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Do not Miss out the Best School In Dwarka!

Not surprisingly, the number of schools offering higher education is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, most of the high schools in Delhi are located in Dwarka. Even the presence of reputable educational institutions strengthens Dwarka’s reputation as an educational institution, and hence it would be a difficult job for you to select the best school in Dwarka! 

If there is one thing that has given impetus to the education sector on the western side of Delhi, it means the establishment of Dwarka, a suburb. Young professionals flock here to the herds, attracted by the queues of accommodation and excellent infrastructure.

So if you are also looking for other high schools in Dwarka, then you should consider going through our list. We have compiled a list of the best school in Dwarka to assist you with your selection!

Best School in Dwarka:

schools in dwarka

  1. Mount Carmel School:

Mount Carmel School, founded in 1972, is the second school by the Mount Carmel Society. It is famous for its academics and morals. It has a well-designed club campus with some of the best things your child can get. The school also offers foreign languages, like French and Spanish. Shiksha Kendra of Mount Carmel provides post-school education for people that haven’t been to high school . It is widely regarded as one of the best school in Dwarka, New Delhi.

  • Address: Category – Section 22 I, DWARKA, Delhi
  • Telephone number: 011 28052001, 28052002
  • Email: info@mcsdwarka.org
  • Website: www.mountcarmeldelhi.com
  1. Delhi Public School:

Delhi Public School, Dwarka hosts five categories, including ECA, academic difficulties, infrastructure and resources. Along with academics, Delhi Public School also offers ways for a person to grow and develop. It encourages its students to develop an interest in questioning, public speaking, sports activities, and other extracurricular activities. Shown in the outstanding list of best school in Dwarka, New Delhi. Delhi Public School has a huge venue for playing cricket, football, badminton, basketball and tennis.

  • Address: Category 3, Phase I, DWARKA, Delhi
  • Telephone number: 011 25074472/75
  • Email: mail@dpsdwarka.com
  • Website: www.dpsdwarka.com
  1. Bal Bharti Public School:

Bal Bharti Public School was established in 1944, during the pre-independence period to preserve and promote Indian heritage, culture and traditions. It is one among the oldest and best school in Dwarka, Delhi. In the elementary and pre-primary phase, the school follows the Montessori method of learning. Children are gradually exposed to formal education in the main department and in the middle department, the school uses the latest electronic and scientific methods to keep students interested. To encourage the qualities of self-sacrificing work, compassion and empathy, the school organizes visits to nursing homes and orphanages.

  • Address: Category – 12, DWARKA, Delhi
  • Telephone number: 011-28031970, 28031955
  • Email: bbpsdw@publicschool.co.in
  • Website: bbpsdwarka.balbharati.org

4. Venkateshwar International School:

Founded by the Shri Venkateshwar Education Society, Venkateshwar International School is famous for providing quality education to its students. Widely regarded as the best school in Dwarka, it aims to transform ordinary lives into extraordinary ones by building values, character and leadership qualities. Venkateshwar International School is famous for its splendour of buildings and its academic standards. The excellent infrastructure is enhanced by a well-maintained stadium, and beautiful, with well-manicured grass. Venkateshwar International School offers a wide range of institutions such as digital classes and visual science labs.

  • Address: Category 10, DWARKA, Delhi
  • Telephone number: 011 43180800
  • Email address: principal_vis10@rediffmail.com
  • Website: www.vis10dwarka.com
  1. JM International School

Founded in 2004, JM International School has teamed up with CBSE and offers classes from pre-primary to class XII. The school has digital AV classrooms, well-equipped science, maths and computer labs. It has a library with a library of more than 10,000 books. The campus has green playgrounds, a stadium, and creative spaces designed exclusively for performing arts and crafts. It is also one of the best school in Dwarka that nurtures, not only teaches.

  • Address: Category 6, Dwarka, Delhi – 110 075
  • Telephone number: 91-11-2508 6313, 91-11-4912 3899
  • Email: jmis.dwarka@jminternationalschool.com
  • Website: dwarka.jminternationalschool.com
  1. Nirmal Bhartia School:

Nirmal Bhartia is an intermediate English learning school promoted by the Nirmal Society of Education and India Glycols Limited. He was honoured with the British Council International Award for the years 2013-2016. The Nirmal Bhartia School is an excellent school for the distribution of science. Provides advanced resources in physics, biology, and chemistry. It has extensive reading and reception rooms equipped with computer and internet. Besides, it also has special mathematics and language laboratories. Additional resources include a theatre, gymnasium, stadium, pool, stadium and more.

  • Address: Category 14, Dwarka, Delhi – 110075
  • Telephone number: 011 45609702/6
  • Email: contact@nirmalbhartia.org
  • Website: www.nirmalbhartia.org
  1. Hansraj Model School:

Hansraj Model School is an English-speaking, CBSE-affiliated school with outstanding managers, educators, academics and outstanding professionals as members of the Advisory Board and Management Committee. It offers classes from kindergarten to high school under the umbrella of price-based education. The school has been awarded : “Science Intellect Trophy by the Science Olympiad Foundation” , in 2010.

  • Address: Road No. 73, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110026
  • Phone number: 011-45911500
  • Website: www.hansrajmodelschool.org
  1. Indian Heights School

Indian Heights, founded in 2008, is a collaborative school affiliated with the CBSE. It offers classes from kindergarten to XII. The school campus is two hectares and has fully equipped digital classrooms, a library, and science, math and computer laboratories. It also has a life skills lab for students from grades III to X. Other facilities include a variety of sports facilities, a yoga and meditation centre, an art and art studio, a hall, a counselling centre, a restaurant with mid-day meals. The school provides medical and medical examinations and maintains an individual health card for each student and comes in the category of best school in Dwarka.

  • Address: Category 23, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075
  • Telephone Number: + 91 11 4558 6511/4558 6512/4558 6514
  • Email: info@theindianheightsschool.com
  • Website: www.theindianheightsschool.com
  1. Current Convent School:

The current Convent school, founded in 1999, is a collaborative school, affiliated with the CBSE run by the Modern Charitable Foundation. It is one of those schools where modern technology and modern infrastructure meets the values and richness of Indian culture. The four-acre state-of-the-art school building has well-maintained rules and a large playground.

  • Address: Category 4, DWARKA, Delhi 110075
  • Telephone number: 011-25080767 / 25080768
  • Email: modernconventschool@rediffmail.com
  • Website: www.modernconventschool.com
  1. St. Mary’s High School

One of the best school in Dwarka is St. Mary’s High School! In terms of resources, schools have well-equipped laboratories, a playground for all major sports and leisure clubs. The school also boasts activities such as Eco Saviours Club, Inquisitive Club, and Wellness Club and so on. IST Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School puts a big difference in sports. It seeks to make its students physically able to face any challenge that may come their way. It also encourages its students to join the NCC.

  • Address: A-Block, Meera Bagh New Delhi – 41
  • Telephone number: 011-25262056
  • Email: stmarksmb@saintmarksschool.com
  • Website: www.saintmarksschool.com

These were our top 10 schools in Dwarka. So, visit the school, look at the past performance of the institution, and engage with teachers, students and parents to learn more about it before you finish your child.

Best School In Dwarka, New Delhi (Play School):

Going to school first plays a crucial role in your child’s life. It is vital in preparing your child emotionally, mentally, socially and physically for primary education. Over the past few years, pre-school education has become a necessity for gaining admission to primary schools. While you will be bombarded with many boards across the city, with preschools that say they will excel, choosing the one that works for your child is not an easy task. If you are looking for a school to play in Delhi for this precious one, here is a list of best play school in Dwarka.

  1. The Age of Magic (Vasant Vihar)

Established in 1978. The crèche has about 200 children from more than 15 countries.

Preschool offers:

  • A Montessori-based teaching method.
  •  1: 4 teacher and student ratio
  •  Admission of children between 2 and 6 years of age.
  •  Nutritious lunch and drinking water are included.
  •  Active Parent Involvement
  •  Facilities such as child-friendly furniture, outdoor space and sports equipment.
  • Address: Street E-3, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – 110057
  • Website: www.themagicyears.com
  • Email: info@themagicyears.com
  • Phone: +91 11 26140317
  1. Step by Step Nursery School (Panchsheel)

Established in 1992. It currently houses more than 450 students and 50 faculty and staff.

Preschool offers:

  • A teaching method based on Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Play Way.
  • Admission of children between the ages of 1.6 and 4.5 years.
  •  It helps to promote social, psychological and child development.
  • Active parent involvement.
  •  A learning centre designed to cater for the needs of special children with a team of trained professionals. It can take up to 60 children.
  •  The wooden building has a few classrooms and a work centre that contains a doll house, a music room, etc.
  • Large garden, swimming pool etc.
  • Address: Block – N, Plot No. 1, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110 017
  • Website: sbspp.org
  • Email: info@sbspp.org
  • Phone: 26494130, 26494957
  1. Small Pearls (Vasant Vihar)

Established in 1994. School time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday), 9:30 am to 2:00 pm (Saturday).

Pre-School Offers:

  •  A learning space not only in the classroom to inform each of its children.
  •  A complete learning curve for preschool children aged 1.4 to 6 years.
  •  An eclectic way to learn
  •  Excellent integration of Montessori and project-based learning and a curriculum based on practical and professional learning.
  •  Classes with perfect air
  •  Child care centres for children aged six to ten with parents who work with a decent atmosphere and world-class infrastructure.
  •  Transportation has GPS and safety devices of choice and safety.
  • Website: littlepearlsplayschool.com
  • Email: info@littlepearls.in
  • Phone: + 91-1146012471, + 91-1146012472, + 91-1146012473
  • Address: C- 17/1 Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – 110057
  1. Ardee Montessori School (Sujan Singh Park)

It was established in 2003. The pride of the campus spread over half a hectare in Lutyen’s Delhi.

Preschool offers:

  •  A teaching method based on models of Montessori, Play Way and Reggie Emilia.
  •  Average teacher-student ratio of 2:20.
  •  Montessori Teacher Training Centre to ensure the availability of well-trained staff.
  •  A healthy and nutritious vegetable diet.
  •  Eco friendly campus, wooden playground outdoor gym, sand area and water play area.
  • Close parental involvement.
  • Website: www.theardeeschool.com
  • Email: contactusdelhi@theardeeschool.com
  • Phone: 011 24648089, 24641128
  • Address: Maharishi Raman Marg, Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi 110003
  1. Kangaroo Kids (New Friends Colony)

A Play Way-based teaching approach, focusing on practical learning and experience.

Preschool offers:

  •  Attractive ratio of teacher and student 2:15.
  • Resources such as large, open, air-conditioned classrooms, dance, music, toy, AV and art room, outdoor pool with pool, sand etc.
  •  Transportation available.
  • Website: www.kkel.com
  • Email: delhi.jangpura@kangarookids.co.in
  • Phone: 011-64612983 / 9310566999
  • Address: A33, New Friends Colony, Near Mata Ka Mandir, New Delhi – 110025


We hope this article helps you choose the best school in Dwarka, New Delhi. Always keep in mind that properties, financial structure, quality etc can vary depending on the institution. We will advise you to visit schools before making a final decision.

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