Statistical Evidence
  • Anecdotal evidence

The first part provides evidence of your past and present success. The second part provides evidence of your future behaviour.

Evaluation component – Supported statistical evidence

The rating section helps provide evidence of your ‘drive’ and your ‘prestige’. It assures the Admissions committee that you can ‘get’ into the complex MBA program.

Quality component – Supported by anecdotal evidence

The Qualitative section shows you what you want to do and how the Stanford MBA program will help you get there.

The evaluation component of the Stanford MBA application

These include the following:

  • GMAT result
  • Undergraduate GPA
  • TOEFL / IELTS points
  • Restart
  • The purpose of each component
  • Readiness to read is the first thing they show.

High GMAT scores are important in this process. Stanford has the highest GMAT score of 732 in its final entry. Therefore, it is important to get good GMAT entry points for the Stanford MBA program.

The GPA rating for its most recent non-income category is 3.72 (4th scale). A higher GPA will help your application.

Restart – The Stanford MBA Welcome Committee agrees with Google’s Lazarlo Bock in suggesting, “A good rule of thumb is one page every ten years of work experience … A bright, focused resume demonstrates the ability to compile, prioritize, and transmit more important information about you.” then, paste a one-page resume and follow the school guidelines.

An integral part of the Stanford MBA program

The Stanford MBA program emphasizes this part of the program. This section includes:

  • News
  • Reference Letters

Stanford’s acceptance committee seeks ‘MA X-factor’ in essays. What is the Stanford X-factor? It is ‘true’.

While the alternative may not be entirely in your power as the profile of another candidate may be the same as yours, authenticity is something you can control by telling your true story.

How to write impactful essays?

According to Jay Hafner, who has approved the 2019 Stanford MBA section, “Before you sit down to write your statement, spend some time thinking about the moments of your life that have meaning and change. Write down each of these scenes and think about them in the good history of your past and your intended future. ”

He also says that, “Be your own self: your quirks, your decisions, your beliefs. In this way, you not only create an authentic essay but also give yourself permission to appear completely in the latest stages of your application process: during your interview, your school visit , and your discussions with the disciples, the wisdom and the apostles. ”

What essays do you need to write?

To be admitted to the Stanford MBA you must write 2 essays on the following topics:

What is most important to you, and why?

Why Stanford?

Essay 1 – What is most important to you, and why?

Word limit – 650 words

The Stanford MBA admission committee will want to know you’re thinking and reaction to various situations. They want to know what is going on in your life and the lessons that have shaped you. What is your purpose in life, and why?  Remember, you have to focus on ‘why’ rather than ‘what.’

Essay 2 – Why Stanford?

Word Limit – 400 words

This article focuses on how the Stanford MBA program can help you make an impact. You should start with what are your goals and how do you achieve them?

Based on this information, refer to the admissions committee how the Stanford admission committee will help you achieve those goals.

So be honest with yourself. Stanford clearly states that there is a difference between ‘response’ and ‘training.’ They expect essays to be yours only in thought or word.

Reference Letters | Receipt of Stanford MBA

Stanford requests two reference works:

  • One from a direct manager currently working
  • Someone from your supervisor

If you are a student or self-employed or have not informed your supervisor that you are applying for a Stanford MBA, then you can get the next alternative to a good reference book. But it should be from someone who oversees your work.

Things to keep in mind when requesting a reference letter:

Inform your consultant in advance so that he or she can take the time to write a good letter. 

Before you start writing a book, make sure you talk about your success so far and your plans for the future.

Stanford asks compliments to answer 3 questions. Be sure to pass on the questions to be answered and the wording to follow.

What do the respondents answer?

The Stanford MBA accreditation committee asks three questions:

How does the applicant’s performance compare to that of other people who are well qualified in the same roles? Please give some examples. (E.g. What is the maximum capacity of the applicant?) Up to 500 words

Describe the most important part of the report you gave to the applicant. Please provide details of the status and response of the applicant. Up to 500 words


We will meet at the Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA Program

Every applicant would like to hear these words from the Stanford MBA program admission committee. Yes, if you are one of them, all you need to do is apply what you learn from this article on How To Get Admission In Stanford University For MBA From India.

How can you exceed the expectations of the Stanford MBA Admissions Committee?

  •       Be true to the Stanford X factor
  •       Close the gap between your opinion and the approval of the approval committee
  •       Explain how getting admission in Stanford MBA program helps you reach your goals.


It is therefore clear that although the Stanford MBA accepts applications from college seniors, recent college graduates, and even those with all levels of employment, professional knowledge can be a point of inclusion in your entry application. There are no low GPA requirements and good GPA scores are always helpful. Regarding Student Visa, After obtaining all these documents, the university sends I-20 or DS forms to students so that they can apply for a student visa in the USA.

Applicants will be required to appear at a visa and embassy interview in their home country. Upon successful completion of the visa process, a stamp is issued on a passport that serves as a visa to the USA. This article covered all the details as well as queries on How To Get Admission In Stanford University For MBA From India.

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