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 Have a Look at 10 of the best B.Pharma college in UP

One of the toughest roads one has to choose after completion of 12th is the road to start your career. Your one choice will decide what journey you have chosen and how you are going to shape your career. Among many undergraduate courses available after 12th, pursuing B.Pharma can be considered a good option, and choosing B.Pharma college in UP can be the right choice.

The largest state Uttar Pradesh is a land of many opportunities for an individual. With its rich culture, heritage, and traditions Uttar Pradesh holds a distinct place in the country. Apart from its diverse culture and traditions, Uttar Pradesh is also home to some excellent colleges for a top-notch education. Be it agricultural or engineering colleges, law, or other technical institutions, Uttar Pradesh is a good choice to kick start your career.

There are some of the best B. Pharma college in UP that are well known for the education and knowledge they deliver to the students who opt B.Pharma. The colleges have all the equipped facilities and experienced teachers who have deep knowledge about this course. As an individual gets promoted and completes their B. Pharma course, they are eligible for entering the pharmacy sector in health and medical services in the country. Thus, UP with its well-built B.Pharma college opens a gateway for the students to enter the pharmacy sector.

Some of the Uttar Pradesh top government B. Pharma colleges followed by top private B. Pharma colleges are listed below. 


B.Pharma Colleges in UP:

  • Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University:

    Situated in the holy city of Varanasi near the banks of river Ganges, IMS BHU is considered among the top B.Pharma colleges in UP. The college provides B. Pharma in Ayurveda to the students who study here. The teaching standard of this college is good as well as the students are given deep knowledge in both theoretical and practical subjects. Apart from its studies, the college has well-built boys and girls with basic amenities. The extracurricular activities provided by the college help in the holistic growth of students as they can showcase their talents. The college has technically equipped labs for the practical knowledge of the students along with a library and sports resources. All you need is to just crack the entrance exam conducted by BHU.                 Fees: – Rs. 2.53 lakhs                                                                                            Seats: – 30


  • Christian School of Pharmacy:

    Situated in the city of Prayagraj, also known as “Sangam Nagri”, the Christian school of Pharmacy is considered among the top government college for B. Pharma in UP.  The college offers a course of B.Pharma, a full-time 4-year graduation course.  The college has some experienced faculties who guide the students throughout the course with their best knowledge and train them in equipped laboratories which are as per PCI norms. The college provides a boys and girls hostel along with necessary amenities. You need to meet the eligibility criteria of the college admission to seek admission in this B.Pharma college in UP.

Seats: – 60

  • Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University:

    Another best B. Pharma college in UP is the Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University which is situated in Kanpur, a city that is also termed as the leather capital of India. The university enrolls students based on their performance in the UPCET exam conducted. The students who are enrolled are taught by some quality faculties with deep knowledge. University provides a complete 4-year graduation course in B. Pharma to the students endosteal, medical a, and sports facilities. The university is spread over 264 acres of land and was formed in 1996 by splitting Agra University into 2 parts.

Fees: – Rs. 2.85 lakhs

Seats: – 60

  • Pharmacy College:

    Situated in Saifai, pharmacy college is a good government college for B. Pharma in UP. With a campus size of 2 acres, the college was recently established in 2015. The college has a good library and technical resources and the students are taught by quality faculty members of the college. The admission in this college for students who want to pursue B. Pharma is through the UPCET exam conducted. An individual who wants to build a career in pharmacy can very well choose this B.Pharma college in UP.

Fees: – Rs. 86.20 K

Seats: – 60

  • Bundelkhand University:

    This B. pharma college in UP is situated on the land of Jhansi. The university came into existence in 1975 and is one of the oldest serving universities of India. The university is recognized by AICTE and spreads over 186 acres of land. The university has good knowledgeable faculties and lecturers who guide the enrolled students in this course. Students need to clear the UPCET exam to seek admission to this college. Bundelkhand University is among the list of good government colleges for B.Pharma in UP.  

Fees: – Rs. 2.73 lakhs

Seats: – 100

These were some of the good government colleges for B.Pharma in UP.

B.Pharma Colleges in UP (private):                        

  • Amity Institute of Pharmacy: –

    Considered among the top colleges of B.Pharma, Amity Institute of Pharmacy is situated in NOIDA. The college has a fine infrastructure with world-class facilities. Apart from a decent college infrastructure, Amity provides other facilities such as well-equipped hostels with all necessary amenities. Also, for mind refreshment and overall growth of an individual, Amity has well-equipped sports, library, and co-curricular activities in their premises. To enroll oneself in Amity, one must have an aggregate of 60% in their 12th result. Thus, due to its experienced faculties and labs with all modern-day resources, Amity is a good choice as a B.Pharma college in UP. 

Fees: – Rs. 7.20 lakhs 

Seats: – 100

  • United Institute of Pharmacy:

    Situated in Prayagraj, this college is considered among the top B.Pharma private colleges in UP. Students are enrolled in this institution through the UPCET exam conducted. The College features a massive field house is made within the united campus. Spacious and complicated courts are designed keeping in mind the advantages students can obtain from sporting activities. The college has well-trained deep knowledge faculties for teaching B.Pharma to its students.

The college has Advanced and state-of-the-art laboratories with calibrated and accurate equipment found for imparting practical training to the scholars. All the Laboratories are equipped with sophisticated and advanced technology which helps students to achieve clarity of the concepts through practicals. All these resources make this college a decent destination for B.Pharma college in UP

Fees: – Rs. 4.64 lakhs

Seats: – 100

  • Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management:

    Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow is home to a top B.Pharma private colleges in UP. The Institute is provided with the Hi-Tech Laboratories of varied departments especially B. Pharma, having state of the art equipment to import practical knowledge amongst students to organize them as skilled and valuable practitioners in the pharmacy sector. Students in this course are very well taught the nuances of B.Pharma.

The theoretical part combined with the practical knowledge helps the students to complete the curriculum with proficiency and make themselves ready for entering the pharma sector. The course is well defined, structured, and meets all the demands of the current B. Pharma sector. Students in this college are given admission based on their performance in the UPCET exam conducted. 

Fees: – Rs. 2.91 lakhs

Seats: – 100

  • Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology (PSIT):

    Established in 2004 in Kanpur, PSIT is considered among the top B.Pharma college in UP. Students are enrolled in the college based on their performance in their UPCET exam. The college has some experienced faculties who guide the students throughout the course with their best knowledge and train them in well-equipped laboratories. PSIT provides facilities such as a well-equipped boys/girls hostel with all necessary amenities. Students are also provided with gym and library facilities to use for their purposes for both their educational and physical build-up. Also, this B.Pharma college in UP provides students with sports fields to play different sports. Cafeteria and well-equipped IT labs are other facilities the college offers.

Fees: – Rs. 6 lakhs

Seats: – 100

  • IEC College of Engineering and Technology:

IEC College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida was established in the year 1981 by Mr. R.L. Gupta. The college campus and its academic facilities are organized over 10.5 acres. The college also provides residential services as well as shopping and commercial benefits to its students and staff residing on the IEC campus. The college is affiliated with DR. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, and is approved by AICTE. The college is considered among the top B.Pharma college in UP due to its experienced faculties and the necessary facilities it provides to its students. The students in this college are enrolled based on the result of their UPCET exam.                             

Fees: – Rs. 3.53 lakhs

Seats: – 90



The B.Pharm is one of the favored job-oriented courses among science students after class 12th. During this course, the scholars study drugs and medicines, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry, etc. This course provides an outsized no. of job opportunities in both the general public and personal sector.  This field is one of the evergreen fields within the medical sector, with the increasing demand for Pharma professionals per annum. 

The pharmacy sector offers many opportunities to scholars after the completion of the course. The scholars can add a drug company or can practice as a Pharmacist. There’s a huge number of opportunities available for scholars in both the public and therefore the private sector. you’ll also add a government sector. Besides this, you’ll also add an Abroad Company. After completing a graduation degree, you’ll work in government hospitals, private medical shops & private hospitals/clinics. you’ll also start your consultancies & medical shop.

Uttar Pradesh and its colleges both government and private help you in giving the best and deep knowledge of B.Pharma to the students. With well-structured colleges and valuable resources for the students, B.Pharma college in UP can be considered as a good option to study in. All you need is grit, determination and the required eligibility criteria to seek admission in one of these aforementioned top institutions and chase your career dreams in B.Pharma.

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