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9 Best ICSE Schools in Chennai for a Bright Future

If you are looking for ICSE schools in Chennai then you have come to the right place. In this article, you can find a list of the top 9 ICSE schools in Chennai. There are many ICSE schools in Chennai which sometimes makes it difficult to select the best ICSE Schools in Chennai. Whether it is the South of India like Madurai or the North like Chandigarh, we have the best schools to offer you!

Finding the right school for your child is important as it will play an important role in building his or her mind. It is important that you take care of your child during puberty. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of the environment in which your child grows up. Therefore, choosing the right school is very important. Read this article to find out about the top ICSE schools in Chennai, their address and the official website. 

Following are Best ICSE schools in Chennai for your child’s bright future:

best icse schools in chennai

1. Sishya School

Sishya was founded in 1972 and in 1986, it became a full-time high school. It is a Christian Minority school offering ICSE and ISC. Students begin their learning journey in a way that is based on activities that stimulate curiosity. Until grade 6, this process continues. After that, it becomes more and more educated with the introduction of the test. When children reach grade 9, they begin to follow their board lessons.

 School facilities include a hall, fully equipped labs, a large stadium, a library block, a canteen, smart classrooms, counselling, etc.


Sishya is a highly sought-after school and student placement is a priority. Parents of young children register for admission to LKG in the actual year of birth so that they can secure their seats. Currently, by 2020, student enrolment for the year 2023 of LKG is already closed! The months of admission are January to March to Grade IX. In Grade XI, admission forms are available in April. Parents can visit the school to inquire about admission. 

2. St. Michael’s Academy

St. Michael’s Academy is run by the Patrician Brothers, who study all over the world and have many well-known schools around the world. The school began as a kindergarten in 1953. Gradually, it emerged that in 1975, it had become a primary school, affiliated with ICSE and ISC. Today, it stands as one of the leading ICSE schools in Chennai, striving to provide affordable and complete education for all its students.

 Institutions in St. Michael’s Academy are state-of-the-art and modern. It includes an AC hall, library, laboratories, a large campus with a large playground, dedicated areas for co-curricular activities, and more.


Admission is only granted on the basis of the merits of all students. That’s why everyone from UKG to grade XI has to do an entry test. Also, a TC from a previous school is compulsory unless the school does not initiate the admission process. Parents can purchase an admission form from the school office.

3. The School – Krishnamurti Foundation India

KFI School is a boarding school of the day. It is part of the Krishnamurti Foundation, India and follows the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti. School runs on two terms and offers a 1-time break in November. It has 5 days and all school hours are 7.30 AM to 2.30 PM.

 Along with the general amenities, the school offers a balanced vegetarian diet every day. Eating together is an important part of school and wisdom makes it easier without sewing.


Registration is usually open in March and is less than a certain distance. Parents must visit the school to obtain admission forms and related information within the due dates. Booking an appointment always helps.

4. Good Earth School

Good Earth School occupies 16 hectares of land that includes six acres of farmland! It is lined with green grass, giving students a beautiful and warm experience. Founded in 1993 and today, it offers higher education to more than 450 students from LKG to grade XII. A co-operative independent school views education as a challenging yet exciting journey that students may not be able to master. It also ensures a healthy balance of students and teachers to promote independent thinking, exploration, individual learning, and art.

 Services provided to students at Good Earth School include a kitchen that provides nutritious, vegetarian food, a library, labs, a sports arena, travel, etc.


Registration begins in January. Seats are usually limited and are provided only when vacancies arise. Hence, even early registration will not guarantee entry. However, applying early is always a good idea. The school conducts informal assessments of all applicants for competency and interviews with parents.

5. Manthan Vidyashram

Manthan Vidyashram offers a combination of matric, CBSE, and ICSE courses to ensure that its students receive the best possible syllabus. It also plans to launch IGCSE soon. School focuses not only on academics but also on personal development and moral strength. Manthan Vidyashram has extra curricular activities  such as Communication & Presentation Skills, Special Exercises for the Brain, Self-Reliance & Défense Techniques, etc. to do the same


Manthan invites acceptance from all students who satisfy the age and age of knowledge as required by a particular grade. The school assesses all applicants to understand the level of competence before applying.

6. Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam students begin their journey through Montessori education and then move on to ICSE in second grade. The school offers project-based education through a variety of programs and learning areas that are psychologically challenging which is different from other ICSE schools in Chennai. Students participate in activities that strengthen independence, leadership, and creative thinking.

School facilities include but are not limited to kitchens, utility rooms, hall, laboratories, AV room, playground, creative lectures, and service learning.


Suggestions are given for all grades. From the second grade, the school evaluates applicants for tests that are psychologically appropriate. Parents will have time to consult with the principal. Successful applicants are usually notified by email or telephone. The application form is available online. Once completed, the school will notify parents of e-mail registration.

7. Vaels International School

Vaels International School is the best school in Chennai. It offers both ICSE and CAIE courses to its students up to grade XII. Set on 5 hectares, the school has many resources that make learning modern. Its curriculum is good and complex with the aim of providing further education to all its students.

Its facilities include an amphitheater, school lounge, library, hall, playground, swimming pool, and more.


The school makes admission forms available locally from time to time. Parents are kindly requested to ask and visit the school for details. Admission is only provided on arrival at the first arrival and as demand is high, seats are filled very quickly. Parents are therefore advised to take immediate action and reserve seats for their children.

8. St. Francis International School

St. Francis International School provides education for students from kindergarten to grade X with one purpose: to empower them to think critically and reason. Students develop leadership qualities through a holistic school approach. And they are learning about the combination of technology and traditional education to get the best out of both countries. The school is known for providing an integrated learning environment that promotes overall growth .

 Student-friendly facilities include AC classrooms, cyber space, co-curricular labs, utility rooms, and a separate children’s play area.


Login forms are available online. Before downloading one, however, we ask parents to check the eligibility and timing. The school soon rejected incomplete forms and applicants who did not meet their criteria.

 Examination tests are compulsory for applicants for grade 2 and above. Primary school students are tested through interviews.

9. Billabong High International School

Billabong High International School offers constructive education from the earliest stages. Its curriculum is designed to equip students to be prepared and to deal with real-world problems. Unlike other ICSE schools in Chennai The school learning approach is the product of the latest brain research and the teaching method follows the LRQ method. It includes keeping students’ children in the middle of teaching, a research-based curriculum, and high-quality standards.

The services offered are open classrooms, large playgrounds, labs, co-curricular spaces, etc.


Like many ICSE schools in Chennai, Billabong High offers admission when it is first served. It has strict age-appropriate criteria that all winners must satisfy. Admission to third grade and higher is determined / performed after a competency test.


Here was a list of ICSE board schools in Chennai. This list of ICSE schools in Chennai is compiled based on the quality of education provided by these schools. However, you should consider other factors, such as grade and school environment before choosing.

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