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 Worth Mentioning Best CBSE Schools in Kannur

The coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala, Kannur was also an ancient trading port, famous for spice trade. The area is famous due to the belief of having Lord Krishna’s blessing on it and just think that how amazing it will be to have a chance of gaining knowledge in the city of one of the greatest teachers, Krishna. Divinity when mixed with knowledge will form a profound pair. So, let’s specify our motive in this pleasant city by learning about the best CBSE schools in Kannur.

Education today is an asset for everyone. Small cities like Faridabad and Kannur or big cities like Jaipur and Hyderabad, every place has their ground rules for education. CBSE schools have been a major part of the education system and hence, there is no way of not having it in the city!


As per the recent reports of academic surveys, there are around 84 top rated schools in Kannur. Out of this crowd, we will filter out the best in field CBSE schools in Kannur for you!


  • Grades – Classes 1st to 12th
  • Board – CBSE
  • Co-Educational
  • Type – Day school
  • Government-run
  • Gender – Boarding
  • Est – 1986
  • Principal – Ramesh Kumar
  • Mail –
  • Address – Mangattparamba, Kannur, 670567.
  • Admission fee – Rs 25.00
  • Readmission – Rs 100.00
  • Rating – 04.50
  • Overview – Kendriya vidyalaya Keltron Nagar is a senior secondary school having classes from 1st to 12th, affiliated with CBSE. The gender of the school is Co-Educational and is an Hindi, English institute. Being established in 1986, situated in Kannur, it is run by the government and is the part of KVS which is managed by Civil. 


  • Est – 1987
  • Region – Hyderabad
  • Type – Public
  • Grades – Classes 6st to 12th
  • Campus type – Rural
  • Dormitory – 04.
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Motto – “Pragyanam Brahma”
  • Follows three-lang. formula (Hindi, English & Malayalam)
  • Address – 04 kms east of Pathippalam, near Chendayad village, Kannur.
  • Overview – Established in 1987, JNV, Kannur is run by the government and has classes from 6th to 12th. The authority is CBSE verified and is built on the permanent site allotted to it. Its extension of affiliation is upto March 2020.


  • Owned by – Ursuline sisters
  • Est – 1959
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Grades – Classes LKG to 12th
  • Strength – 2200
  • Teaching and non-teaching – 99
  • Features – 
  1. Well-equipped comp.  labs
  2. Smart class rooms
  3. Library and info desk
  4. Lang. labs
  5. Indoor stadiums and outdoor courts
  • Address – Payyambalam, Kannur
  • Phone – 04972-702035
  • Overview – Established in 1959 and owned by the Ursuline Sisters, the Institute has grades from LKG to 12th. The vision is to impart a sound spiritual and moral knowledge in students for their all-round development. The heads of the team are the Principal, Vice-Principal and Local Manager. 


  • Rating – 04.00.
  • Grades – Classes 1st to 5th.
  • Co-Educational
  • Type – Day school
  • Est – 1984
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Govt.-run
  • Management – Defense
  • Motto – “Tat Vam Pooshan Apaavrunu” 
  • Address – P.O. District Hospital, Kannur.
  • Principal – Muraleedharan T
  • Overview – The vision is to cater the academical needs of a student of transferable Govt. Employees by providing a common programme of education and the mission is to pursue excellence and set up the pace in the field of school education. 

Till now, you have been met with the CBSE schools in Kannur district which have a good reputation throughout. Seems like your heart calls for some more successful CBSE schools in Kannur. Sure then, let’s have it in the list! 

Some more of the best CBSE Schools in Kannur:


  • Rating – 04.00.
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Grades – Classes 1st to 12th
  • Type- Day school
  • Co-Edu.
  • Est – 1992
  • Management – CST Brothers
  • Address – Kottumugham, Kannur, 670631.
  • Phone – 0460 2231211, 460 2232388.


  • Est – 1983
  • Phone – 0497 270 4740
  • Address – Burnacherry, 670013.
  • Principal – Mrs. Fathima Beevi
  • Management – AWES
  • Total staff – 49
  • Streams available – 02 (sc. And comm.)
  • Has a strong Alumni Network
  • Affiliation number – 930053/980005
  • Chairman – COL. Yudhvir Singh


  • Est – 1996
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 930325
  • Address – Nadukani, Pallivayal, Tallipramba, Kannur.
  • Mail – 
  • Management – AL Maquarrussunniyyal Islamiya


  • Est – 2006
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 931276
  • Address – Elayavoor, Varam, Kannur.
  • Mail –
  • Management – Anjuma Educational Trust


  • Est – 2003.
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 930892
  • Address – Edat, Payyannur, Kannur, 670 327.
  • Mail – 
  • Management – Daughters of Mary, Tvm.


  • Est – 1998
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 930611
  • Address – Makkoottam, Punnol, Thalassery, Kannur.
  • Mail – 
  • Management – Mata Amritanandamayimath. 


  • Vision – To offer an affordable, not-just-for-business profit and up-to-date educational facility that will be tolerant to vagaries. 
  • Managed by – EMES (Ettikulam Muslim educational Society)
  • Playground, own vehicles, library etc. are available with necessary terms & and conditions.
  • Address – Kakkampara, Ettikulam, Palakode, Kannur, Kerala, India – pin 670305.
  • Phone – 04985-210285

There are many other top-rated schools affiliated with CBSE in Kannur too. The above were the toppers in the top to be precise.Having done with the best is always a peaceful feeling. So, here, we too are done with the CBSE schools of Kannur. The above were the top CBSE schools in Kannur. Being in the best CBSE schools literally means that the students will be under expert surveillance and will be provided with all necessary technical gadgets for a practical viewpoint.

The top CBSE schools in Kannur means that the students will get a better faculty team and will be taught with the latest facts and figures. The former statement is the major parameter for ranking the CBSE schools in Kannur academically.

The literacy rate of Kannur district is 92.59, which shows that the CBSE schools in Kannur have performed so well continuously every year. The fact is that there are other board schools in Kannur too, still as most of the schools in Kannur is of CBSE (84 in numeric calculations), so the CBSE schools in Kannur contribute a major part in the well-maintained literacy rate of Kannur. 

FACT – The Marygiri English Medium School ranks 3rd in the top CBSE schools in Kerala, which is in Kannur (discussed above too).

By a general mathematical calculation, Kannur has 06.521% of CBSE schools in Kerala as there are 1288 CBSE schools in Kerala and 84 of them are in Kannur. 

So, this was a complete detailed package about the CBSE schools in Kannur and also about the best in them by stating also the reason why they are on the top, lurching past all the others.


Kannur is a well-maintained city cum district with all its treasured qualities and specifications preserved by the stakeholders and the students contribute to a very major as well as vital part of that obligation. So, the chain of such a divine trend is worth taking up as a personal obligation by enlightening the city with your knowledge and sincere efforts. We are standing and will stand as your back for all the academic support you need and we will also clear the turmoil regarding the same in a minute’s time.  

It is high time you open your wings and fly rather than crawl on sand, and have your part of sky and glide with the pace of the stars. We will gaze at the different you, one day, will surely bring in the society for its betterment! 

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