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The Important Study of Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science

The field of medicine is endlessly old and vast, it has existed for as long as humans have existed. It is constantly growing, developing and changing. It never ceases to develop and change, and it is open to any ideas that may aid its goal of healing people and protecting them from disease and death as best as we can. This field has been increasingly dominated by western medicine in the last few decades, and with good reason. Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science is a genre that has come up in the recent era.

Western medicine developed at an incredibly fast pace in Victorian Era England. It allowed them to become a very prominent part of the medical world. Because of that, it is easy to forget that there was an age where Indian medical science was significantly better and of higher quality. The oldest surgical tools and techniques have been found in India as artifacts that Indians were performing surgeries and doing them very efficiently. Indian ideas on mental health and psychology and spiritualism too were incredibly well developed. 

These techniques and ancient sciences have survived over the decades. This knowledge is resurfacing to the scientific medical world over recent years. Modern medical science has begun to recognize the importance and benefits of these techniques. Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science is a degree that explores this ancient form of medical science in India and merges it with popular scientific thought. This is the study of incredibly beneficial medical knowledge originating from ancient India. The benefits of Yoga have become known to the entire world with many different sources claiming its benefits on mental health and life expectancy to be incredibly beneficial. It is a source of peace and calms to many. 

Alternative Medicine is a new and growing field of medical science where a great deal of research needs to be conducted. There is a large potential to better the lives of those we come into contact with. 

About Naturopathy and Yogic Science:

naturopathy and yogic science

The course Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic science is also known as BNYS. It is a 4.5 year-long course. The curriculum contains subjects that connect the study of Natural science to the discoveries of modern medicine. Those who seek a career in exploring Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or alternative medicine fields can benefit greatly from this course. The course focuses upon imparting knowledge about naturopathy and yoga and focuses on techniques to alleviate pain through yoga techniques. It can be an incredibly beneficial pursuit and can help in achieving a bright future in the field of medical science.

Why should you study Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic science? 

Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science is a very interesting and unique field to study because it is a one of a kind course. Only a few universities are offering this course, and its benefits can be incredibly vast. It can help in healing the body and the mind, and as a career, it has many benefits. Modern medicine is not the ultimate solution to all problems, as many may believe. Western medicine fails on many fronts and it only comes into play after the disease is inflicted, however, its efforts in prevention are minimal. It cannot do much to prevent diseases.

It is also incredibly lacking in the field of mental health. Modern scientific theories and popular techniques are not as successful as yogic meditation techniques. A fusion of these ideologies has the potential of improving them both and helping a very large amount of people. Students will also learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and defend against diseases through techniques of acupuncture and yoga. 

What are the specializations in Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science? 

Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science students can specialise in a handful of fields. You can specialize in techniques most beneficial to these streams within the subject:

  • Nutrition Therapy:

    Nutrition therapy is a field that takes the nutrition advice postulated by the Naturopathy and yogic schools of thought. It is combined with nutrition studies of modern science. They help people in leading better and healthier lives by controlling their food intake and food habits. They research a great deal about the best foods for consumption and how certain food affects the body. 

  • Herbal / Botanical Medicine:

    This is a field where bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science students can delve into research and development of medicine created from natural material which can be grown in our gardens. This focuses on the natural synthesis of medicine and the medical properties of herbs and certain plants. 

  • Acupuncture:

    The students can also learn and explore the field of acupuncture after studying this field of medicine. They can learn about acupuncture techniques that aid in the alleviation of pain and better movement of joints. This is along with numerous other benefits acupuncture offers. 

  • Homoeopathic Medicine:

    Those students who wish to explore the field of homoeopathic medicine can also pursue Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science. This course can serve as an incredible base for studying the subject of homoeopathy.

What does the course of Bachelor in Naturopathy and yogic science cover?

The course subjects are incredibly similar to the curriculum of any MBBS course by a reputable institute. A great deal of knowledge about yoga therapy and techniques is also imparted to the students. Some areas of study are yoga therapy, naturopathy, yoga philosophy and history. The course also includes modern subjects such as Pharmacology, nutrition, microbiology and so on. Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science students are well versed in psychology and Indian spiritualism. This can be incredibly helpful in helping patients with mental health and other forms of therapy. 

Eligibility for the Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science:

The primary eligibility for bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science is to have passed out from class 12 within the science stream and with over a 50% score. Certain institutes require a NEET qualification for their students. 

Admission Process:

Admission into the Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science course can be based upon 2 different forms which are different based upon the college. The joining can be merit-based or NEET exam based. The process begins with submitting all necessary documents needed such as the mark sheet from class 10, the application form, and any other basic documents required by the college. The candidates are then shortlisted based on the 12th examination result, or based on the NEET result. The final part may also include a formal interview where the student is asked questions regarding their reasoning behind choosing the course.

Entrance examination: What is NEET?

The only examination needed for the Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science course is the NEET examination. NEET also known as The National Eligibility Entrance Test and is the primary examination for qualifying for MBBS and other primary medical courses and institutes. It is a 3-hour examination consisting of MCQ’s with total marks of 720. There are four sections in the examination:

  1. Biology ( Botany and Zoology) – 360 Marks
  2. Physics – 180 Marks
  3. Chemistry – 180 Marks.

They follow a negative marking system where 4 marks for each correct answer, and one mark is deducted for every single incorrect answer. Unattempted questions are awarded no marks. The examination is conducted on OMR sheets. The examination is organized and conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA)

Distance Education Options of this course:

Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic science is one of the courses that are available through distance education organizations. It is approved by the All India council of open learning institutes. The course duration can vary based upon the institute, where some offer complete 3-year degrees while others offer a 1-year option. The best source for distance learning for the course is the one sponsored by the India Council for Open and Distance learning. This is available on their website.

Job Opportunities:

There has been a significant boom in the global acceptance of Eastern medical technique and lifestyle habits creating a number of opportunities in that field, both in practice and research. Bachelor of naturopathy and yogic science students have many opportunities. The following are some of the best jobs one can go for, 

  1. Yoga Trainer: Becoming a yoga trainer can be a very good occupation with a lot of potential for growth and entrepreneurship. One can start their own practice and business. You also can work on your own timings. Yoga’s benefits are many when it comes to physical health and flexibility. A yoga trainer focuses on teaching these techniques to those who may benefit from them significantly. Yoga trainers can be surprisingly well paid. 
  2. Ayurveda Consultant: Becoming a consultant is also possible in this field. You can focus upon Ayurveda and naturopathy, and consult companies and research facilities that wish to invest in this side of non-conventional medicine. A consultant helps in the growth of this field of medicine and can help organizations make good decisions. They are a great source of information and valued deeply in the industry. 
  3. Naturopath: A naturopath focuses on the prescription of naturopathic medicines and supporting the industry. They work directly with patients and aid them by recommending the proper medicines that would work for their particular ailments. Naturopaths focus on medicines created from more natural resources and not lab synthesized medicine. 
  4. Researcher: A researcher can work in their field of creating these medicines and applications. They focus on creating new compounds that help in the curing of diseases and ailments. Researchers also study the effects of these medicines and make sure they are safe for use and do not have unintended side effects. Their role in the medical field is most significant. 
  5. Lecturer: Becoming a lecturer on the subject matter can be an important role and job opportunity. It allows you to nurture the next generation of students and impart knowledge onto other people. Becoming a lecture who talks about the various topics of naturopathy and yoga is a very valuable vocation and has many opportunities.
  6. Yoga Therapist: A yoga therapist is someone who utilises their knowledge and understanding of yoga as a tool to help people decrease their physical pain and help their bodies. Yoga therapy is also beneficial to the mental health of people as it fosters a sense of peacefulness and mindfulness in those who practice it. 
  7. Rehabilitation Therapist: Rehabilitation therapists are individuals who focus their energies and knowledge on helping those who have gone through extreme accidents or surgeries that can incapacitate or weaken the body. They can help these individuals by slowly increasing the motion and flexibility of the body, and increasing their ability to move around. It primarily deals with individuals who have been in accidents and do not have full motion of their body but can heal. This therapy is useful in their healing process.

What is the future scope?

Bachelors of Naturopathy and Yogic science scope is large. It opens up a large number of opportunities for its students, where they get access to a new and growing field of medical science. The students can open up yoga studios, particular clinics, and even work as travelling lecturers. There is also the option to pursue further education in this field of study. Here students can grow their knowledge and understanding of these subjects.

Books to read!

This is a vast field of study and to include all of its aspects here would be impossible. If you seek to improve your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of what is taught in bachelors of naturopathy and yogic science, these are some of the best books to read and learn from. 

  1. Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahamsa Yogananda
  2. Yoga as Philosophy & religion – S.N. Dasgupta
  3. Yogic Therapy – Dr. Vinekar.


The field of medical science is always growing, changing and evolving. New ideas and techniques are always finding their way to this field, and old ideas often die out and disproven. There are many aspects of it where discoveries are yet to be made, and where our medical science can certainly fail. In times such as these, it is important to explore ideas that may have been previously dismissed, and hastily so. Bachelor of Naturopathy and yogic science is a degree that will put you at the forefront of progress and research in the field of medical science. It will allow you to learn and grow this field, and leave your mark on the world.

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