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Can We Do MBA after

One common question that almost every commerce student asks in their career is, ‘can we do MBA after B.Com?’. Well, the answer is simple! Yes aspirants you can do MBA after B.Com and also after honours.

There can be many situations where students get a lot of questions in their mind, when they are about to choose a career. So, why not answer all your possible questions here? You are exactly right! Whether you are confused with the question, ‘can we do MBA after B.Com or can we do MBA after B.Com hons’, you will get all your answers here! 

Why we should do MBA after B.Com?

With the developing world, increasing population, decreasing job rate, it is a known fact that business is gaining its ground at a very high rate. One such course which will help you to excel in the field of business is MBA. MBA is not just a degree, it’s not just about gaining a job or having a high package (though you’ll have such added advantages), but if we look at it closely, through the curriculum, in terms of the knowledge what MBA students have is tremendous! It is building entrepreneurs! 

So, coming to our main topic, “can we do MBA after B.Com”, for that let us first understand what is B.Com?

B.Com as a bachelor of commerce is a 3-year undergraduate program. The most popular courses that fall under the category of are as follows:-

  1. B.Com General
  2. B.Com (Honours)
  3. B.Com LLB

Can we do MBA after B.Com hons?

Of course, yes, without a doubt!  Though MBA is not just limited to one field of students, MBA for B.Com students specifically for B.Com (Honours) students is exceptionally helpful. 

Not just B.Com (Honours) but (general)  and B.Com LLB students will also find this course very helpful for their professional growth. The reasons are as follows:-


The one and foremost reason why most of the students enroll themselves in the MBA 2-year program. The chance of MBA students to get a high package is comparatively higher than students with other postgraduate degrees. It is as simple as that.

  1. Gaining an Abundance of knowledge is primary knowledge of economics, accountancy, business, finances, and other fields of commerce.

While MBA is an advanced version of such a course, not completely but to a very high extent. So B.Com students will be in sync with the subjects offered by the MBA 2 year program as they have prior knowledge of such subjects. Not that other students cannot excel in those subjects, it’s just that B.Com students will have an upper hand in terms of knowledge to some extent.

  1. Startup

While pursuing your MBA you will mostly encounter students or seniors or your friend who will think of having their startup not just after MBA but after gaining experience and maybe you’ll also have the same approach. So maybe your friend, your senior, or your teacher may be your future investor, you never know.

If you’re still pondering on the question “can we do MBA after” or why should you go MBA a few other reasons are:

  1. Specialisation

With an MBA program, you have a good chance of acquiring in-depth knowledge in a particular field which was not possible in the case of undergraduate programs.

You can go for specialization in the subject of your interest such as marketing, finance HR, computers and many more.

  1. Leadership Role

With an MBA degree in hand, you’ll have confidence and with confidence comes leadership skills. Confidence, because acquiring an MBA is not just a cakewalk tons and tons of work has to be done before the deadline. Professors over there are preparing you to tackle the situations with ease, so they are going to be particularly hard on you. But that, in turn, makes you aware of your capability and with time you’ll start believing in yourself, followed by confidence, and hence leadership quality is just a by-product.

What makes it significant is its versatile range of students, i.e., MBA is not just confined to one domain of students. Students of any field can join and can access the knowledge that this course withholds.

Every year thousands and thousands of students get themselves enrolled in this course and pass out with flying colors. Now, moving to the colleges…. before enrolling yourself in a particular college keep these points in mind.

They are as follows:

  1. Faculty
  2. Pedagogy
  3. Alumni
  4. Placements
  5. Highest package
  6. Network

Keeping these factors in mind, we have shortlisted the best IIM colleges that will provide the best MBA courses (In terms of one year or two- year program)

  1. IIM Ahmedabad

Set up in 1961, is one of the oldest MBA colleges in India and at the same time with the highest packages. Despite the pandemic going on and still got 100% placements with the highest package recorded as per the official statement is 58.58 lakhs, not a small feat.

FEES Structure: (PGP-X): INR 28,00,00

Hostel Facility: available

Mess Facility : available

  1. IIM Indore

Among the top MBA Colleges in 2020 was established in 1957.One of the best colleges for MBA across the country, known for its faculty & curriculum. Students here have excelled in every domain, no subject was and is left immaterial. Spread across 190 acres, students can have a good time on the campus itself. The highest package recorded 56.5 LPA. The average package ranges from 22.92 LPA TO 23.6 LPA.

Entrance Examination: CAT, GMAT, XAT, IMI Test

FEES Structure: (PGP-I): INR 8,95,711

(PGP II): INR 2,60,000  *(Including hostel fees (PGP-I): INR 75,000 

PGP-II: INR 25,000)

Hostel Facility: available

Mess Facility : available

  1. IIM Calcutta

Set up in the year 1961 is a government B-School. From marketing to economics, from finance to operators, students here have excelled in every subject.

The highest package in 2020 was 72 LPA, and the average package was ranging from 25.40 LPA to 28 LPA.

Entrance Examination: CAT, GMAT, XAT, IMI

Courses Offered: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

PGDM (HRM), PGDM (Banking & Financial Services), PGDM (Executive), FPM, Executive

FEES Structure: Programme fee for the academic year 2021-22 will be Indian Rupees 27,00,000/- (non-refundable)

Hostel Facility: available

Mess Facility : available


By this, we are pretty much sure that you are now over the question of ‘can we do MBA after B.Com’ or ‘can we do MBA after B.Com hons’! There is no doubt about this! Yes, you can definitely opt your career for an MBA after B.Com (Honours) as this course will not just help you to crack a high package but at the same time will help you develop confidence and tackle life situations easily with the practical knowledge provided! It makes you have a better business mind! Therefore, it’s a go-go deal for all the MBA aspirants out there to pursue it as their career option! 

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