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8 Best Online Coaching For CAT 

MBA is a degree that will equip you with the necessary skill and thought processes that will aid you in your attempt to achieve these goals and Ideals. The last year has been harsh upon the entire world, but the sun has continued to rise and the days continue to pass. In that very way, if your ambition is to make sure you can attend some of the best Indian Business schools, then there exist institutes that will help you achieve that aim. For getting admitted in a top B-school, you need the best online coaching for CAT!

In a global era, one skill and ability is often valued over most, and this is versatility. The ability to adapt and change oneself, as the world changes around them. Those who attempt to be versatile often find success in their personal and professional lives. They are often at the forefront of their individual fields and occupations. They are considered visionaries in their industry.

These are the CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs of our age. They create businesses and services that make life better for anyone who is touched by them. To reach that point, there are a few paths one can take, and one of the best paths is the academic one. Learning about Business is not just learning about balancing sheets and understanding market flows. It’s about utilizing your creativity. It’s about imagining a product that will help people and improve their lives, and actually making that product or service a reality. 

Here is the list of some of the best online coaching for CAT examination, which is the gateway into India’s most prestigious business schools. Look below to know more!

Best Online Coaching for CAT:

coaching for cat

1) T.I.M.E

T.I.M.E is one of the most recognizable and reputed CAT coaching institutes. It has gone on to expand its reach from various cities all over India and made itself accessible through the internet. Their years of experience dealing with the CAT examination shows in their online curriculum. It provides live classes, 37 mock tests, and has many recorded videos regarding various topics of the CAT exam. They were rated one of the best online coaching for CAT in 2019, as it was a record year for the sheer number of their students that passed the examination.

Course Fees: 24,950

2) IMS learning

IMS learning has a long history in CAT coaching. They have been incredibly successful in getting their students the razor edge needed to get through the CAT exam. They have one of the most extensive libraries and material in the form of recorded videos, over 100 mock tests. They provide external support through E-mail and Telegram groups so students can have their doubts cleared at any moment. It is considered to be one of the best online coaching for CAT.

Course Fees: 29,500

3) Career Launcher:

Career launcher is one of the biggest coaching institutes in India. It is currently based in over 115 cities in India. They have one of the biggest student bodies and one of the most expertly curated syllabus. Theirs is considered one of the best online coaching for CAT and most extensive.

They not only provide coaching but also a great deal of support and mentorship to the students. They provide live sessions, hundreds of hours’ worth of recorded course material and videos. Their focus on mentorship and guidance aids the students in focusing and absorbing the material at a faster pace.

Course Fees: 30,000

4) Byjus 

Byjus in recent years has become one of the most commercially successful coaching institutes operating in India. The quality of their education is a testament to that. One of the key aspects to their success was their focus on creating systems that can be accessed from a mobile. Through their method learning can be done while commuting and according to the needs of a learner.

It is no surprise that they have one of the best online coaching for CAT. They have focused solely on imparting education online, and have been widely successful with it, with positive results. They have one of the most extensive resource libraries for CAT online. Their course material is focused on self-study, and they provide a great deal of external support as well.

Course Fees: 45,000

5) 2IIMS

2IIMS coaching institute is revolutionary in the field of CAT coachings as they have been one of the best online coaching for CAT 2018. Their course provides video material, practice tests and slideshows that cover the entirety of the CAT syllabus from a beginner’s perspective.

They have one of the most unique ideologies behind their teaching where fundamentals are valued highly. An effort is placed in developing thought processes rather than rote learning. They have small batches for better interaction with mentors. The course has been curated by IIM pass-outs and this is reflected in its quality.

Course Fees: 26,000

6) Mindworkzz

Mindworkzz employs educators that have some of the most impressive resumes. They have a great deal of experience with the CAT exams as a majority of their teachers are IIM pass outs. They are extremely experienced individuals in the Industry. Mindworks can be considered one of the best online cat coaching as it is being led by Arun Sharma who is a household name for those who aspire to crack the CAT examination.

Focusing on making its platform user friendly and the material accessible, they provide physical books as well as digital material to their students. The start from the very fundamentals of the CAT syllabus. They have over 800 recorded videos and over 50 mock tests available for viewing. They were rated the best online coaching for CAT in the year 2019.

Course Fees: 39,700

7) iQuanta

iQuanta is an organization that focuses upon interaction between students, teachers and peers. Its systems have been optimized for well-functioning live classes and peer interaction in their online forums. It has an extensive library of CAT related video material, and all live classes are recorded and accessible by the students. They have a 24/7 doubt solving system where subject matter experts clear the doubts of students instantly.

They conduct regular practice sessions and doubt solving sessions. The timing for the classes too is incredibly flexible. Students who may be office goers can choose the most convenient timings. They are considered one of the best online coaching for CAT due to the flexible nature of their teaching methods.

Course Fees: 21,000

8) Cracku

Cracku is an organization founded by various IIT-IIM alumni. This is seen in the care and effort put into curating the fine details and points of the course. The course has a set schedule, with proper deadlines. Weekly revisions and provides dates to track the students’ progress.

They have a 1000 excellent videos about the CAT syllabus and all these are easily available. They have one of the biggest question banks with over 16,000 solved questions. They also provide notes and solved examples for students to understand the process of a problem and not just the solution.

Course Fees: 15,000


These have been some of our top picks for the best online CAT coaching. These will ease your efforts in cracking the CAT exam and finding your way into some of India’s best colleges and Institutes of Management and Business. These are all exceptional in their own sense, and each may be better for one type of student over the other. It is important to keep in mind your own needs, and study techniques when looking for which the best online coaching for CAT may be for you!

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