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Have A Look at The Best Colleges for MCA in India

With the daily advancements in the field of technology from automotive to computer fields, mankind has entered in a race of daily innovations. And at current times, when a technical hand is becoming one’s need to thrive in these technical sectors, doing masters in computer applications can be a decorous choice.  A technically laden post-graduation computer course which is offered by best colleges for MCA in India.

The course helps you to enter your professional career as a software or an application developer. The curriculum of the course is designed in a way that an individual gets proper theoretical as well practical knowledge.

Hounding post-graduation in MCA can be a fruitful choice if an individual dedicates themself meticulously in it. The course comprises four core elements. They are concepts of computers, mathematics involved behind computer science, designing of software programs and non-core computer operations. Those individuals who have pursued BCA as their under-graduation course are most preferable candidates to undergo MCA in as their post-graduation course.

BCA lays the basic foundation for these individuals as they are better in computer programs operations in MCA. Apart from BCA students, those students who have undergone B.Sc, B.Com, B.A. etc. with mathematics as one of their subjects are also eligible for this course.

MCA students are in line to get a decent salary as they graduate. Several job profiles are there in which one can explore themselves with their knowledge and grind themselves with every passing day. Jobs like ethical hacker, app developer, business analyst, hardware engineer troubleshooter, web developer etc. brings many job opportunities for young enthusiasts to grow. Thus, to grow in the field of MCA, you need to have a good quality education in the field of MCA. 

There are some of the best colleges for MCA in India. Their faculties and teaching atmosphere are well suited for one to nurture. There are some best government colleges in MCA for India followed by some best private colleges for MCA in India

Some of these best colleges for MCA in India are listed below!


Top 3 Best colleges for MCA in India (Government):

mca colleges

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University: –

    You can’t keep Delhi out of the quality education it possesses. Pursuing MCA from Jawaharlal University can be a very good educational destination for an individual. Situated in Mehrauli in Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru College has all the quality experienced faculties and atmosphere which one can easily adjust in. The university also offers hostel facilities to its students with all the basic amenities one requires on a day to day basis. 

Moreover, additional facilities like sports, gym, library and proper computer labs are there which help in holistic development of the individual both mentally and physically. When it comes to recruitments, tech giants like Amazon, IBM, Samsung, Accenture and many more come here and recruit the best hands in the business. Thus, Jawaharlal Nehru College is ranked among the best government colleges for MCA in India.

Fees: – 3.96K

Seats: – 38

Exam: – JNUEE


  • National Institute of Technology Warangal (NIT): –

    Technological institutes are the cradle for courses like MCA. Situated in the southern lands of India in Warangal, NIT offers a great platform for one to pursue MCA. It has an excellent academic record and atmosphere to study in. It is India’s one of the oldest serving institutes as it is producing one of the sharpest technical minds right from 1959.

It is spread over 256 acres of land and has a fine infrastructure with well-equipped technical labs and library. College also provides hostel facilities to both boys and girls along with gym, sports and even bank facilities. The college also has a smooth recruitment cell as some big names like Amazon, Nokia, Ford, Arista etc. offer job opportunities to students. Due to its excellent academic record and professionalism, NIT Warangal is among the best colleges for MCA in India.

Fees: – 2.14 Lakh

Seats: – 58

Exam: – NIMCET


  • National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (NIT):

    Situated in the most urbanized state of India Tamil Nadu, NIT Tiruchirappalli is again a best choice to pursue MCA. Established in 1964, the college is spread over 800 acres of land. It has a well-designed and built infrastructure followed by well-equipped technical and computer labs along with a well facilitated library.

The college was ranked 1st among NIT’s in NIRF rankings 2020. Like other NIT’s, even NIT Tiruchirappalli has a good recruitment record. Some of the top recruiters who recruit here are HCL, Infosys, Facebook, Air India, FITJEE etc. Hence, one can opt for NIT Tiruchirappalli to pursue MCA as it is among the best colleges for MCA in India.

Fees: -4.89 Lakh  

Seats: – 115          

Exam: – NIMCET   

Apart from these top and best government MCA colleges in India, there are now top and best private MCA colleges in India one can look for pursuing MCA.


Best MCA colleges in India (Private):

  • Loyola College: –

Situated in Chennai and established in 1925, it is one of the oldest colleges of India. One good thing about this college is that it looks after the poor and marginalized sections of the society. The college has well equipped technical labs and experienced faculties to guide the students and help them to grow in their field. The college provides hostel facilities to out station students along with all the basic amenities.

Also, the college organizes sports fest along with other cultural fests. The placement cell of the college gives its students a chance to get themselves placed in companies like Ola, Infosys, LTC, Microsoft etc. Thus, this is one of the best private MCA colleges in India one can seek to join. Hence, Loyola is considered among the best colleges for MCA in India.


Seats: – 60

Exam: – TANCET


  • Birla Institute of Technology:

    One of the heavyweights in the education sector, BITS are one of the most preferred colleges in India. All the BITS institutes are one of the best places to pursue MCA. BITS colleges have a well built and maintained infrastructure along with labs which are technically equipped with latest technologies. The world class facilities and sustainable learning environment help the students to augment their growth curve. The campus has hostel complexes that are fully provided with all basic necessities for both girl and boy students. it’s dedicated games and sports facilities, including a gym and dedicated instructors. 

The scholars at BITS have spacious multimedia classrooms to market advanced learning tools being implemented for education, with several other facilities like healthcare services, Wi-Fi, swimming bath, a considerable library etc. Top recruitment companies enter the race to sign the best young minds from these colleges. Thus, BITS is counted among the best colleges in India for MCA

Fees: – 5.25 Lakh

Seats: – 285

Exam: – BITS MCA Exam


  • Surana College:

    Located in the Silicon Valley of India Bengaluru, Surana College is one of the best private MCA colleges in India. Surana college was established and founded by GDA Foundation in 1995 and since then it is training and nurturing the best minds in technical sectors of India. The college has finest infrastructure and technical facilities along with well-resourced boys and girls hostels. Moreover, transport facilities are there for the students in case they opt for any outside accommodation. 

The institution has many case studies on inducting average students only to boost them to realize distinction and ranks. the stress is on academic focus adding to coach for holistic development of scholars. Constantly identifying value-additions to the university stipulated curriculum, the college designs balanced inputs of curricular and co-curricular components into its practice. The college has a good reputation of providing excellent placements to its students as some big tech giants like HCL, Reliance, Amazon etc. visit here. 

Thus, Surana college is considered one of the best MCA colleges in India and was listed among the best MCA colleges in India 2016.  

Fees: – 1.62 Lakh

Seats: – 60

Exam: – KMAT, Karnataka PGCET



MCA is one among the most preferred master’s degrees once one can opt for after graduation. An MCA degree opens many doors for young professionals. a person who holds a knowledgeable master’s degree from the best colleges for MCA in India can get ample numbers of job offers in both government and personal sector. Studying a master’s degree during a highly specified course will always ensure better opportunities for the candidate. There are many benefits to doing this degree, and you’re also on the road to attaining a high-paying successful career. 

All you would like to try is to have a passion for computer application and put within the required diligence and energy. The longer term is bright for MCA graduates, and you’ll be a neighborhood of it. India is the IT hub of many top companies. India and its IT industry continues to consistently achieve the very best growth numbers year after year, ensuring job security and growth to those employed within the industry. Most, if not all MCA graduates, find jobs within the IT industry. 

Therefore, this degree course features a lot of scope in India considering our nation’s penchant for IT. Plus, MCA may be a technical and professional degree, and candidates holding this degree aren’t easily replaceable.

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