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9 Best Boarding School In Pune

Boarding schools are the schools which have hostel- like facilities for their students. This facility has various benefits. Students from far away places for whom it is difficult to commute to school on a daily basis can easily stay in the hostel or the boarding school. Boarding school provides home -like facilities such as lodging, laundry , eating , cleaning and others. Therefore many parents look for schools which have the facility of a boarding school.

There are various schools which provide such facilities along with basic schooling. This article will therefore guide its readers about the different boarding schools in Pune. It covers boarding schools in Pune for boys, Girls boarding school in Pune, Day boarding school in Pune , the facilities provided by them and others. This article will thus make it easier for parents to choose the right boarding school in Pune for their children according to their wishes and interests. 


Some of the best boarding school in Pune are as follows:

  • MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul School

Situated in Pune,MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is a preeminent residential global school. It is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) board that extends a world class education curriculum and a value based learning system.

The learners are shaped by this global school in a favourable ambience where they are not only stimulated to study but also to communicate with each other and the teachers.

This school bagged the Best International Boarding School title in a survey which was conducted by Times Education. The school teaches the students to learn ethical values,they are also given life experiences and cultural knowledge. The teachers encourage as well as promote them to engage in numerous educational and co- curricular pursuits. The students follow their guru(mentors) to learn ethical values,read the syllabus,to improve their skills and other lessons. The scholars are presented with holistic development by MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul for their boarding facility. 

The school’s aim is to shape students into global citizens whose cultures are rooted and hold a set timetable that includes different activities which are essential for the overall development of a child.

International Baccalaureate (IB) educational board is a non-profit organisation that imparts the highest calibre institutional programme to schools worldwide. Learner Centered is the academic curriculum of this IB board that facilitates the individual, intellectual and cultural growth of the learners while conferring a global outlook. It helps the students for their better future by imparting cultural abilities, mental abilities, life abilities and ethical values. Therefore it is one of the best boarding school in Pune.

Address : Loni Kalbhor, Maharashtra 412201


  • Symbiosis International School

Founded in the year 2005, Symbiosis International is a private english medium senior secondary school managed by the symbiosis. It is situated in the north east side of Pune city.

The school is affiliated to International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International examinations. It provides a co-educational learning system from nursery to class 12th. The school aspires to promote international understanding among its students through education. 

It works under the motto of Vasudev Kutumbakam considering the entire world to be a family. With an average class size of 24 , Symbiosis International School  provides quality interaction between teachers and the 

students. The school gives utmost emphasis on co-curricular activities apart from education. Facilities such as a football pitch, basketball courts, first-aid facilities, and an amphitheatre are also present within the school campus. It is hence one of the most popular boarding school in Pune.

Address: Gate No. 3, Symbiosis Viman Nagar Campus Off New Airport Road, Viman Nagar Rd, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

  • Stella Maris High School

The Stella Maris High School is in an area of Vyalikaval. There are two massive buildings that house 2700 students-first is the English primary school and High school and the second is Kannada Primary and High school. The school is well equipped with 44 classrooms ,the Collela stadium that houses the basketball court and the nursery park,a full fledged well equipped library, Science laboratory, 2 computer labs.

Its vision believes to create an atmosphere that gives to students, staff and collaborators a deep God experience which will enable them to be imbued with the sense of the Divine. It believes to build up their lives in obedience to truth and to be guided by the right values. 

The working day is divided into two sessions. The school has many accolades to its books. Thus parents can look up to Stella Maris High School for boarding school in Pune. 

Address : Shop No. 4, Nimak Mahal Road, BNR, Kolkata Port Trust Quarters, Garden Reach, Kolkata, West Bengal 700043

  • B K Birla Centre for Education

B K Birla Centre for Education is a world class boys residential school located near Pune,Maharashtra and is affiliated to Central Board Of Secondary education, New Delhi.

Established in 1998 by Mr Basant Kumar Birla and Mrs Sarala Birla,the school aims to provide an exceptional education while at the same time imparting well rounded  learning to students, inculcating in them a drive for excellence in every sphere of life.

The school aims to provide the highest standard of pastoral care to every student who joins the family. It is a school with excellent facilities that includes a number of labs,learning centres,various facilities and comfortable hostels. All these provide for an engaging learning process. 

In the present scenario, a tech savvy environment along with experiential learning for practical applications of theoretical knowledge has become mandatory and the school strives for the same. Therefore it is another good boarding school in Pune .

Address: Shirgaon – Gahunje, Near Talegaon Dabhade, Taluka, Maval, Pune, Maharashtra 410506

  • Indus Early Learning Centre

The Indus early learning centre programme emphasizes trans-disciplinary education through an inquiry based approach to learning. The curriculum encourages children to ask questions,plan investigations, explore various outcomes and reach credible and logical conclusions with teachers as facilitators. 

The school provides a curriculum which is engaging, exciting, challenging and relevant to young children. Using high level order thinking skills helps children understand, synthesize and assimilate what they learn, while enhancing their ability to transfer competencies and skills. This unique approach to learning makes it the best school.

A balance between education and fun is provided with abundant facilities for children to experience themselves as the creators of their own world. A positive and stimulating environment is provided with the right resources and teachers who are committed to their work.

The mission is to create life entrepreneurs through holistic education and lifelong learning. Indus Early Learning Centre is thus one of the best boarding school in Pune.

Address: 7, Range Hill Rd, Bhosale Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Indus International School

Indus International School’s first academic session commenced on 21st Aug ’08. They provide a balanced environment mainly focused on shaping children to become leaders of tomorrow by offering them comprehensive education through a development approach. It promotes a love for learning, independence,order, a connection to the world and a sense of social responsibility.

Prepared for all challenges, the Indus International School nurtures the leaders of tomorrow through a unique and well-defined curriculum. It was founded on the ethos of Omnia Paratus. It focuses on “learning beyond classroom”.English is the medium through which instruction is given.

The curriculum offered is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary year Programme from Prep up to Grade 5. The middle years Programme from Grade 6 to Grade 8. The Cambridge University’s International Examination of Grades 9 & 10 also culminates. The students are awarded the International Certificate of Education (ICE) after grade 10. The students of grades 11&12 are offered the IB Diploma Programme.

Being communicative and good listeners,as its important and necessary in today’s world,the PYP student council came up with a plan to develop their empathy and make them innovators.They also designed to test their thinking skills as well as to manage their time to prepare them for life challenges ahead.

To execute this plan for students,they have chosen 5 interesting topics based on the UN sustainable goals to be able to have a massive effect.To perform all this,students are required to come up with creative ideas so that it helps to create a climate positive world related to one of the given topics while keeping the shared criteria and rules in mind. Hence it is a good boarding school in Pune.

Address: 576, Bhukum, Tal, Mulshi Rd, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Dr. ( Mrs.) Erin N Nagarvala School

Dr. ( Mrs.) Erin N Nagarvala School was established in 1947. This institution aims at “making students not only good learners but also good citizens of our great nation”. It is affiliated to the Central board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This school accepts students from the age of 3 to 3.5 years. It has various facilities such as a computer lab ,library, sports complex, playground ,science lab, auditorium, cafeteria and others.

The boarding area or the hostel of this school is well equipped with all the facilities. The food provided to the students matches the expectations of the parents, the lodging is hygienic and the living area is cleaned on a regular basis. It is hence considered to be a great school and one of the best boarding school in Pune.

Address: No. Kalyani Nagar, off nagar road, Matru chhaya society, Pune, Maharashtra 412006.


  • Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School

Established in the year 1932 Shri Shivaji preparatory military School is one of the very popular schools in Pune it is affiliated to ICSE. Rajaram II, the Maharaj of Kolhapur used the memorial hall as a military school. Initially boys of age 4 to 5 and 9 to 10 were only allowed admission but later students of all ages were admitted.

The admission begins from the age of 3 years. The infrastructure of this school is well developed with facilities such as a computer lab ,library, science lab, sports complex, transport and others. The boarding area of the school is kept clean and hygienic. It has quality food with different menus every week. The boarding area is kept clean for the students. Therefore because of the facilities provided by Shri Shivaji preparatory military School it is considered to be one of the best boarding schools in Pune.

 Address: 55 by 56 Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

  • Sahyadri International School

With facilities such as a swimming pool, indoor sports, transport, outdoor sports, music room, dance room, gym room and others, Sahyadri International School is considered one of the best boarding schools in Pune. It is affiliated to the Indian Faculty Certificate Examination (CISCE) .This school is especially known for its eco- friendly equipment in the library as well as the laboratories. The school takes great initiative in extra curricular activities such as bamboo craft, puppetry, glass painting, mask creating, sculpture making, madhubani painting and others. 

The boating area of the school is made keeping in mind all the comforts required by the students. The everyday  meal is made healthy and tasty, carrying all the nutrients required by the children. The boarding area is clean on a regular basis, the sheets are changed on every alternative day, the laundry is regular in various such facilities provided by Sahyadri International School Pune.

Address: Krishnamurti Foundation India, Tiwari Hill, Tal.


These are the few boarding schools in Pune . Not just  these,  there are many other boarding schools in Pune which provide excellent facilities. Therefore parents can trust these boarding schools with the security of their wards. They provide home like food and a home like environment for students to grow and learn. The concept of boarding school thus made it easy for students as they don’t have to travel long distances in order to go to school to study. Boarding School provides a good company to students of their age and constant supervision by the teachers. Boarding school teaches students a lot of values and makes their future ready for all purposes.

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