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Holistic Development: The Most Essential Value of Today’s Life

These days the education sector is putting a lot of stress on the overall education system. We all know how important it is for the younger generation, but nowadays, academics are not everything; children need to excel in every possible direction. That is why today it is necessary for a child to get a holistic development. The roots of holistic development start from the home itself and go on till college. The school also helps in your holistic development. First, it’s the parent’s responsibility that a child should get proper holistic development.

Every child has a unique talent with a different attitude, character aspects, concerns, intentions, significance, behaviours, endurance, and flaws. Like discipline is important for a child’s development, holistic development is equally important.

This should be the duty of our educational curriculum to encourage every youngster so that he or she can find a special place in the world with the individuality that he or she has. The most important thing which can help the child to achieve this is holistic development. 

Now the question might arise in your head: What is holistic development? Why is holistic development important? How did your school help in your holistic development?

So here we are with the answer to your every single possible question.

What is Holistic Development?

holistic development

People may have different aspects of holistic development…but no one perfectly knows what is holistic development.

Holistic development is a positive approach towards learning, to emphasise the development of physical potentials, intellectual skills, knowledge and understanding abilities, emotional capacities, and social aptitudes. The development and learning of children is a sophisticated procedure which is why holistic development is important. It helps us to understand and highlight the importance of their life goals.

It helps in connecting with the outside world, also supports the children and allows them to learn in a manner that varies from the common form of schooling.

This might sound a little bit complicated but this is the best way to assess your kid as an individual. By realizing what they have attained, and what they have not attained, you can understand how the developmental areas link up and how they can affect each other.

Physical Potential Development Includes:

  • Growth of entire motor skills – such as walking, jogging, climbing, etc. The movement of the whole body comes under Gross motor skills.
  • Improvement of psychomotor skills – these imply an extremely large spectrum of fine motor movements that occurs in answer to informed knowledge from five senses – mostly from sight, touch, and hearing. For example – portrait formation, chopping vegetables, making a clay model, typing on a computer keyboard, medical surgery, riding, writing, etc.

Intellectual Capability And Cognitive Ability Development Include:

  • Development of the abilities to learn from information and experience – this involves learning from data and information; learning from doing an activity, etc.
  • Development of conceptual reasoning abilities – understanding and believing about theories, suggestions, principles, and objects which are non-verbal or not physically present.
  • Development of understanding abilities – ability to understand and comprehend written and vocal information.
  • Advancement of practical and analytical reasoning abilities – analyzing reasons behind circumstances and problems, understanding the purposes behind an event or situation, etc.
  • Development of vital thinking abilities – evaluating theories, ideas, difficulties, and problems, etc.
  • Development of creative thinking abilities – thinking of newer ways to solve problems; visualization; thinking of new ideas; etc.
  • Development of problem-solving abilities – understanding problems using various concepts, solutions, etc.

Emotional Ability Development Includes:

  • Advancement of intra-personal skills – this affects self-understanding (awareness of one’s stability and drawbacks, one’s capacities, etc.) and self-belief.
  • Improvement of interpersonal abilities – skills to recognize others; what others are expressing; building relationships, etc.
  • Expansion of self-regulation skills – proficiency to monitor and organize one’s emotions and feelings.
  • Elaboration of empathy – the capacity to appreciate and share others’ perceptions and emotions.

Social Skill Development Includes:

  • Improvement of social aptitudes – this implicates skills to interact and express with others, working in a team, coordination, and alliance with others, etc.

Surveys have revealed that through joyful learning events, students can adopt large, emotional, and connected skills rapidly and effectively.

Teachers and counsellors in holistic development aim to chart out every child’s abilities and relate their capacities to the standards of a child of their age. A relative examination and its outcomes along with related lessons are used to explain how the characteristics of the child and factors of his/her environment may interact to impact his/her advancement and development.

The holistic development of students pursues to communicate many characteristics such as the physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and intelligent aspects. The significance of the holistic approach lies in the reality that it is the youngsters who memorize various skills in a stage-wise manner, comprising stepping, jogging, talking, fine motor skills, etc.

Why is Holistic Development Important?

These days our educational system offers very exciting alternatives When it comes to holistic development. In the past few decades, our schooling methods have changed and along with that our perception regarding childhood development has widened. The holistic development of students now becomes a very vast subject.

Nowadays the meaning of Education has changed. It is no longer just about memorizing tangible and measurable techniques. In our past educational system, Children were supposed to learn data and then take placement examinations. This was not just a bad approach but also had been leading to unhealthy competition. They also affect students psychologically.

Holistic development meaning isn’t just mental development, but the biggest benefit of a holistic approach involves psychological, social and emotional development. The holistic development of students motivates them to learn about a subject with curiosity and creativity. Without disturbing a child’s persona and learning style.

  • Positive And Long Term Results:

Confidence comes with better communication and social skills, that the child has developed with holistic development. Because of the positive association, challenges with learning new subjects makes them feel good. Ingrained inspiration, in turn, pushes them to be inquisitive, interested, and eventually be creative at the workplace.

  • Implementing a Successful Holistic Approach

The holistic development of students seeks to nurture all their skills and build their strengths.  As such, this academic approach is keen on play-based learning, children’s creativeness, and their cleverness. For instance, a holistic development could contain dance and stage achievement, speech, photography, or sketching and few  “traditional” subjects too.

Or you can say holistic development would motivate kids to create connections between subjects–for instance, solving mathematical equations by approaching it like approaching science or social problems.

Teaching is never restricted to the four walls of a classroom setting. There are parents as well as educators who can do well to develop environments where children can experiment and explore.

Theory of Holistic Development: Steiner

This is a philosophy, developed by Steiner. It is also known as a holistic learning theory. It says that you can find purpose in your life through the link between the community and the natural world, here is the only answer to humanitarian virtues such as kindness and peace. 

There are 5 Aspects of holistic development: 

  1.  Physical, 
  2. emotional, 
  3. social,
  4.  spiritual,
  5.  and mental.

According to Steiner, holistic education is a process that expects the participation of the whole person, instead of the academic faculties only. 

How Did Your School Help In Your Holistic Development? 

Science of living is key to holistic development.”

The above lines tell us about how powerful education is. It signifies the reflection of what education can do to society. The term “the science of living” signifies that knowledge of experiencing and exploring starts from the beginning, when the child starts gaining unconsciously knowledge through a primary sense of touch and feel.  Then gradually acquiring learning increases day by day. 

These lines also prove that holistic education must have a psychological and sociological base for the kid. Holistic development for students must contain the awareness, the child should know of their capacities and teach life skills. As we all know holistic development is foundational. Hence it helps them construct self-identities and create self-awareness, self-awareness, holistic education is a sort of guide for kids. It makes them ready for their future. 

Life is full of uncertainties, no one knows what will happen next, so here it helps and organizes them to tackle any sort of life’s uncertainties. The inculcation of such holistic development only takes place at one place that is School. The most common reason behind antisocial activities is the lack of holistic education. That is the only reason why the students are not prepared to face their downfalls or rejections. 

You know it leads them to choose destructive behaviour out of humiliation and outrage, or sometimes they take the extreme step of ending their life, etc. So what is the point of education here? It fails miserably if it doesn’t prepare the youngster for community living.

The primary purpose of the education system is to train children so that they should even know how to use their kinesthetic(body) tools like ears, eyes, legs and hands. They should teach their students how to use their preference to make judgments in unfavourable circumstances. This is the basic task of Teacher and school management. After all the core accountability of any education system is imparting awareness to children to make the right pedagogical structure. As we all know, knowledge is a social condition.

 The system must focus on the child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children. As a result, They can create progressive thinkers. Change is guaranteed. Now the question is who are Progressive thinkers? Progressive thinkers are those who can deal with change using optimistic directions and means using the qualities such as flexibility and adaptability.  

For formulating and promoting 21st-century skills, 21st-century knowledge, out of box thought, meaningful thinking, positive communication, teamwork, technological abilities, knowledge on life skills and career personality, etc, Only holistic education can help to get everything. 

We cannot reject the reality that each student must be nice at the topic of the core academic subjects, but educating with all the necessary skills that are needed for personal growth and healthy living is what makes students confident and progressive thinkers. Each child learns best by using a common learning style by creating his/her knowledge of intuitions.

Children must be allowed to accomplish personal purposes through highly personalized learning and at the same time contributing towards the upliftment of the population and commit to social accountability. This ought to be the importance of education, which, in turn, will create progressive thinkers and ultimately fulfil the goal of education.

In conclusion:

The world is constantly changing with time and In today’s world, just academic lessons are not sufficient enough for children’s schooling. It is a schooling system that can be a game-changer in a child’s life because a schooling system encourages a child to realize his or her soul, feelings, and mental adversity. Holistic development for a student is very helpful while educating him to sheer how to expand strong and practical associations as well as develop stability and team spirit is the accurate form of schooling.

We need such a great system to increase the confidence of our younger generation and the whole nation. students so because they can go on to accomplish bigger heights in their careers while becoming upstanding citizens of the society. They are the ones who will contribute to the development and advancement of the nation. Hence, it is proved that the holistic development of students is very essential right from the beginning of school to moving years.

It’s the responsibility of school administrators and teachers to ensure the curriculum of the school. The curriculum must be combined well with several other co-curricular activities. And secure the holistic development of students. Expert advice and counselling from career consular would help School leaders and teachers as they need to understand the skills required for future success in the work-life of students.

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