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 Worth Mentioning Best CBSE Schools in Kannur


The coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala, Kannur was also an ancient trading port, famous for spice trade. The area is famous due to the belief of having Lord Krishna’s blessing on it and just think that how amazing it will be to have a chance of gaining knowledge in the city of one of the greatest teachers, Krishna. Divinity when mixed with knowledge will form a profound pair. So, let’s specify our motive in this pleasant city by learning about the best CBSE schools in Kannur.

Education today is an asset for everyone. Small cities like Faridabad and Kannur or big cities like Jaipur and Hyderabad, every place has their ground rules for education. CBSE schools have been a major part of the education system and hence, there is no way of not having it in the city!


As per the recent reports of academic surveys, there are around 84 top rated schools in Kannur. Out of this crowd, we will filter out the best in field CBSE schools in Kannur for you!

  • Grades – Classes 1st to 12th
  • Board – CBSE
  • Co-Educational
  • Type – Day school
  • Government-run
  • Gender – Boarding
  • Est – 1986
  • Principal – Ramesh Kumar
  • Address – Mangattparamba, Kannur, 670567.
  • Admission fee – Rs 25.00
  • Readmission – Rs 100.00
  • Rating – 04.50
  • Overview – Kendriya vidyalaya Keltron Nagar is a senior secondary school having classes from 1st to 12th, affiliated with CBSE. The gender of the school is Co-Educational and is an Hindi, English institute. Being established in 1986, situated in Kannur, it is run by the government and is the part of KVS which is managed by Civil. 
  • Est – 1987
  • Region – Hyderabad
  • Type – Public
  • Grades – Classes 6st to 12th
  • Campus type – Rural
  • Dormitory – 04.
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Motto – “Pragyanam Brahma”
  • Follows three-lang. formula (Hindi, English & Malayalam)
  • Address – 04 kms east of Pathippalam, near Chendayad village, Kannur.
  • Overview – Established in 1987, JNV, Kannur is run by the government and has classes from 6th to 12th. The authority is CBSE verified and is built on the permanent site allotted to it. Its extension of affiliation is upto March 2020.
  • Owned by – Ursuline sisters
  • Est – 1959
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Grades – Classes LKG to 12th
  • Strength – 2200
  • Teaching and non-teaching – 99
  • Features – 
  1. Well-equipped comp.  labs
  2. Smart class rooms
  3. Library and info desk
  4. Lang. labs
  5. Indoor stadiums and outdoor courts
  • Address – Payyambalam, Kannur
  • Phone – 04972-702035
  • Overview – Established in 1959 and owned by the Ursuline Sisters, the Institute has grades from LKG to 12th. The vision is to impart a sound spiritual and moral knowledge in students for their all-round development. The heads of the team are the Principal, Vice-Principal and Local Manager. 
  • Rating – 04.00.
  • Grades – Classes 1st to 5th.
  • Co-Educational
  • Type – Day school
  • Est – 1984
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Govt.-run
  • Management – Defense
  • Motto – “Tat Vam Pooshan Apaavrunu” 
  • Address – P.O. District Hospital, Kannur.
  • Principal – Muraleedharan T
  • Overview – The vision is to cater the academical needs of a student of transferable Govt. Employees by providing a common programme of education and the mission is to pursue excellence and set up the pace in the field of school education. 

Till now, you have been met with the CBSE schools in Kannur district which have a good reputation throughout. Seems like your heart calls for some more successful CBSE schools in Kannur. Sure then, let’s have it in the list! 

Some more of the best CBSE Schools in Kannur:

  • Rating – 04.00.
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Grades – Classes 1st to 12th
  • Type- Day school
  • Co-Edu.
  • Est – 1992
  • Management – CST Brothers
  • Address – Kottumugham, Kannur, 670631.
  • Phone – 0460 2231211, 460 2232388.
  • Est – 1983
  • Phone – 0497 270 4740
  • Address – Burnacherry, 670013.
  • Principal – Mrs. Fathima Beevi
  • Management – AWES
  • Total staff – 49
  • Streams available – 02 (sc. And comm.)
  • Has a strong Alumni Network
  • Affiliation number – 930053/980005
  • Chairman – COL. Yudhvir Singh
  • Est – 1996
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 930325
  • Address – Nadukani, Pallivayal, Tallipramba, Kannur.
  • Est – 2006
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 931276
  • Address – Elayavoor, Varam, Kannur.
  • Est – 2003.
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 930892
  • Address – Edat, Payyannur, Kannur, 670 327.
  • Mail – alphonsacs@yahoo.com 
  • Management – Daughters of Mary, Tvm.
  • Est – 1998
  • Affiliation – CBSE
  • Affiliation ID – 930611
  • Address – Makkoottam, Punnol, Thalassery, Kannur.
  • Vision – To offer an affordable, not-just-for-business profit and up-to-date educational facility that will be tolerant to vagaries. 
  • Managed by – EMES (Ettikulam Muslim educational Society)
  • Playground, own vehicles, library etc. are available with necessary terms & and conditions.
  • Address – Kakkampara, Ettikulam, Palakode, Kannur, Kerala, India – pin 670305.
  • Phone – 04985-210285

There are many other top-rated schools affiliated with CBSE in Kannur too. The above were the toppers in the top to be precise.Having done with the best is always a peaceful feeling. So, here, we too are done with the CBSE schools of Kannur. The above were the top CBSE schools in Kannur. Being in the best CBSE schools literally means that the students will be under expert surveillance and will be provided with all necessary technical gadgets for a practical viewpoint.

The top CBSE schools in Kannur means that the students will get a better faculty team and will be taught with the latest facts and figures. The former statement is the major parameter for ranking the CBSE schools in Kannur academically.

The literacy rate of Kannur district is 92.59, which shows that the CBSE schools in Kannur have performed so well continuously every year. The fact is that there are other board schools in Kannur too, still as most of the schools in Kannur is of CBSE (84 in numeric calculations), so the CBSE schools in Kannur contribute a major part in the well-maintained literacy rate of Kannur. 

FACT – The Marygiri English Medium School ranks 3rd in the top CBSE schools in Kerala, which is in Kannur (discussed above too).

By a general mathematical calculation, Kannur has 06.521% of CBSE schools in Kerala as there are 1288 CBSE schools in Kerala and 84 of them are in Kannur. 

So, this was a complete detailed package about the CBSE schools in Kannur and also about the best in them by stating also the reason why they are on the top, lurching past all the others.


Kannur is a well-maintained city cum district with all its treasured qualities and specifications preserved by the stakeholders and the students contribute to a very major as well as vital part of that obligation. So, the chain of such a divine trend is worth taking up as a personal obligation by enlightening the city with your knowledge and sincere efforts. We are standing and will stand as your back for all the academic support you need and we will also clear the turmoil regarding the same in a minute’s time.  

It is high time you open your wings and fly rather than crawl on sand, and have your part of sky and glide with the pace of the stars. We will gaze at the different you, one day, will surely bring in the society for its betterment! 

A Journal on the Promising CBSE Schools in Madurai


Madurai being the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu has a fair amount of world class schools with excellent amenities to offer, but with the limited market of CBSE schools in Madurai, the place has seen a recent spike in the number of CBSE affiliated schools popping up in the city.

In this modern day and age, searching for the best possible school can often be confusing. With time, the number of curriculum offered and the various combinations of syllabus and teaching methodologies have increased, which often leaves the students and parents anxiously contemplating alike, which would be the best suited school for them?

Since schooling is the basic foundation of every child, it is of immense importance that parents find the best schools for their offspring. Apart from the metropolitan cities, Faridabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad and many others have a promising schooling career! Hence, we have compiled a list of schools in Madurai which are regarded as the best CBSE schools in Madurai, in no specific order. 

CBSE Schools in Madurai:

  • Keren School

Keren School is one of the oldest CBSE schools in Madurai. Since its establishment in 1990, Keren school has grown and evolved to set up several milestones and educational practices along the way. Keren school has an expansive 12 acre campus in Checkanurani and has a counterpart campus in Usilampatti as well. The Checkanurani campus specializes in Matric and CBSE curriculum in English medium and the Usilampatti campus offers the Matric and CBSE curriculum in Tamil medium, both offering classes from LKG to 12th grade.

The School foundational beliefs are to lay effective groundwork for any student to prosper in their future endeavours hence they cultivate an atmosphere to develop the key skills. Efficient hold over communication and grammar, strategizing and planning programmes and schemes to manage different curriculum aspects and finances since a young and helping a child identify their talents and hobbies to create their own individualistic personality. To aid this vision the school has a remarkable infrastructure.

The school is known for its talent hunt competition “TADECON” and the numerous workshops and guest lectures that take place throughout its calendar year for the students to get an hands on experience of the working of different career fields, making it one of the top schools in Madurai.

The admission process for Keren School begins by mid April, when the Institute releases its seats vacancies and the selection process in this highly sought school is only possible after student evaluation and interaction sessions.

  • KMR International School

KMR International school is known as one of the best international schools in Madurai due to its reputation for carrying out balanced educational practices and inculcating a sense of community and peer to peer learning atmosphere in its students since a very young age. The KMR international has its expansive and green campus on the outskirts of Madurai in Nagamalai Pudukottai.

The primary objective of the KMR international educational institute is to guide its pupils by providing them a tolerant education in a healthy atmosphere to become global residents who can promote a culture of goodwill and unity. The school aims to lay the groundwork for an holistic development of any student, who not only attains academic proficiency but also has an standard psychological, social and cultural outlook towards this world.

The school provides classes from LKG to 12th grade under CBSE affiliation and has an state of the art science, language and technology aide course curriculum and multisport facilities with international linkages to make it an one stop educational hub for any kids holistic development making it one of the best CBSE schools in Madurai.

The admission process in KMR International starts from the end of March when the admission forms are made available online. The selection process comprises a series of interview and written assessment tests.

  • Queen Mira International School

Queen Mira international school was established in the year 2010 and is an upcoming and promising CBSE school in Madurai. It is not India’s but also the world’s first CBSE school to get a CIS accreditation making it Madurai’s first school to guarantee high quality learning which will produce students at par with international educational standards and proficiency level.

Queen Mira international has its clean green 2 acre campus over the banks of river Vaigai in Kochadai. The school has a blended CBSE curriculum that makes the child capable of performing both at local and global levels, the institute puts strong emphasis on encouraging the development of upcoming skills which will become more relevant in the near future. The school aims to be the birthplace of future global leaders who will act as a change of factor in the global society aming it an

Queen Mira international offers its classes from LKG to 12th grade and has impressive modern infrastructures facilities like smart classrooms, science, music and computer labs, club zones, canteen, and AV screening rooms making it one of the top schools in Madurai.

The registration for admissions in Queen Mira is done through their website only, after which selected candidates are called written English and maths assessment and interaction sessions.

  • Mount Litera Zee School

Since its humble beginnings in the late 1990s Mount Litera has exponentially grown its stature as a pan India educational institution, having more than 90 branches across 70 cities currently making it not only a top CBSE school in Madurai but also India. The Madurai branch of Mount Litera Zee school is located in Sholavandan, and was established in the year 2010 and is managed by Sarasavani Educational Society.

Mount Litera believes in the philosophy that every child is unique, no one way of teaching works for all and education should nurture and promote real world understanding and implications. Therefore, to deliver this goal the school has designed a syllabus which integrates human values with high quality learning through their smart classrooms and mix medium educational methods. They have developed a world class infrastructure to nurture global minds with vast backings from innovation and creativity.

Mount Litera offers classes from LKG to 12th grade and the Madurai branch specializes in the institution’s “Litera Octave program” laying special emphasis on the involvement of parents, assessments, teachers, content, infrastructure, network. life skills and enrichment for any kids’ holistic development making it one of the most sought after CBSE schools in Madurai.

The admission process in Mount Litera is only possible on basis of availability of admission inquiry forms after which the management asks the prospective candidates to visit the campus and continue the further admission process.

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Narimedu

Initially established in 1966 in Narimedu, now Kendriya Vidyalaya has over 5 branches in Madurai district. This government co-ed day school is managed by Defence forces and is affiliated under CBSE and State board offering classes from nursery to 12th grade and operates as an English and Hindi medium school. It is among the best CBSE schools in Madurai due to its value based learning curriculum and government aids.

The Kendriya Vidyalaya establishments throughout Madurai have well equipped campuses with big and spacious classrooms, computer labs, science lab, library, and auditoriums. Kendriya Vidyalaya proves to be a ground for all inclusive development for a child as students from all parts of the country are taught here. The school is popular between parents who have transferring jobs as Kendriya Vidyalaya has many branches present all over India and they offer smooth student transfers without deposits and donations.

Kendriya Vidyalaya largely commences its admission process with the release of admission forms in late July, where the seats are filled subject to vacancies in a branch.

 The above mentioned CBSE schools in Madurai are promising and in ways landmark owing to their excellent infrastructure with the latest teaching methodologies and providing the perfect mix of local traditions and modern day culture in return, nurturing students as future global leaders in a variety of fields.

We insist students to get in touch with the educational establishments and even visit the institutes to evaluate schools based on their personal preferences, then only make the final decision.

A Better Future for your Child- Schools in Faridabad!


Deciding on the right school for your child is not a small matter. Schools set the foundation for your child and set a pattern for your child’s health. The decision is difficult to make when considering the scope offered by a city like Faridabad. The mentioned schools in Faridabad have been selected with a view to helping your child grow to the fullest by applying the strict guidelines given by each school, and by providing them with access to the necessary support and skills to sharpen and hone their set of skills.

Schools are an integral part of the education system and in building a career. No matter where you are placed in India, whether you are residing in Jaipur, Lucknow or Faridabad, the best schools in that particular area should be your priority!

Top Schools in Faridabad:

Schools in Greater Faridabad-

  1. The Modern School

One of the top schools in Faridabad providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology in the fields of learning and emerging knowledge. They focus on integrating Indian culture and values with the education system. Teachers are well trained and can access everything they need. The promotion and inclusion of all the various social actors and the inclusion of personal values in children through educational and social programs. This school aims to build a community of confident, global leaders with a community conscience and a sense of pride in the country, committed to excellence and further learning.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: BPTP, Park Lands, Sector 85, Faridabad, Haryana 121002
  • Strive for excellence in Academics, Sports, Creative materials, and Skills.
  1. Manav Rachna International School

Manav Rachna International School strives to put the child at the heart of learning by becoming a leader of change with understanding, knowledge, and skills that can drive new things to build a better future for all. They incorporate their efforts to achieve excellence in overall development that leads to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. Children are also exposed to the latest technology and learning and communication skills and excellent resources.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Sector 21C, Faridabad, Haryana 121001
  1. Apeejay Svran Global School

If you are looking for the best schools in Faridabad, then your search might as well stop here! The Apeejay Education Society is committed to a world-class education that leads to human creation and nation building. They try to build institutions that promote the highest standards of professionalism in education and new teaching practices as their raison d’etre. Their mission is to create a global education community of conscientious objectors who have developed their intellectual, artistic, and technological skills at the highest level, and who have a high sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring all around them to overcome barriers, overcome obstacles and work together to bring about positive change.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Community Center Rd, Sector 21D, Faridabad, Haryana 121001
  1. Manaskriti School

With the goal of developing deep thinking and self-confidence, Manaskriti believes in an experienced learning process. The experience is driven by value and authenticity, empowers the student to love and remember his inner strengths, and connects the entire learning community to make a positive impact on society. In Manaskriti, the natural curiosity of the students is encouraged, and they are raised to think independently, consider different ideas and opinions, and think about their learning to follow their dreams and make the passions a reality.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Category 82, Faridabad, Haryana 121002
  1. Shiv Nadar School

Shiv Nadar School provides students with an environment that challenges them to get their talents and skills. They promote the joy of learning by promoting a culture of art. Their students are trained to be responsible, respectful, happy, and responsible citizens of the community. They believe in and follow a set of basic values that show and govern everything they do.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: Category 82, Neharpar Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana 121002
  1. Presidium School

Schools in Faridabad are many in number but all you need to do is select the best one out of the lot! Presidium school is one of the finest schools in the Faridabad city. Presidium believes the teacher’s influence is eternal. Therefore, their teachers recognize the students’ interests and aspirations and, working with their parents, nurture their skills. By focusing on life skills and practice, it brings out the best in students. They believe that every child is unique and can transform into a powerful and fulfilling human being.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No.
  • Address: 42.5 Kms, Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road, NH2, Sikri, Delhi NCR, Faridabad, Haryana 121004
  1. Delhi Public School

Key features of this amazing campus include features like, modern air-conditioned classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, excellent sports infrastructure, etc. It is one of those schools in Faridabad that has excellent sports facilities for swimming pools, skating, basketball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, cricket, etc. A typical indoor swimming pool will be an attraction for the stadium. DPS Greater Faridabad has continuous thinking as their mantra.

  • Board: CBSE
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel service: No
  • Address: DPS Greater Faridabad, Category 81, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Some more Schools in Faridabad:

Play schools in Faridabad-


SHEMROCK is one of the 1st Playschool Chains of India, called to change the mindset of early childhood education since 1989, by launching a vibrant and friendly learning program. Today, with more than 4,00,000 children already laid the foundations for success in its 550+ branches. SHEMROCK, Award Winning School Chain, is a leader in kindergarten education and a symbol to consider.

It all started when Dr DR Arora and Dr (Mrs) Bimla Arora – a team of husband and wife of academic students saw a school that provides children with an education program based on 30 years of experience in India and abroad. They started a model school with the simple goal of creating a friendly and child-friendly environment, focusing on the satisfaction of the inquiring mind of the child and the clarity of the whole mind. The word spread quickly. Recognizing the need for a good crèche in the community and putting together their knowledge and experience, they started the SHEMROCK Preschool with a unique concept that focuses on playful learning.


Mom2mom Play School is in Faridabad NIT, Faridabad, Haryana, focuses on building a solid foundation for learning and developing young minds. It is known to be the best schools in Faridabad in the category of play schools! Providing quality education – from kindergarten – is their goal and commitment. While learning comes naturally to children with simple teaching methods. They help and build on this natural ability to learn. They also take it as a step to give something back to the community.


Pre-School is a child’s first experience away from parents. As your joyous journey takes the first step toward entering the new world, he is not alone. Buddy is always there to help your child feel comfortable in our Pre-School environment. This makes Buddy a great friend of your child at Euro Kids Pre-School.

Most parents wonder ‘What is the best children’s school near me? ‘How safe and clean is the nearest play school for children? Euro Kids is playing school with its “Child First” philosophy and a new Psychological Curriculum, emphasizing that the child will play, learn, and grow to demonstrate vital life skills through exploration and discovery. The integrated use of science-based games, toys and technology in our preschool curriculum makes learning fun and engaging for children. Our emphasis on child welfare and development, in partnership with parents, makes the Euro Kids team, one of the best pre-schoolers in the country.

The following have vacancy in Faridabad schools:

  1. Modern School Faridabad, Academic Supervisor/ Post Graduate Teachers/ Trained Graduate
  2. K.R.Mangalam World School, Faridabad; Wanted Pre-Primary Teachers
  3. Holy Child Public School, Primary Teacher-All Subjects
  4. Modern Vidya Niketan, Haryana wanted Teachers for various departments .
  5. Modern Vidya Niketan School, Primary Teacher


This article included Schools in Faridabad having Indian culture and values intertwined with the education system. They incorporate their efforts to achieve excellence in overall development that leads to improved student learning, stronger families, and healthier communities. Having said that, we are sure that this piece of article was of immense help for you! Get hold of the top schools in Faridabad and let your child’s future bloom!

Wondering about the best schools in Lucknow? Check this out!


‘Nawabo ka shahar’ – Lucknow is quite famous for its delicious food items and incredibly beautiful architecture! Among all these, the education system of Lucknow stands strong. If you are the one who is staying in Lucknow or plans to move there, then this piece of article will definitely help you in building your career, especially because of the best schools in Lucknow! Whether it is Jaipur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad or Lucknow, education system is indeed the pillar of our nation.

Getting a plethora of choices, choosing the best schools in Lucknow may become a tedious job! So, we have prepared the list of some of the best schools in Lucknow! This article is surely going to clear all your doubts and confusions regarding the schools and guide you perfectly in selecting the best schools in lucknow.

Now,without delaying any more, let us jump into the main topic! 

Top 3 best schools in Lucknow:


Address: Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow.

School board: ICSE/ISC

Type: only girls

Hostel facility: yes

Facilities: library, swimming pool, sports fields, auditorium

Present Principal: Aashrita Dass


La martiniere girls college was established in 1869. It was started with 50 students but now it has over 2700 students. As of 2019, almost 110 students were residential. It is not only one of the best schools in lucknow but also, the one of the reputed schools in the world! 

Academically, the students of this school are toppers in ICSE and ISC among the city and country. It gives a lot of importance to extra- curricular activities and inter- school competitions, MUNs, debates, etc. These activities will be conducted every year along with a major annual sports meet.


Address: la martiniere college, Lucknow

School board: ICSE/ISC

Type: only boys

Hostel facility: yes

Facilities: library, swimming pool, sports fields, basketball courts, shooting range, tennis courts.

Present Principal: Mr Carlyle A McFarland


It was established in the year 1845, 102 years before the independence of India. It plays a major role in the history of Lucknow and played an instrumental role in establishing the standard of education in Lucknow.

Students join from neighbouring countries. There are almost 5000 students, in which more than 500 students are residential. It is ranked as one of the best reputed schools in Lucknow. The students of this school actively participate in inter- school competition. LMUN, which is organized at La Martiniere college is considered as the best MUN in Lucknow.


Address: Vishal Khand-2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

School board: ICSE/ISC

Type: co-education

Hostel facility: no

Facilities: library, smart classes, sports fields, auditorium

Present Principal: Mrs Abha Anant


CMS is defined as City Montessori School and CMS Gomti Nagar is a branch of this legendary CMS. It has around 8000 students. When it comes to pure academics, it is the best school in Lucknow.

CMS produced many number of toppers for ICSE and ISC board exams and a significant number of students get accepted at IITs, NITs, etc.

When it comes to extra-curricular activities, CMS gomti nagar plays a significant role in inter-school competitions. In conferences and events, foreign students often arrive throughout the year.

Here are some more best schools in Lucknow:

  • Seth MR Jaipuria school
  • St Francis college
  • CMS Aliganj campus 1
  • Loreto convent college
  • Cathedral senior secondary school
  • Jagran public school
  • Scholars home

Now, let us enlighten you in the topic of best play schools in lucknow! 


Are you willing to make your kids join in the best play school while staying in Lucknow? Then, it is time to have a look ahead!  


Play house school recognizes each child as a unique entity and develops the skills of the individual child. School offers education to the kids from the age of 18 months to 6 years.

Contact details: 2, la place, rajeshwar singh, marg, hazratganj, lucknow.

Telephone: 0522 654 5267


  • Bus facility
  • Activity room
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas

Kidzee school is one of the best play schools in Lucknow! It provides students the best offers and opportunities to reach for tomorrow’s destination! It offers education for the students between the age group of 1 year to 6 years. It encourages the students to build self respect, individual growth, peer interaction, etc.

Contact details: A3/242, Vishal Khand-3, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Telephone: 9454668200


  • Playground
  • Auditorium
  • Transport facility
  • Colourful classrooms
  • Hygienic environment

Rose buds play school offers fun and educational programs for children ages 2 to 6 in english. It focuses on children’s growth, interest, and learning styles.

Contact details: Anand Nagar, jail road, opposite Kalyan Mandap, Lucknow.

Telephone: 0522 654 8529


  • Transportation
  • Activity area
  • Playground
  • Decorative classrooms
  • auditorium

Here are some more best schools in Lucknow (play schools):

  • Shemrock colors preschool, rajajipuram
  • Raj montessori school, rakabganj
  • Bright way nursery school, khadara
  • Abhishna playway school, rajajipuram
  • Smiling flowers school, alambagh
  • Saraswati shishu mandir school, indira nagar


Now, here is something about the best boarding schools in Lucknow.


School type: day cum boarding school

Type of school: co-ed

Grades: class 4th to 12th

Board: CBSE

Establishment year: 2011

Annual fee: 440000

Address: sector-b, sushant golf city, amar shaheed path, lucknow


School type: day cum boarding school

Board: CBSE

Type of school: co-ed

Grades: class 3th to 12th

Establishment year: 2015

Annual fee: 284460


School type: day cum boarding school

Board: CBSE

Grades: class 1st to 12th

Type of school: co-ed

Establishment year: 2005

Annual fee: 262000

Some of the other best schools in Lucknow (boarding) are:

  • The lucknow public collegiate
  • Jagran public school
  • Vishwanath academy aashiana
  • Seth m.r. Jaipuria school
  • Amity international school


Do not worry about choosing the best cbse schools in Lucknow! This part of the article clears your doubt and throws light on some of the best schools in Lucknow affiliated to CBSE. 


Area: gomti nagar

Phone number:+915224027466

Address: gomti nagar, lucknow

Pin Code:226010

Landmark: vipul khand II


Area: rai bareilly rd

Phone number: +915226050333

Address: rai bareilly road, lucknow

Pincode: 226014

Landmark: Fblock, south city


Area: indira nagar

Phone number:+915222711388

Address: indira nagar, lucknow

Pincode: 226014

Landmark: sector-14, munshipulia, near mahi medical hall

Some other top best schools in Lucknow for CBSE are:

  • GD goenka public school
  • Delhi public school
  • Central academy indira nagar
  • Vibgyor high
  • Lucknow public school
  • Bal vidya mandir
  • Cathedral senior secondary school
  • St mary’s inter college


Specifically, now we will be listing some of the best convent schools in Lucknow.


Area: model house

Phone number: +91522406601

Address: 109/192, model house, tarak mukherjee road, model house

Pin Code: 226001


Area: aashiyana

Phone no: +918687551412

Address:109/192, model house, tarak mukherjee road, lucknow.

Pin code: 226005

Landmark: near sai mandir


Area: alambagh

Phone number:+919956721782

address: VIP road, alambagh, lucknow

Pin code: 226001

Landmark: pakri ka pul, fauji colony

Some more of the best schools in Lucknow for convent:

  • St xavier convent school
  • Play way school
  • St. mary’s convent school
  • Mount carmel convent school
  • Pretty petals school
  • Banyan tree school


Searching the best schools in Lucknow for your child is definitely not an easy task because of the options available. However, it is one of the major decisions that one needs to take for the betterment of their child’s career! Education in today’s world is necessary at every little step that one takes and for that, a good school is a priority. With the mentioned lists about the different schools, we are sure that you can now see a clearer picture ahead! Research more and decide always the best for yourself and your child. 

Best Schools in Jaipur


The capital of Rajasthan, also known as the pink city of India, Jaipur is famous for its variety in culture and tradition and is the largest city of Rajasthan. If an individual is down to the soil of the motherland, then Jaipur can be the perfect destination for him/her. Then, why not have a thought on academic resources available in Jaipur? This article will help you have a look through the best schools in Jaipur!

Another with-the-flow question arises that why not convert the former thought into a crystal-clear image by pen portraying it? So many questions, right? Let’s have the answers served hot on the plate then!

The best schools in Jaipur:



The school offers exposure that helps a child improve his/her growth mentally, emotionally and physically in the way he/she should. This forms an integral part of their teaching and helps the child learn to a large extent. 


  • Age – 1.5 yrs. To 2.5 yrs.
  • Preschool offers – It offers programs to the children based on extra-curricular activities like dance, art and craft, sports and outdoor activities too. The school also provides the chance for field trips and visits to discovery centers.


Not just the basic education and values, but also language learning, mathematics and gross with fine motor skills are taught to the children in the institute for their unmatchable growth. 


  • Age – 1.5 yrs. To 2.5 yrs.
  • Preschool offers – Children are taught about basic demeanor and communication skills. Also, children are made worthy to build cognitive power learning to make new and better friends. The school helps nurture creative, social, cognitive, aesthetic and emotional senses in the children. 


The school teaches the students about different kinds of art and provides fun learning for the better understanding of the children. The school lets the children discover new shapes, colors and learn how to be in the apt rhythm. 


  • Age – 1.5 yrs. To 2.5 yrs.
  •  Preschool offers- Children are made to learn language, math and a little about the knowledge of the world. Physical and creative developments are done along with personal, social and emotional developments. It also provides various interest areas by creating particular play areas.


  • Phone – 7790901112 

The school obeys and follows the Glenn Doman method to pop out the hidden qualities in a child and also bring out the mathematical and language skills in a child. 


  • Age – 1.5 yrs. To 2.5 yrs. 
  • Preschool offers – The faculty helps the children learn through both outdoor and indoor activities. The programs offered to the children help in improving motor, social and aesthetic skills of the children.


  • Phone – 0141-4020020

So, these were the filtered best playschools in Jaipur.  Now, let’s proceed again with the best schools in Jaipur with a few other subheadings. 


  • Type – Day cum boarding school
  • Board – CBSE
  • Co-Ed
  • Grades – Class 3rd to 12th
  • Est. – 2003
  • Type – Boarding school
  • Board – CBSE
  • Only girls. 
  • Grades – Class 1st to 12th
  • Est. – 1941
  • Fee – Rs 331700 p.a.
  • Type – Day cum boarding school
  • Co-Ed
  • Board- CBSE
  • Grades – Class 3rd to 12th
  • Est. – 1938
  • Fee – Rs 400000 p.a.

So, these were the best schools in Jaipur regarding boarding types. Let’s move on to the next section.



Address – Outside Ghat Gate, Jaipur – 302003, Rajasthan.

Contact – 0141 – 2601698, mail – office@stangelasophiajaipur.in 

Details – 

  1. Est. – 1926
  2. Provisional 
  3. Affiliation with board – 1997
  4. Area – 2.249 acres
  5. Admission fee – Rs 10 k.

Address – 117-121 Vishwamitra Marg Defense Colony Sirsi Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302021.

Details – 

  1. Est – 2002
  2. Rating – 05.00
  3. Co-educational 
  4. Grades – Class 1st to 12th
  5. Hostel – No.

Address – Govind Devika Mandir, near Rajasthan Grah Udyan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302002. 

Details – 

  1. Est – 2001
  2. Grades – Classes 1st to 12th
  3. RTE – Entry level (25%)
  4. Founder – Princess Divya Kumari

Having done with the best CBSE schools in Jaipur, let us move on to our next section in the best schools in Jaipur. So, the next section is about the best acting schools of Jaipur.

BEST SCHOOLS IN JAIPUR (acting schools):


Address- 1st floor, 104, Sunny Mart, New Atish Market, Jaipur – 302020.

Sulekha score – 06.50. (verified).

Details – 

  1. Popular course – Certificate of UG Diploma
  2. No. of courses – 22 courses across 02 streams
  3. Mail – livewiresjpr@gmail.com 

Address – P-13, Yudhister Marg, Deer park, Jaipur – 302001.

Sulekha score – 03.20. (verified).

Details – 

  1. Phone – 9999736289
  2. Branches – Noida and Delhi
  3. Hours of work – Tue to Sun (10.00 Am to 06.00 Pm)

Address – B-1, Shivam Apartment, Central Spine, Jaipur – 302039.

Sulekha score – 06.20 (verified).

Details – 

  1. Part time fess- 20k to 30k.
  2. Age limit – 18 yrs. To 30 yrs.
  3. Phone  – 094133 74377 

So, these were the best schools in Jaipur as per the latest reports of academic surveys. 


With having some of the best schools in India, we are delighted to give you a clear sketch about the best schools in Jaipur! Having provided you with the best available resources on your search, we hope you are having a great time gliding through the information served for you within a click’s time. Hope, you accommodate yourself in the best academical and activity institutes so that you yourself can contribute to a profound India.

8 Best Schools in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a city and union field in India. It is the capital of Punjab and Haryana. The city is directly controlled by the Union Government, which controls all these areas in the country. There are many educational institutions in Chandigarh. The city is home to amazing schools and colleges and has one of the highest incomes. It is reported to be one of the cleanest cities in India based on a national government survey. According to the Chandigarh administration education department, there are 115 total public schools in the city. Hop on to check the best schools in Chandigarh! 

In this competitive world, we all struggle to make ends meet. Yes, it is a constant headache for parents to provide the best education for their child. This is where the pressure to choose an amazing school can come from. Schools play a very important role in a child’s life and as a result, finding the right school for your child can help them get better grades in life. By building your child’s confidence in helping them cope with social responsibility, a good school should be open to all. 

Schools in Chandigarh can help shape your child’s future with the best teaching skills they have over time. There are some of the most amazing and well-known best schools in Chandigarh that can help give your child a wonderful future ahead of them. Not forgetting to mention, there are some of the most experimental schools in the various districts of Chandigarh that are easily accessible and at the same time, perfectly suited for your child’s use! 

Here is a list of best schools in Chandigarh:

Best CBSE Schools In Chandigarh-

  1. Shivalik Public School, Chandigarh

Shivalik Public School (SPS) is an English medium school, which is a private, co-educational school. It has three other sub-companies in Chandigarh, Patiala and Nawanshahr. Established in 1970, the school has contacts with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is one of the most respected schools in Punjab and caters for students from kindergarten to class 12. The school has a first level in Mohali, 3rd in Punjab and 88 in India. Also, the school ranked 10th in the provision of infrastructure at national and sixth level as an active member of curricular activities.

The school holds classes from K-12 in English as the language of instruction. The school offers Arts and Science and Computer Science courses. General knowledge and behavioural education are an integral part of the school curriculum. Hindi and Punjabi are taught as second languages ​​while Punjabi, is compulsory up to 10th grade.

The academic year begins in April. The first term starts  from April to September, and the second term starts from October to March. The school is considered to be one of the best schools in Chandigarh.

  1. Ajit Karam Singh International Public School, Chandigarh

The school has classes from Pre-nursery to Class XII that meet the long-standing need for good educational institutions in the city. AKSIPS-41 is affiliated with CBSE and approved by UT Chandigarh. The standard of education was much better, and the annual increase in the number of students allowed to confirm this. The school has excellent results every year. The school has an open structure with the most appropriate infrastructure for modern technology. Well-equipped classrooms, Maths and Science Laboratory, Geography Lab, Library, Computer Lab, Auditorium and sports equipment, are valuable to students.

It was established in 1983 and operates under the auspices of the National Educational Development Trust. Founder-Director is Mr. Ajit Karam Singh. He is an outstanding teacher and an effective manager. Communicating information and providing a peaceful environment for the full development of students is our ongoing effort. The school is considered one of the best schools in Chandigarh for 11th standard.

  1. Kimberley – The International School

Kimberley is a future school, built on 14.5 hectares of land, located in a beautiful rural area 25 kilometres from Chandigarh – the famous North Indian city “Corbusier” – and lives in the hills of Shimla Hills. This school is the first school in North India to offer special international courses. It is affiliated with Cambridge International Education, UK. Kimberley shared the same philosophy — a commitment to high-level, challenging, international education that is important to students and one of the best schools in Chandigarh.

Mr Vinod Gupta and Mr Abhishek Gupta, have been drawn to the dream that Kimberley will take “unpolished” gemstones, young Indian children – and the land – and refine / polish them to produce “diamonds” for the next generation. In Kimberley, all children are like the glittering jewels in a public bank. The school polishes them and refines their unique qualities with a variety of different educational tools, namely self-confident people who have a character ready to change the world.

  1. Chitkara International School, Chandigarh

Chitkara International School is an outstanding international school in Chandigarh. The school aims to introduce a variety of learning and thinking strategies and to try to go beyond the formal teaching methods in order to teach the happy freedom of inner growth. It provides learning opportunities that help children with more intelligence. The Chitkara International School says it ranks among the top 10 schools in the country. The school has modern infrastructure with all world-class technologies such as Wi-Fi, Smart Boards, e-Beams, smart classes, theatre, library, Dance Studio, Industrial Factory and healthcare etc.

  1. Vivek High School, Chandigarh

Vivek High School strives to build a community through a learning, inspiring and holistic environment, where students develop an open mind, self-discipline, community commitment, a spirit of inquiry and critical thinking skills. The school focuses on instilling in children a love and interest in learning, curiosity, a love of books, appropriate ways to read and making them understand and appreciate the beauty of art, Books, human relationships and moral values. Special attention to incorporating discipline into a child’s way of life and various instruction in higher education is given to students by appropriate teaching skills. The school is partnering with the community to focus on students, generosity and honesty in thought, word and deed.

The whole school curriculum reflects its philosophy. The various activities at the school are designed for a holistic development, which can enable students to be well-off in the afterlife no matter what profession they choose.

 Best ICSE Schools in Chandigarh:

  1. Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh

School environment and physical organization have a profound effect on a child’s age. Located in Area 26, Chandigarh on a large five-hectare site the school has a beautiful location. There are cramped, pleasant spaces where children can explore and learn, unrestricted.

The school has large, well-equipped, air-conditioned classrooms with interlocking white boards. Rooms are in stalls, with easy access to outdoor areas. There are various workshops, a well-stocked library with books, an amphitheatre and two computer labs for students only. Science Laboratories provide realistic exposure to students. Here the open theatre is a platform for activities, communication, discussions, conferences and informal lectures / demonstrations that are part of the curriculum.

Sports facilities are a soccer field, a basketball court, tennis courts, a cricket net and a swimming pool.

  1. Saupins School, Chandigarh

Saupin’s Educational Foundation is a foundation that is registered under the Society Registration Act. The organization is not only involved in education but also contributes to the well-being of the weak, the poorest members of society. Mrs.  June Saupin laid the foundation of Saupin’s School in 1977. He created a centre for learning and education where children feel the harmony of life — where their hearts and minds can be involved in the pursuit of truth, wisdom, beauty and knowledge. Some of the features are:

  • Indoor Sports (Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Badminton, Gymnastics etc.)
  • Classical, Folk and Western dance floor
  • Vocal Room for vocal and instrumental music
  • Annual Health and Treatment Review; Full-Time Health Nurse (Clinic)
  • Athletics (Long Jump pit, High Jump bar, shortcut machines, Javelin cast) / jumps, Netball, Handball, BasketBall, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Baseball, Cricket, Archery, Karate, Fencing, Boxing etc.

The school has facilities such as Automated roller, Lighting, Bowling Machine etc.

Saupin’s is best known for the warmth of raising and caring for children and is one of the best schools in Chandigarh.

  1. St. Stephens School, Chandigarh

Stephen School is a Roman Catholic school in Chandigarh. The capacity of the students in each class is 40-45. The school has contact with the ICSE board. In Class 10, the subjects offered include Hindi / Punjabi, English and Language Books, Computers, Mathematics, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Political Science, History, Geography, Economics, Arts and Physical Education.

Monthly tests are part of the curriculum. Successful students are given monthly prominence and recognition. Slow students are supervised by the principal or housing administrators and the task of correcting weak lessons is part of the lessons. The school is considered one of the best schools in Chandigarh.

The school also has a cricket school, and the team represents them in national and international competitions. Sports include cricket, soccer, carrom, gymnastics, judo, karate and softball. The school hostel is known as Carver’s Hostel, located in Togan. Designed for most open and green spaces. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities. The hostel is run by security guards who ensure the safety, morale and well-being of passengers.


Apart from the metropolitan cities and their top educational institutions, Chandigarh has a special place in the list because of its resourceful and undoubtedly, the best schools. These are some of the most amazing and well-known best schools in Chandigarh that can help give your child a wonderful future ahead. We want the best results for you, and so, you can find out the most suitable school!

5 Best Schools in Hyderabad for the New Modern World


Hyderabad, the informational technology hub it is today, houses a massive population and with this massive population comes the plethora of educational establishments present and finding the right one is not an easy task. One needs to contemplate over several factors. Schools are often said to be the second home of a child, hence play a crucial role in shaping up their key skills, core personality and interests. Therefore, in this constantly changing modern world it becomes extremely vital for anyone to choose the best among the best schools in Hyderabad!

The world has seen an unprecedented change in the last couple of decades and in this modern day and age, it becomes extremely necessary for a child to attain education and develop skill sets which would help them stay relevant and help them in their future endeavors. So, to help you with this task, here is a list of the best schools in Hyderabad, in no particular order.

Best Schools in Hyderabad:

  • Hyderabad Public School

Listing out the best schools in Hyderabad without Hyderabad Public School is no less than a crime! Regarded as one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. Hyderabad Public school was established in the year 1923 by the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad and has its expansive campus of 122 acres in Begumpet right in the heart of the city. Known for its rich history and strong moral code of conduct, if you are looking for best schools in Hyderabad with a rich history, dynamic study program which aims to blend creativity with concept learning and distinguished alumni, Hyderabad Public School is for you.

The school takes up admissions right from kindergarten to class 12th and is regarded as one of the best ICSE schools in Hyderabad. Hyderabad Public school has an impressive modern infrastructure and teaching facilities which have incorporated the almost centenary old schools vibrant and rich culture with its state of the classrooms, library and 44 sports courts spread across campus.

The school has an impressive 18:1 student to teacher ratio guaranteeing to be a place where a student can grow and learn to be future ready.

The school charges a fee of 1.05 lakhs and the admission process in HPS is based on personal interviews and availability of seats.

  •  Chirec International School

A school which has been year after year ranked as the best international school not only in the city of Hyderabad but also the state of Telangana and ranked as the 7th best CBSE school in the whole of India. So, if you are searching for the best schools in Hyderabad, your search might as well stop here! The Chirec International school was established in 1989 with its first campus in Kondapur. Chirec International is known for its “the whole child” teaching curriculum which lays emphasis on four cornerstone areas in any Chirec student, namely- Inquiry curriculum, language curriculum, physical curriculum, and creative curriculum.

The school is affiliated under the CBSE, IB and Cambridge offering students a diverse variety of curriculum options from primary to seniors secondary schooling, focusing on the core development of STEM subjects, creative outlook, and physical education. Chirec International has two other branches in Gachibowli and Jubilee Hills, the hub of best schools in Hyderabad. This makes the institutions modern infrastructure and teaching facilities which aims to expand the cognitive development and world understanding education methods available to a large number of prospective students.

The Chirec international boasts of a large number of alumni contributing to the growing startup and entrepreneur scene in India making it one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad for 11th and 12th grade in science and commerce. The school charges an annual fee of 2.04 lakhs to 2.44 lakhs depending on the board and grade.

  •  Jubilee Hills Public School

Jubilee Hills Public School was established in the year 1986 and is considered one of the best schools in Hyderabad. It is a constituent under the historic Jubilee hills education society. Jubilee Hills Public School is located in a sprawling area of 6 acres and has a counterpart branch in Rampully too. Jubilee Hills is known for its dynamic educational model which lays special emphasis on educating its students with knowledge which can be implemented and preparing them for the real world with practical and resource based aptitude learning.

The school is reputed as one of the best Schools in Hyderabad and is affiliated under the CBSE board offering courses from pre primary to senior secondary classes. The school has state of the art modern teaching facilities like smart air-conditioned classrooms, computer and science labs, dedicated gymnasium, amphitheater, and multi sports facilities. The school aims to replicate its physical teaching methods into an entire digital format making it one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad as it is ready to embrace the future of learning.

Jubilee hills also offers collaborative courses and student exchange programs designed with some of the most reputed schools and educational centers around the globe to its senior secondary students. The school’s celebrated annual student fest “Oasis” offers opportunities to apply teamwork and management skills in real life. Jubilee Hills charges an annual fee of 1 lakh to 1.4 lakhs depending on the board and grade.

  • International School of Hyderabad

International School of Hyderabad was instituted in 1981 under the trusteeship of the distinguished ICRISAT. The school has its lush green and expansive 10 acre campus in the ICRISAT premises. The International school of Hyderabad is regarded as one of the best international schools in Hyderabad as it was the first school in India to obtain international certification from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the British board, NEASC. International School of Hyderabad was also the first school in Telangana to offer courses under IB board affiliation.

International School of Hyderabad aims to create a teaching shrine where personalized education and all round advancement of any learner is guided by the light to diversity and creative thinking backed by logical aptitude. Hence to contribute to their vision the school has infrastructure and facilities like, personalized learning modules and classrooms, interactive mixed medium learning syllabus, and development of soft skills since a young age making its course curriculum at par with the European educational standards. The school boasts of a high intake of international students, having 15+ nationalities as its pupil makes International School of Hyderabad its not only one of the best and sought after elite schools in Hyderabad but also in the entire subcontinent.

The school charges an annual fee between 5.8 lakhs to 6.5 lakhs and a seat in this highly exclusive school is only likely after a rigorous selection process.

  • Glendale Education Institute

Glendale Education Institute was founded in the year 2003 and houses three faculties under it, The Glendale Academy (CBSE) in Rajender Nagar, Glendale International School (IB) and Glendale International School (Cambridge) in Tellapur and Financial District, respectively. The Institute is known to transform its textbook curriculum into a more actual practical oriented learning, which would help in shaping their pupil’s character and competence, making the process of learning at its core more interesting and indulging.

Known as one of the best schools in Hyderabad, the Glendale Academy has an expansive campus of 10 acres and is also known as one the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. Its management has worked tirelessly to make its visions of education a reality by designing its core curriculum around shaping and nurturing the natural talents of its students and adding skill sets relevant to the 21st century supported by its faulty and infrastructural brilliance. The school offers courses from LKG to 12th grade and the yearly ranges from 2.4 lakhs to 3 lakhs.

The Glendale International Schools are regarded as one of the best IB schools and Cambridge International Schools in Hyderabad as they have shown character in conceptualizing and building course curriculums to make their pupils stand on the world stage. With inculcating a sense of responsibility towards the world as a core concept and building “individualized intelligence compatible learning” as their major goals the schools have facilitated this through their strong foundational learning objectives.

The institute is known to organize numerous workshops, counselling interactive sessions and field trips for soft skill development and character building in its pupils. The schools offer classes from LKG to 12th grade and their annual fees range from 3.5 lakhs to 4.6 lakhs depending on the board and grade.

The above mentioned schools are called the best in Hyderabad as they have proven to be in an extraordinary league of their own. These schools have adapted with the changing world and technology around them and aimed to provide an environment for holistic and all-round development to their pupils since a very young age, making them ready for the contemporary world. We insist students to get in touch with the educational establishments and even visit the institutes to evaluate schools based on their personal preferences, then only make the final decision.

Top Best 10 MBA Colleges in Hyderabad


The capital of southern India’s Telangana state, Hyderabad, is the major center of the technology industry cum many upscale restaurants and shops. People from all over India want to work in the Charminar city. Saying that we can have a “candy stick in both our hands” would not be wrong when we talk about pursuing MBA in Hyderabad! Who wants to miss a chance to learn from the finest institutes and a chance to savor the worldwide famous plate of HYDERABADI DUM BIRYANI? So, it is basically a yum-yum situation to make yourself fall into. Before your mouth goes wild for the Biryani, you should first know about MBA colleges in Hyderabad top 10.

Whether you are interested in the field of hospital management in MBA or MBA in Business Analytics, Hyderabad is one city that will provide you with the best colleges in this regard!

Without any more of the waiting sessions, let us proceed to the top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad.   

Top 10 MBA Colleges In Hyderabad-


  • Founded in – 2001 by Rajat Gupta and Anil Kumar.
  • It’s #1 B-school in Hyderabad.
  • Geographical area – 260 acres
  • Stellar ratings – #29 and #27 in Indian FT rankings in 2016 and 2017 resp. and #28 in the FT Global MBA rankings 2018.


  • If you have a knack to be in this institute, you need to have a significant score in GMAT/GRE.
  • The college also demands a 2+ years of full-time experience in the field work as a prerequisite.


  • ISB has a 1-year full-time PG (post graduate) program for the desired students in Management which is termed as PGP, and is equivalent to an MBA degree.
  • The program in ISB focuses on IT Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Operations and Strategy. 
  • Electives available – 80.


  • Minimum package – 14 lakhs p.a.
  • Minimum package for upper limit (domestic) – 70 lakhs p.a.
  • Participants in the recruitment drives – Amazon, Google, BCG, McKinsey, Microsoft, FB, Deloitte, Accenture, AT Kearney etc.
  • Differential factor – Students ought to get involved in a 3-day LEAD (leadership development program) for assessing their troughs and crests. 50% of the faculty at ISB consists of visiting professors, but from the top-notch institutes like Duke, Rotman, MIT, Stanford etc. 
  • ISB also has a CAS department, which looks after the placements of the students.


  • Address- Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500111.
  • Phone – +91- 40 2300 7000


  • Established – 1964
  • Achievements – #Best MBA college in 2016, approved by NRIF and has also been awarded with laurels for its performance in PG programs by SAQS. 


  • The aspirant must qualify entrance exams like CAT/XAT/MAT/GMAT/CMAT/ATMA, which will be followed by GD/PI. 
  • IPE offers a full-time 2-year course in MBA and the institute works according to a trimester pattern.
  • Students are made to learn about strengthening the general concepts of management in the initial year and then, in the following year, students can opt for their specializations matching their career goal.
  • Practical experience is also available in IPE through internships, research, consultancy, seminars, assignments, projects, case studies and guest lectures. 
  • IPE also gives the students the opportunity to have a live interaction with the top industry personnel


  • IPE has strong business ties with companies around the globe.
  • Track record in placement achievement is 100%.
  • IPE also has a placement cell to look after students’ placements.
  • Average package – Rs 05 lakhs.
  • Participants in the placement drives – Amazon, Federal Bank, ICICI, Karvy etc.
  • Differential factor –Scholarships are also available for the eligible students based on their academic and attendance performance. IPE also offers educational loans at very timid interest rates. 


  • Address – survey no. 1266, Shamirpet (V&M), Medchal-Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, 500101.
  • Phone – 1800-30004473.

Coming in RANK 03 in the list of top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad is-


  • Founded in – 1992
  • Rating – AAA+, 34th in the B-School survey (2016-17)


  • Entrances like CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT need to be cracked.
  • No. of semesters – 06
  • Type- full-time PGDM 
  • Course duration – 02 years


  • Placement cell available.
  • Special guidance for placement training is provided.
  • Recruiters – HDFC, ICICI, TIME, TATA etc.
  • Other participants in the placement field – Stratagem, FBS etc.
  • Differential factor – The institute has triple specializations. SSIM is known to ascend the curriculum even while mid-term to catch the pace of industry trends. SSIM also has strong international tie-ups. SSIM has a strong alumni association too.


  • Address- NH-07, Kompally, Secunderabad, 500014.
  • Phone – #040- 27165450/51/53/54


  • Established- 2011
  • Area- 30-acre
  • Achievement- #Best upcoming B-School by ASSOCHAM in 2016.


  • Selection- Through CAT/XAT/GMAT/CMAT followed by GD/PI.
  • Duration – two years.
  • Type- full time
  • Curriculum – 14-16 weeks of internship, practical, expert interactions, guest lectures, projects etc. are available. 


  • Placement cell available.
  • Events and recruitment drives are arranged.
  • Department to boost employability is available.
  • Highest package offered – 22.50 lakhs p.a. in 2016-18 session.
  • Avg. package – 06.97 lakhs p.a.
  • Companies involved – CCD, KPMG, HDFC, SBI, Amazon etc.
  • Differential factor – IMT has a partner program with 42+ esteemed companies and firms, including foreign institutes and also does faculty exchange programs from foreign. Even Harvard case studies are discussed here. IMT is an active member of EAIE, AMDISA, IAABS etc.


  •  Address- Survey No. 38, Cherlaguda, RR dist., 501218.
  • Phone – #+91- 4030461661

Coming on RANK 05 in the list of MBA top 10 colleges in Hyderabad is


  • Founded – 1985
  • Area – 92 acres
  • Awards – #12 rank by Hindustan Times in 2012, has AAA+ rating etc.


  • Selection- Through CAT/IBSAT.
  • Duration- 02 years
  • Type – full time.
  • Curriculum- core course along with specializations.
  • ICFAI follows SLP which contains mock tests, class lectures, interviews and interactive GDs.
  • It has a summer internship of 14 weeks.


  • 90% of 2016-18 students grabbed handsome jobs.
  •   Highest package – 12 lakhs
  • Avg. package – 06-07 lakhs.
  • Lowest package – 04 lakhs.
  • Companies involved – Wipro, Morgan, Kotak, Verity etc.
  • Differential factor – It has a large alumni network and the chain is growing too. The institute enrolls 1200 students every year and has more than 13 clubs.


  • Address- shankarapalli Road, 501203.
  • Phone – #040 23440963

Landing at Rank 06 in the list of top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad is


  • Established – 1962


  • Selection – Through ICET exam.
  • Duration – 02 years
  • Type – full time.
  • Curriculum is intensive.
  • Workshops and industrial tours are available.
  • Summer project of 06-08 weeks is compulsory.


  • Career service center is there to guide the students.
  • Package range – 03-08 lakhs p.a.
  • Major companies – TCS, AXIS Bank, Colgate, TIME etc.
  • Differential factor- The institute is time-tested with a history of 100 years of experience. 80 is the batch capacity in this institute.


  • Address- Amberpet, 500007.

Phone – #04027682444



  • Established in – 1993
  • Objective – producing industry-ready managers.
  • Achievement – Approved by NAAC and comes in top 25 B-Schools in 2015.


  • Selection – Through CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT/ATMA.
  • Duration – 02 years
  • Type – full time.
  • Initial year focuses on consolidating the basics of the course.
  • The following year lets the students specialize in their field.
  • 12-week summer internship available as a regular routine.


  • Placement training Centre is available.
  • Highest package – 09.05 lakhs p.a.
  • Avg. package – 04 lakhs p.a.
  • Major companies- FMCG, Banking companies, MNCs etc.
  • Differential factor – The institute takes hand from iBizSim (Germany). It has an alliance with EGADE for faculty exchange. Cash prizes are there for the toppers every trimester.


  • Address- Nizampet, 500090.
  • Phone – #+91 – 40 2304 4901/02


  • Founded in- 2009
  • Founders – Alumni of IITs, NITs and Tech Executives.


  •  Selection – Through CAT/XAT/CMAT/XAT/ICET.
  • Duration – 02 years
  • Type – full time.
  • No. of specializations offered – 07.
  • Industry visits, live expert interactions and workshops are available.


  • Personality enhancement team is available.
  • Highest package – 07 lakhs p.a.
  • Avg. package – 03.80-04 lakhs p.a.
  • Top recruiters- Karvy, Monster, Way 2 Online etc.


  • Address – Madhapur, 500081.
  • Phone – #91 9010156000

Coming at RANK 09 in the top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad list is-


  • Founded – 1987
  • By – Ministry of Agriculture in Hyderabad.
  • Ratings – 18th in the top 100 B-Schools in 2016.


  • Selection through CAT exam.
  • Duration – 02 years.
  • Type – full time.
  • Aim – To produce Agri-business managers.
  • No. of specializations – 08.
  • Summer internship of 02 months is given.
  • Also has a 10-day village visit.


  • Highest package – 16 lakhs p.a.
  • Avg. package – 08 lakhs.
  • Companies come from – Agri-Input sector, Procurement, Machinery etc.


  • Address – Rajendranagar, 500030.
  • Phone – #04024016702

RANK 10 – SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Management) 

  • Set up in – 2014
  • Area – 41-acre.


  •  Selection – Through SNAP test.
  • Duration – 02 years.
  • Type – full time.
  • Aim – to develop the aptitude and professional skills of a student.
  • No. of specializations offered – 04.
  • GDs, interactions, case studies etc. are available.


  • Avg. salary – 06.60 lakhs p.a.
  • Highest package – 12 lakhs p.a.
  • Companies – KPMG, SGD, ICICI etc.


  • Address – Nadigama, 509217.
  • Phone – #040 – 27232100.

So, these were the top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad and their brief details for your better understanding about them. Now, let us know about the top 10 MBA colleges of Hyderabad through ICET.

MBA Colleges in Hyderabad through ICET:

  • IIM
  • IPE
  • VJIM
  • IMT
  • SIBM
  • GSIB

Getting done with it, why not also have a look at the top 10 MBA colleges in Hyderabad in 2015? Let’s go then, here it is:

  • IPE
  • ISB
  • DCM
  • CBIT
  • VJIM

So, these were the prominent names in the MBA field located in Hyderabad.

A Little More Information about the 10 MBA Colleges in Hyderabad –

  • Fee – The average fees is Rs 10.05 lakhs.
  • Hostel availability – yes (in the top 10).
  • Students having 50% marks in UG level can take direct admission in MBA through management quota.


It is well said that “Aim for the stars, even if you fall, you will land on the moon”! By providing details of the top-notch institutes will let you choose the best platform to perform on. Your success will let the nation fly with bright colors and we will serve you as your best academic companion throughout!

Searching for the Best Schools in Mumbai? Look no further!


Mumbai is also called as city of dreams and city of lights. Thousands of aspirants arrive in Mumbai every day to achieve their dreams. Mumbai has a lot of opportunities where students can enter and achieve their biggest steps. Along with some top colleges, Mumbai has some top schools in the country as well. We will help you look into the top 4 best schools in Mumbai for a better and brighter future! 

If you are worrying about joining the best schools in Mumbai, then stop worrying and stop wasting your valuable time, instead start searching for the schools! This article will definitely help you to reach the top schools in Mumbai. Let us directly enter the topic!

Best Schools in Mumbai:

  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Location: east Mumbai, Bandra- Kurla complex.

Contact: +91 22 35637000/7001

Email: info@da-is.org

Founded in: 2003

Fee: 1lakh 70,000 – 4lakh 48,000

Co-ed: Yes

School board: CAIE, CISCE

Transport facility: available

Overview: Dhirubhai Ambani International school is the no.1 school in Mumbai and also in India for the past 5 years. It provides all the facilities and programs for the students. It has a set of well experienced teachers, around 140 members. This school is affiliated to CISCE which is defined as Council for the Indian school Certificate examinations and CAIE which is defined as Cambridge Assessment International Education. It focuses on each student and develops the future of the individual student.

It was achieved as a ‘global member of round square’. It aims to offer the Indian youth a global educational exposure. It always focuses on the comfort of the students and their achievements.


Location: Pokhran road no.1, J K gram, Thane(WEST), Mumbai

Contact: +91 022-4036 84 10/11

Email: info@singhaniaschool.org

School board: ICSE, ISC, IB

Co- ed: Yes

Fee: 3850*14 instalments.

Founded in: 1968

Transport facility: Available

Overview: it was founded in 1969 in the memory of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania. She always tried for a rich heritage of enriching the education prospects for the Indian youth. It consists of 6400 students overall today. It is located in the lush greenery at the heart of Thane.

It offers education from kindergarten to 12th standard. It is affiliated to the ICSE program for classes IX and X and ISC for the classes XI to XII. It implements the latest technology in the school to make the students updated with the society. This school was awarded the ‘business world’s hurry choice award’ under the category of top educational brand in 2017. 

  • Campion school Mumbai

Location: 13 cooperage road fort Mumbai.

Contact: +91 22 2202 0575

Email: principal@campionmumbai.org

School board: ICSE

Co-ed: No, only boys.

Fee: 6500 to 10630 quarterly basis.

Founded in: 1943

Transport facility: Yes

Overview: it was founded by the late Fr. Joseph Savall S.J. It was started with just 23 students. It was founded by the Society of Jesus, which was a roman catholic religious order in the year 1943. It grew to 382 students in a short period of time. It was certified ‘A’ by the SSC board. It implemented various fun-filled programs and extracurricular activities.

The school is an open- air institute with best facilities and opportunities. It achieved a lot in the recent years. It was awarded ‘Times education Icons 2019’ and the ‘3rd best schools in the city’ for the year 2019. Apart from education, it also conducts music, quiz, football, etc.


Location: Purshottamdas Thakurdas marg, fort, 6, Mumbai.

Contact: 022- 22001282/022-40778140

School board? ICSE, ISC, IBDP

Co-ed: Yes

Founded in: 1860

Fee: 50000 to 62000

Transport facility: Available

Overview: it was established as a girls institute but later turned into a co-ed institution because of its tremendous performance and result. It was started by Mrs. Evans in the old high court region. It is affiliated to ICSE up to 10th class and ISC for 11th and 12th standard. It has around 1960 students today.

It conducts many extracurricular activities. The greatest achievement of this school is it was listed in top schools by Hindustan Times and it also won the ‘Bandana Sen Library award’ for the year 2019. It actively participated in many activities like music, sports, etc. These activities made it to stand in a top school.

Some other best schools in Mumbai are:


So the above mentioned schools are the top most best schools in Mumbai.


Now, let us jump into the topic of the best cbse schools in navi mumbai.  Do not waste your efforts in searching for the cbse schools as this part of article provides you the best cbse schools in Navi Mumbai as well! Let us discuss one by one with its details:


Area: Nerul

Contact: +912227526632

Address: palm beach road, nerul, navi mumbai

Pin code: 400706

Landmark: sector no 52, 53 & 54

Popularity: 52%

Quality: 82%


Area: nerul

Contact: +912227727750

Address: plot no 30, palm beach road, nerul, navi mumbai

Popularity: 50%

Quality: 82%

Landmark: sector no 36, near HP petrol pump, seawood


Area: airoli

Contact: +912227793904

Address: plot no 7, airoli, navi mumbai

Landmark: sector 19



Some other best cbse schools in Navi Mumbai are:



We have listed the best schools in mumbai and best cbse schools in navi mumbai. Now, let us look at the best cbse schools in Mumbai. Among the multiple number of schools, let us mention the top cbse schools! 

List of best cbse schools in Mumbai:





This part describes the best schools in Mumbai western suburbs. Have a look at it as well:

  • Jankidevi public school
  • St. Mary’s I.c.s.e school
  • Universal high school
  • Bhaktivedanta swami mission school
  • Shri balaji international school
  • Kendriya vidyalaya
  • St Joseph high school
  • R.b.k school
  • The scholar high school
  • Gokuldham high school & junior college


This article has surely made all your queries and confusions answered! Instead of searching about the different schools, you can directly have a look into this article and find out the most suited one for you! The best schools in Mumbai are not only the best in Mumbai, but in India as well! So, go ahead and have a bright future with all the good knowledge and experience!

Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore


A Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA degree offers a graduate with one of the most diverse and sought-after skill sets in today’s dynamic job market and Bangalore being the technological hub of India, should be an immediate choice for any student who is contemplating from where they should pursue their BBA degree. Hence, in this article, we have compiled a list of reputed and top BBA colleges in Bangalore based in their rankings and specializations offered.

The number of MNCs and start-ups having establishments in Bangalore is a testament to the City’s prowess of being the employment capital of India, many reputed companies in sectors like Information technology, Finance, marketing and manufacturing and major upcoming Indian companies like Flipkart and Zomato too are headquartered in Bangalore, making it a premium city and colleges make their first stoppage here during the placement drives. Whether it is to have a look at the top MCA colleges in Bangalore, law colleges or BBA colleges, no city can be better than this!

Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore:

 Christ university

Christ (deemed to be university) was established in 1969 as one of the earliest private universities offering courses in multiple specializations. It is regarded as one of the best BBA colleges in Bangalore and has featured in the top 10 colleges offering BBA courses in India from time to time. The university is known for producing quality graduates due to its strict moral code of conduct.

The highest package offered was around 18 LPA, and the median package being 7 LPA. Companies in the finance and IT sector like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Wipro, KPMG, JP Morgan, etc., were some few top-recruiting companies. Apart from these, Christ has a well-established alumni network and placement cell which arranges for internships and project opportunities for many of its students.

Total Fees: ₹ 2.56 L – 7.34 L

Entrance test: CUET

Eligibility: 12th pass out with a minimum of 50%

Seats: 120

Specializations offered: Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource

Mount Carmel College

Mount Carmel college was established as an all women college in the year 1949 and is a private autonomous college affiliated under the Bangalore university. It is regarded as one of the best BBA colleges in Bangalore! The college is accredited A+ by NAAC accreditation and ranked as fourth overall in top 5 BBA Colleges in Bangalore. The department of commerce and management offers its BBA programme in two specializations.

The average package offered is 9 LPA with the highest offered coming from the companies in the IT, finance, and hospitality sector like Accenture, Google, Goldman Sachs, Taj Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel. The college is especially sought after by female aspirants who want to have an international exposure as Mont Camel is known for its collaboration programmes with universities like University of Bristol and many more international organizations making it one of the top colleges for BBA in Bangalore.

Total Fees: 1.5 L

Entrance test: Written and MCQ aptitude test

Eligibility: Class 12 with Commerce stream followed by a Personal interview

Specializations offered: marketing and finance.

Presidency college

Presidency college Bengaluru was established in the year 2000 and is a constituent of the Presidency Group of Institution. Within its small time of existence, the college has gained a distinct reputation due to its B School and management programmes. Presently, Presidency College is ranked as the 4th best private College for BBA in India 2020 making it one of the top BBA colleges in Bangalore.

Ecommerce giants like amazon, FlipKart are the top recruiters closely followed by the likes of finance and infrastructural sector companies like Accenture, TCS and Wipro. The college has managed to maintain a constant placement record of more than 90% of the total batch students getting placed. The average salary offered was between 4.8 LPA to 7.4 LPA and the highest packages being around 14 to 15 LPA.

Total Fees: 3.28 Lakh

Entrance test: NA

Eligibility: 12th pass out with a minimum of 45%

Seats: 120

Specializations offered: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Digital marketing, logistics and supply chain.

St Joseph’s College

St Joseph’s College was established in the year 1882 and is one the oldest college campuses in Karnataka. The college is awarded a rating of A++ NAAC Accreditation and offers BBA under one specialization and is regarded as one of the top BBA colleges in Bengaluru and is an upcoming Autonomous B School in the nation which was ranked #55 by India Today in 2019! 

The college has a well-established placement cell guaranteeing placement and internship opportunities to its students. The placement period in St Joseph’s happens during July and March, and the top recruiters are IT giants like Microsoft, Deloitte, TCS, Wipro, Infosys and many government sector PSUs like NABARD and BHEL also participates in the placement drive, offering average packages between 3.4 LPA to 5.6 LPA and the highest packages being of 9-10.8 LPA.

Total Fees: 3.4 Lakhs

Entrance test: NA

Eligibility: 12th pass out with a minimum of 50%

Seats: 120 across specializations

Specializations offered: General and Strategic finance

Kristu Jayanti College

Kristu Jayanti College is an autonomous private college established in the year 1999 and is affiliated under the Bengaluru North University. A constituent under the Bodhi Niketan Trust is awarded as the best emerging college in 2020 and as the best innovation college in 2019 and is currently ranked in Top 5 BBA college in Bengaluru and 19th in Best BBA college in India.

The college in a short span has earned a unique distinction through its collaborative study modules and international student programmes with St’s Mary University, Texas and University of West of Scotland. These laurels from various fields have attracted many reputed recruiters like KPMG, Accenture, JP Morgan, Deloitte, ITC, and IBM during placement drives. The average packages offered were of 4.7 LPA and the highest packages ranged between 8.9 to 11 LPA across courses.

Total fees: 2.58 Lakhs

Entrance test: NA

Eligibility: A minimum of 40% aggregate including languages in Class 12

Seats: 120 across specializations

Specializations offered: General, Aviation Management, Business Analytics

Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS) college

Established in 1994, AIMS college is an autonomous private higher education college. AIMS is accredited with ‘A’ grade by the NAAC. It is regarded as one of the top BBA colleges in Bengaluru and AIMS Institute has been ranked among top one percent of BBA colleges in India. Recently AIMS has been chosen as the recruiting partner for Goldman Sachs by Indian School of Business Hyderabad since 2018 and the top Best Private Business School in Bangalore by The Week in 2019.

The college offers collaborative study modules and exchange programmes with reputed international organizations and colleges like University of California and ICHM, Australia, the top recruiters apart from Goldman Sachs are Wipro, TCS Frito Lay and ITC. The average packages offered are between 4.98 LPA to 5.6 LPA and the highest packages reported last year was of 15.6 LPA.

Total fees: 4.08 L

Entrance test: selection based on marks obtained in 10+2 and performance in personal interview

Eligibility 12th pass out

Seats: 120

Offered Specializations: Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource

GIBS Business School

Goyal international Business School is a private autonomous B-School established in the year 2014. The College has earned a distinctive image due to its internship cells record to arrange internships for every student. Recently GIBS Business School was ranked the 29th Best B School in India by Indian Institutional Ranking Framework, also making it one of the top BBA colleges in Bengaluru.

Amazon, Cafe Coffee Day, Axis Bank, Berger Paints, Tata Motors, and Coca-Cola are amongst the top MNCs visiting GIBs during campus placement drives. Last year the highest overall salary package offered at the college was Rs 12.13 LPA and average salaries ranged from 4.3 LPA to 5.4 LPA.

Total fees: ₹ 4.25 L

Entrance test: aptitude test followed by GD PI

Eligibility 12th pass out with a minimum of 60%

Seats: 120+40

Specializations offered: Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management

Center For Management Studies (Jain Deemed to be University)

Established in the year 2000, Centre of Management Studies is a constituent of the Jain University.

This private college was ranked 20 in Top BBA colleges in India hence making it one of top 20 BBA colleges in Bengaluru as well. CMS is one of the few Indian colleges offering specialized BBA courses in Sports management.

The top recruiters include the likes of HP, ICICI, Bajaj Capital, PayPal, IndiGo Airlines and Larsen & Toubro. Any CMS graduate is expected to get an average package of 5.6 LPA and the highest packages ranging between 12.4 to 13.8 LPA.

Total Fees: ₹ 1.75 L

Entrance test: Jain entrance test (JET)

Eligibility: 12th pass out with a minimum of 80%

Seats: 120 across each specialization

Specializations offered: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, and sports management.

The above mentioned names of top BBA colleges in Bangalore have earned their distinct reputation because of their well-established faculty, student performances, state of the art infrastructural facilities and unique course curriculum planned to match industry expertise standards. Making their graduates ready to take on the global business, these colleges are undoubtedly going to promise you a bright future!