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Best Architecture Colleges in Mumbai

“Hey, see the metaphysical piece of art standing there!”

Do you want to listen to such a compliment from people around the globe, clapping in unison for you? If yes, then here’s a piece of good news for you- you have knocked the perfect door! If you want to be the Picasso behind the next wonder of the world in the field of architecture, then we can clink our glasses for the best outcome, as this article will show you some of the best architecture colleges in Mumbai! Let us have a seat side-to-side throughout the coaster ride then! 

What is the study of architecture? 

Briefly, the study of architecture is the art cum science of crafting and engineering distinct sizes of structures and buildings. The students who want to study architecture should have an equally distributed taste in science and arts because the course demands artistic capability as well as mathematical precision, especially in the calculation section.

After the general knowledge on the base definition of the course, we will now spotlight on the Architecture Colleges in Mumbai. So, fasten your seat belts for a ride through the streets of the Bollywood city. Here, we go then! 


Mumbai is the home to many colleges and institutes such as MBA, MCA and architecture. According to the recent academic reports (official), there are 76 colleges in Mumbai alone offering the B.Arch. (Bachelor’s in Architecture) course. In all over India, there are 941 colleges providing the benefit of the same course. So, technically, Mumbai is the home to 08.076% of the total B.Arch. colleges in India. We will know more about the figures and numbers after some time.

Moving on to the eligibility criteria for the program…


  • The students must have qualified class 12th with an overall aggregate of 50%.
  • The students must be from the science stream.
  • The following are the entrances-
  1. NATA

Cracking the entrance exam will make you land on the perfect platform where you desire to be.

Now, let us discuss the top architecture colleges in Mumbai. When we are having the chat on architecture colleges in Mumbai, then instead of chewing sand candies, why not have the bites of the velvet cake available?! 


According to the survey reports, the refined list of the most esteemed architecture colleges in Mumbai is-

  1. Sir JJ College of Architecture
  2. Rizvi College of Architecture
  3. L.S. Raheja School of Architecture
  4. K.R.V. Institute
  5. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology
  6. N.M. Institute of Management studies
  7. Dr. B.N. College of Architecture (women)
  8. B.V. Deemed University
  9. Sinhgad College of Architecture
  10. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering and Technology

These are the colleges offering the B.Arch. course in Mumbai. Again, talking about the list of architecture colleges in Mumbai, won’t it be worth knowing the wall behind the rank, the top colleges are holding? The answer is obvious, the faculty members in the institutes. So, let’s have the names of the best faculty members as well on the list before you.

  1. Ar. Anand Achari (B.Arch., M.Arch., PG Diploma)
  2. Ar. Mandar Vishnu Dhuri (B.Arch., M.Arch.)
  3. Mrs. Bhadrisha Shah (Executive MBA, GDID)
  4. Ar. Mahesh Naik (B.Arch., M.Arch.)
  5. Ar. Shruti Verma (B.Arch., M.Arch.) and many more to go on the list…

Looking for the cut-off marks for architecture colleges in Mumbai? Here it is, have a keen look.


rank College name Cut off marks (seats)
01 K.R.V. Institute of Architecture 158.58(08)
02 Sir JJ College of Architecture 157.65(13)
03 R.S.A.  157.20(11)
04 I.E.S. College of Architecture 153.52(06)
05 L.S.R. School of Architecture 153.48(06)


The above table was a small example of the cut off marks of the architecture colleges in Mumbai. Till now, you already may have framed a picture-perfect portrait about the course in Mumbai. So, let’s add some more clarity to it with other vital details! 

A little more to the list of colleges:

For those, who cannot gulp a sip of coffee without any knowledge about the top government architecture colleges in Mumbai, here is the list for that on the plate:

                  Name                   Details
  1. University of Mumbai
Approved by – UGC, NAAC, AICTE

Located at – M.G. Road, Fort

Contact – (022) 22708700, (022) 22634461

Courses offered – 

  1. B.Arch.
  2. M.Arch.
  3. B.Arch. (interior design)
  1. Academy of Architecture (AA)
Location – 278, Shankar Ghanekar Marg, Prabhadevi

 Contact – (022) 24301024, 24310807, (022) 24301724

Courses offered – 

  1. B.Arch.
  2. Diploma in Architecture Engineering


Fee structure:

The total fees for pursuing B.Arch. in architecture colleges in Mumbai ranges from Rs 05 lakhs to Rs 11 lakhs. The course duration is 05 years. 

Average salary: 

Job options

  Average salary

Architecture Designer INR 02.50 to 04 lakhs
Architecture Engineer INR 03 to 05 lakhs
Landscape Architect INR 03 to 04 lakhs
Architectural Assistant INR 02.40 to 03 lakhs



  •  ‘Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai, Maharashtra is the oldest institute offering architecture programs to the students who are interested since 1913.’
  • ‘N.M. College is one of the leading colleges in the nation which is situated in Mumbai (also was in the table above).’
  • ‘Brinda Somaya is the richest architect in India.’
  • ‘Norman Foster is the richest architect in the world with a whooping net worth of around 170 million dollars.’

So, what were the above facts for? What was the reason behind to show you those figures? Are you thinking about the same? The answer to all your turmoil is simple! The reason is to make you paint an image by joining the first two facts with the last two facts. The image will show you that where and how you work in the present course of time, will lead you to the according destiny. Being Norman and Brinda depends on how you perform in the institutes and how you channelize your acquired knowledge.


We help give you a direction to your direction of thought so that you can channelize your passion and dedication without any doubt and hesitation. For that, the top architecture colleges in Mumbai are here for you! By being the best in the business, you can craft something so amazing that the country may owe you a party and a garland of gratitude! When that party happens, we will just have a glass of champagne watching the victory you have earned! 

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