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A Journal on the Promising CBSE Schools in Madurai

Madurai being the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu has a fair amount of world class schools with excellent amenities to offer, but with the limited market of CBSE schools in Madurai, the place has seen a recent spike in the number of CBSE affiliated schools popping up in the city.

In this modern day and age, searching for the best possible school can often be confusing. With time, the number of curriculum offered and the various combinations of syllabus and teaching methodologies have increased, which often leaves the students and parents anxiously contemplating alike, which would be the best suited school for them?

Since schooling is the basic foundation of every child, it is of immense importance that parents find the best schools for their offspring. Apart from the metropolitan cities, Faridabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad and many others have a promising schooling career! Hence, we have compiled a list of schools in Madurai which are regarded as the best CBSE schools in Madurai, in no specific order. 

CBSE Schools in Madurai:

cbse schools in madurai

  • Keren School

Keren School is one of the oldest CBSE schools in Madurai. Since its establishment in 1990, Keren school has grown and evolved to set up several milestones and educational practices along the way. Keren school has an expansive 12 acre campus in Checkanurani and has a counterpart campus in Usilampatti as well. The Checkanurani campus specializes in Matric and CBSE curriculum in English medium and the Usilampatti campus offers the Matric and CBSE curriculum in Tamil medium, both offering classes from LKG to 12th grade.

The School foundational beliefs are to lay effective groundwork for any student to prosper in their future endeavours hence they cultivate an atmosphere to develop the key skills. Efficient hold over communication and grammar, strategizing and planning programmes and schemes to manage different curriculum aspects and finances since a young and helping a child identify their talents and hobbies to create their own individualistic personality. To aid this vision the school has a remarkable infrastructure.

The school is known for its talent hunt competition “TADECON” and the numerous workshops and guest lectures that take place throughout its calendar year for the students to get an hands on experience of the working of different career fields, making it one of the top schools in Madurai.

The admission process for Keren School begins by mid April, when the Institute releases its seats vacancies and the selection process in this highly sought school is only possible after student evaluation and interaction sessions.

  • KMR International School

KMR International school is known as one of the best international schools in Madurai due to its reputation for carrying out balanced educational practices and inculcating a sense of community and peer to peer learning atmosphere in its students since a very young age. The KMR international has its expansive and green campus on the outskirts of Madurai in Nagamalai Pudukottai.

The primary objective of the KMR international educational institute is to guide its pupils by providing them a tolerant education in a healthy atmosphere to become global residents who can promote a culture of goodwill and unity. The school aims to lay the groundwork for an holistic development of any student, who not only attains academic proficiency but also has an standard psychological, social and cultural outlook towards this world.

The school provides classes from LKG to 12th grade under CBSE affiliation and has an state of the art science, language and technology aide course curriculum and multisport facilities with international linkages to make it an one stop educational hub for any kids holistic development making it one of the best CBSE schools in Madurai.

The admission process in KMR International starts from the end of March when the admission forms are made available online. The selection process comprises a series of interview and written assessment tests.

  • Queen Mira International School

Queen Mira international school was established in the year 2010 and is an upcoming and promising CBSE school in Madurai. It is not India’s but also the world’s first CBSE school to get a CIS accreditation making it Madurai’s first school to guarantee high quality learning which will produce students at par with international educational standards and proficiency level.

Queen Mira international has its clean green 2 acre campus over the banks of river Vaigai in Kochadai. The school has a blended CBSE curriculum that makes the child capable of performing both at local and global levels, the institute puts strong emphasis on encouraging the development of upcoming skills which will become more relevant in the near future. The school aims to be the birthplace of future global leaders who will act as a change of factor in the global society aming it an

Queen Mira international offers its classes from LKG to 12th grade and has impressive modern infrastructures facilities like smart classrooms, science, music and computer labs, club zones, canteen, and AV screening rooms making it one of the top schools in Madurai.

The registration for admissions in Queen Mira is done through their website only, after which selected candidates are called written English and maths assessment and interaction sessions.

  • Mount Litera Zee School

Since its humble beginnings in the late 1990s Mount Litera has exponentially grown its stature as a pan India educational institution, having more than 90 branches across 70 cities currently making it not only a top CBSE school in Madurai but also India. The Madurai branch of Mount Litera Zee school is located in Sholavandan, and was established in the year 2010 and is managed by Sarasavani Educational Society.

Mount Litera believes in the philosophy that every child is unique, no one way of teaching works for all and education should nurture and promote real world understanding and implications. Therefore, to deliver this goal the school has designed a syllabus which integrates human values with high quality learning through their smart classrooms and mix medium educational methods. They have developed a world class infrastructure to nurture global minds with vast backings from innovation and creativity.

Mount Litera offers classes from LKG to 12th grade and the Madurai branch specializes in the institution’s “Litera Octave program” laying special emphasis on the involvement of parents, assessments, teachers, content, infrastructure, network. life skills and enrichment for any kids’ holistic development making it one of the most sought after CBSE schools in Madurai.

The admission process in Mount Litera is only possible on basis of availability of admission inquiry forms after which the management asks the prospective candidates to visit the campus and continue the further admission process.

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Narimedu

Initially established in 1966 in Narimedu, now Kendriya Vidyalaya has over 5 branches in Madurai district. This government co-ed day school is managed by Defence forces and is affiliated under CBSE and State board offering classes from nursery to 12th grade and operates as an English and Hindi medium school. It is among the best CBSE schools in Madurai due to its value based learning curriculum and government aids.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya establishments throughout Madurai have well equipped campuses with big and spacious classrooms, computer labs, science lab, library, and auditoriums. Kendriya Vidyalaya proves to be a ground for all inclusive development for a child as students from all parts of the country are taught here. The school is popular between parents who have transferring jobs as Kendriya Vidyalaya has many branches present all over India and they offer smooth student transfers without deposits and donations.

Kendriya Vidyalaya largely commences its admission process with the release of admission forms in late July, where the seats are filled subject to vacancies in a branch.

 The above mentioned CBSE schools in Madurai are promising and in ways landmark owing to their excellent infrastructure with the latest teaching methodologies and providing the perfect mix of local traditions and modern day culture in return, nurturing students as future global leaders in a variety of fields.

We insist students to get in touch with the educational establishments and even visit the institutes to evaluate schools based on their personal preferences, then only make the final decision.

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