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Read Here To Know About The Best Playschools in Dehradun 

It is said that school is the second home to a child. So the decision of selecting the best playschools in Dehradun might be a tough task for you, so to resolve all your worries we are here with the list of the best playschools in Dehradun. 

Playschools are the key component for the recipe called the “future”  of the child’s life. Good playschools strengthen the child’s development surely. Child Before entering the journey with the system of education lives in the enclosed walls of concern and protection of parents. And these playschools before elementary education shall direct him to the pathway of arranging him in the conditions himself.

Whenever it comes to quality education, then Dehradun is the initial name that comes first in everyone’s head. It is one of the academic centres of India. It is well-known for its best playschools and boarding facilities. Schooling days are the most special days because, in this time, students would learn the art of living, academics, sports and of humanity that teaches them to be compassionate to all.

Best Playschools in Dehradun:

best playschools in dehradun

1. Bachpan Playschool

They have 1200+ playschools running across 400+ cities. It is ranked among one of the best playschools in Dehradun. Technical aids are used in the everyday learning plan. With the study, they also add life skills and value-based learning to strengthen the roots of the child. This Dehradun playschool has a child-oriented atmosphere with specialized educators so that they can make learning easy at playschool for a better future.

By giving designated admission kits for little ones, they made schooling accessible and available for everyone.

  • Establishment- 2004
  • Achievements: 🛡Play School chain year 2018-19

🛡Best Playschool of the year

🛡Best K-12 School chain

  • Address of the School: Bachpan Play School Kalinga Park, Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 09997619388
  • Email address:

2. The Poly Kids

It is located in Moolchand Enclave. In Australia, poly kids are a registered commodity.  The framework of initial childhood learning has been adopted from Australia so that it could be easy to give the right start to the little ones. They have very enthusiastic and caring staff, also they try to bring the shift from home to school as smooth as possible.  They work on the rule of “Learning can be fun”, and let the child help to learn through jingle, acting, storytelling, group activities, games and sports.

Their main motive is to develop a child overall, whether it is personal, emotional and social development, including gross and fine motor skills, linguist development and academic skills. Hence, justifying as to why it should be included in the list of best playschools in Dehradun!

  • Timing: 9 A.M to 12 noon Monday to Friday 
  • Facilities: acting, storytelling, group activities, games and sports
  • Address of the School: The Poly Kids 26/ 2 Teg Bahadur Road, Lane No. 4, Dalanwala, Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 0135 – 2669377, 09557775533

3. Krayonz Playschool 

Krayonz Preschool was inaugurated a few years back in Dehradun. It is one of the best playschools in Dehradun. They guarantee quality education to the little ones. Their goal behind such a great idea is to assemble work and game to make children strong and involved from the beginning. These are the activities including Dance, Music, Art and Craft, Tuition and Spoken English Classes for making children active. They have well equipped  AC classrooms and art devices with child-friendly furniture. The staff of the school is well skilled, exhibiting a nice student-teacher percentage. Nice Transport structures are also available.

  • Address: D-97 Nehru Colony, Dehradun India
  • Min Age: 2 Years 0 Months
  •  Day Care: Yes
  •  CCTV: Yes
  •  Fee Details: ₹ 17000 / Month
  •  Phone: 9412050786
  •  E-mail:

4. Shemrock Primary Hills

Here is another best playschools of Dehradun named Shemrock Primary Hills. The name itself says a lot about the school and its level.  It was launched in 2013, with very sparkling colours. This school supports their learning with a colourful and child-friendly environment. This joyful learning experience makes sure that the children learn everything with great happiness and complete freedom. 

Their main focus is on the overall progress of the child with a wide variety of facilities such as an activity corridor, children’s art corner, vision region, discovery centre, English vocabulary lab, Farmhouse etc.

  • Address of the School: Shemrock Primary Hills 219, Park Road Dehradun
  • Facilities: Activity Arcade
  • Ball Pool
  • Celebration Corner
  • Child’s Creative Corner
  • Colourful, Chirpy & Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  • Concept Centre
  • Dining Area
  • Discovery Centre
  • Doll House
  • English Language Lab
  • Farm House
  • Gym
  • IT Resource Centre
  • Magic Mirror /Magic Caves (optional)
  • Mini Zoo
  • Music & Dance Room
  • Phone Number: 09997115555, 09897696996
  • Email

5. Sesame Street Play School

While discussing the best playschools in Dehradun, it is hard, not to mention the Sesame Street Play School. Their way of teaching is Beyond 123s and ABCs, they offer you, teaching through Sesame workshops. These workshops comprise lessons on fitness, emotional well – being etc. And even these workshops help the child to attain their greatest talent. It is a very hard decision for a parent to choose the best out of everything, but this school gives the knowledge by doing focus on the 4Cs i.e. Critical Thinking, CommunLaxmin, CreatLaxmiand Collaboration.

  • Facilities: workshops on fitness and emotional well – being etc.
  • Address of Laxmihool: Sesame Street Preschool 1 – E, Laxmi Road, Dalanwala Dehradun
  • phone number: 0135 – 2719880, 08958021616

6. Shemrock Primary Roots

It was the year 2011 when one of the best playschools in Dehradun started, it’s another school of the Shemrock chain. Their smart learning techniques blossom children’s minds and help them to grow fully. The school environment is well–equipped with the facilities such as a music and dance room, shopping area, stage area, mini zoo, library, English language lab etc

Their main motive is to make study interesting without making it eradicate. 

  • School Board: State Board
  • Type: Co-Education
  • Hostel Facility: Day School
  • Address of the School: Shemrock Primary Roots 11, Turner road Clementon, Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 9997466775
  • Email ID:

7. Euro Kids Playschool

Another well–known play school in Dehradun is Euro Kids. At a child’s early age they want to develop intellectual, physical, emotional and moral skills. Here the faculty follows on the modern learning techniques and pedagogy. This school has a very encouraging and safe environment. The school is furnished with a combination of facilities such as a library, Doll House, Euro Gym, Pool and Sand Play Area, Interactive toys and other learning tools.

  • Facilities: modern learning techniques and pedagogy
  • Achievement: 40+ awards,
  • Address of the School Euro Kids A – 10 Inder Road Dalanwala, Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 9997489697
  • EmailAddress:

8. Dream Flowers

Dream Flowers Playschool, Dehradun is another renowned playschool. It’s a fact that without fun you can do learning. This school seeks at balancing fun and learning and, therefore, it gives importance to studies as well as to the other activities and hidden talent of the child is also supported by faculty. Admission is open throughout the year in this school. It works on a first come first serve basis. This school is prepared with an abundance of establishments such as a creative classroom, library, splash pool and easy transportation.

  • Affiliated Board: CBSE
  • Facilities: School has a spacious, air-conditioned, child-friendly environment with the following 
  • Large outdoor area
  • Library
  • Splash pool
  • Creative classroom
  • Transportation
  • Address of the School: Dream Flowers Clock Tower, Opp. Shiv Mandir Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 08755366560

9. Edify Kids School

Another best and reputed playschool in Dehradun is Edify Kids School. It is a classy name, no doubt! The environment of this school is very creative, that is why the school is very well–known for such an atmosphere. Their curriculum programs promote learning primarily through music, art, drama, projects, discovery centers, and adventure. Edify kids is uniquely situated to furnish everything necessary that a child needs in his first step. 

  • Affiliation: CBSE
  • Facilities: Music, art, drama, projects, discovery centres, and adventure
  • Address of the School: Edify Kids School 11, Subhash Road, Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 0135 – 2654477

10. Explorers Play School

Explorers Play School, last but not the least. This is another one of the best playschools in Dehradun. Their play–way methods of teaching the child is just incomparable and it is also the fact that children truly enjoy it. The imagination capacity of the child also increases through this method. There is one more thing for which this school is also known and that is the staff, its staff members are highly qualified. And on regular time intervals, then undergo professional development and training programs to update their skills.

  • Affiliation : CBSE
  • Facilities: Activities such as dance, music, vocals, sports, etc are provided by trainers 
  • Address of the School: Explorers Play School 76/ 22, Lane No. 1, Saket Rajpur Road, Dehradun
  • Phone Number: 0135 – 600606


We all are now aware of the best playschools in Dehradun. The efforts made by teachers refining the students are worth it. These schools teach not only a standard education but also helps in grooming the extracurricular activities of an individual like sports or culture. With this list, it will not only be easier for you to decide your child’s school but also, ensure a bright future for them!

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